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  1. I believe it does. Filing N400 would combine both processes and you'd have one interview. We have similar timelines - case ready for interview scheduling since 04/14 and extension letter expiring in first week of Feb 2022. I went ahead and filed my N400 on 06/01; ready for the extended processing time & waiting for the 24 month extension letter now.
  2. Congratulations!!! Our case still shows as "Ready to be scheduled for an Interview" since 14 April. Got tired of waiting and submitted N-400 online on 1 June.
  3. Thanks for the response. Your signature doesn't have the date on which online status changed to "Case Ready to be Scheduled for Interview" and the interview date - which I needed to plan my trip back to USA 🙂
  4. This was back in July'20, when waiting 40-50 minutes would connect you to a person eventually. They seem to have changed the system now as I've not been able to connect to a rep off late. Try jabbing the same digits repeatedly and it sometimes puts you in the line for a rep
  5. Our timelines are similar and we both had biometrics appointments on 12/08. What was the time between online case status changing to "Ready for Interview Scheduling" to you getting the email interview scheduled email? Do you mind sharing when your interview is scheduled? I'm currently out of USA due to my mother's prolonged illness and death. My case status changed on 04/14 to "Ready for Interview Scheduling" and it is extremely stressful trying to plan a return. Thanks in advance for sharing the info!
  6. There were no changes online for the biometrics. They had not updated my address last year and it was just luck that I called them to find that my biometrics notice was sent already. They updated the address again and I got the notice a few days before the appointment. Even at this stage the online status was case received! All my mail was being forwarded correctly by USPS to the new address and this was the only mail that was missed. Oddly similar thing happened with our receipt notice - did not get it for more than a month. They claimed to have sent it & they would resend it after the call. I only got the notice sent after my call. It would be prudent for all of us to keep calling USCIS periodically to avoid missing a notice for an interview! This is such a frustrating process and we can't wait for it to be done and dusted.
  7. Hello Folks! Our case is at MSC & now ready to be scheduled for interview. My biometrics appointment was on 12/08/2020 and there was no change till early this week. Updated my timeline. There is still hope! :-) Request everyone to please post updates to their timelines. Any idea how long it would take for the interview to be actually scheduled and what is the heads up time we get to attend the interview? I am currently out of US & have to plan my travel back to attend the interview. Cheers!
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