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  1. If you are not making the minimum required to file a tax return so I think there is no problem.
  2. Absolutely don’t lie and don’t hide anything. However, your experience is not typical. interview for 1 hour when most people finish in 10 minutes means there is a red flag. In a case of a red flag, yes they dig deep and they collect as much as they can about you before the interview. congrats for the approval.
  3. Hi, I got my passport recently and next thing to do is to update SS and my driver license. I have no name change so SS update is just for the country of citizenship. apparently no in-person appointments are available yet for the SS office and I don’t want send my passport via mail. Any problem if I postpone updating my SS for later when the new covid variant cool down and I understand that might take a few months?
  4. Applied Nov 23 received passport book on Dec 16 passport card on Dec 23 still waiting for the NC I paid expedited and priority mail. Do we know if the NC arrives as first class mail or priority?
  5. Hi , I received my passport 2 weeks ago and my passport card a few days ago. any idea how long it usually takes to get the naturalization certificate back? Does it arrive in a first class mail? thank you
  6. DL doesn’t always expire with GC. Here in Texas DL expiry can be after GC expiry.
  7. Hi, I applied for my passport in Nov and paid for priory mail. I received my passport a few days ago as a priority mail and got a tracking number so I managed also to track it online. my question is, will they send me a new tracking number for the passport card? Will the passport card arrive also as priority mail? thank you
  8. I think this cancel notice is not related to your letter or requests to postpone the appointment. Probably they are cancelling because of the holidays. I read about that Cancel notices before so again I don’t think it is related.
  9. I have a stupid question. Why this issue is impacting only some applicants and not all? Why they are able to retrieve some applicants A files easily?
  10. This is a link for USCIS definition of Signature. The document says, the signature doesn’t need to be readable in English, a person may use an X or similar marks. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-1-part-b-chapter-2
  11. Hi I'm trying to understand how we are supposed to sign our naturalization certificate. should the signature be the same as we signed next to our picture? my signature is scrawl and is not printing the full name and this is how I signed during the interview. or should we sign with our full name? but that would be different from the signature I signed after the interview and showing next to my picture. please let me know what do you think
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