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  1. No worries...usually people say to frontload the petition when you have little in person time..but bring your evidence to the interview and attend the intervies if you are allowed...that should help...
  2. No..january 30th 2017 is between jan 10th 2017 and jan 10th 2019..and you only need 1 meeting...you will have to prove your relationship to the consulate .not uscis...you will be just fine!
  3. I am asking why are they requesting this in the 1st place?
  4. Why do you need those ? Or is that an option to satisfy the rfe? Im confused as this is not required for the petition...
  5. Yes..your case is different. Someone actually touched your case...
  6. I believe an error was made and that you guys have an answer..but you cant give up at the 1st no.. search "name update" in the search bar here and you will see why im advising you...hang in there and keep us updated 💙
  7. You are entitled! This process is the most difficult thing in life ever...but you gotta advocate 4 urself!!
  8. Congress can do something..it depends how you word it. You just tell them that the name was updated and you want to know the next step and they will get an update for you. I called and received help before on my case and it was in normal processing times...so just keep asking...going thru them would be much faster! And on the phone..go to the next level rep..dont look at the website...it may just come in the mail. Please try reaching out again...
  9. Hey.. your USC needs to call USCIS...or congress asap. That name update message should have followed with an approval the next day. I read somewhere that a case was approved but the system did not send the NOA2. You guys need to call!!!.. well wishes to you!!
  10. Oh ok. Thingz are pretty inconsistent with uscis..so im not really surprised by that...
  11. Did you ever notice the website saying "name updated"?
  12. Keep us updated if you get an approval.in the next day or so..apparently they have to update the beneficiary's name to match passport for NOA2...i know with my fiance...his middle name.is not on NOA1..so i expect to be getting "name update" as well...congrats!