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    Spending every moment possible with my British HUSBAND ;)

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    Mark and I met just over 2 years ago through a mutual friend on an online gaming site. There was an instant connection between us and we have not stopped talking since. We first met each other in person October 2011, as I flew 5000 miles to the UK from the US to meet him. Those were the best two weeks of my life. Everything took off instantly like we had known each other for years. Before I had come out there, Mark bought me a promise ring, and on the day I was due to return home he replaced it with an engagement ring. Of course I said 'yes!', as I have everyday for the last 2 years because he never stops asking me to marry him lol. ;) Now I am back in the US and he is still in the UK, but we have hired an attorney and are currently in the process of filing for a K-1 Visa. 12 months later ... We were APPROVED!! Mark moved to the US and we married June 24, 2013 <3, but our journey is not over yet. Removal of conditions approved. To become a citizen or not? This is now the question.

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  1. My husband has been debating whether to apply for Citizenship or not. I told him whatever he decides to do I will support him. What would be the advantages of him applying for Citizenship and what would be the disadvantages? Thank you in advance for advice and information!
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