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    We met on the beautiful island of Boracay in March 2017. Things progressed and 2 trips later, we are engaged. It's an exciting step, but frustrating AF! While we wait, we are meeting in Hong Kong for a mini-vacation as well.

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  1. Thanks, that's good to know....but uggggg. Still frustrating.
  2. I had been reading these forums for some time and of course check both the old and new sights for case updates. Of course there was no update so I was surprised when I received an RFE in the mail. A stupid mistake where I forgot to check a box in the Criminal Record Section. The sights still do not reflect having an RFE sent, so I'm guessing it won't show when they receive it back. Is it normal for them to not update for an RFE like this? Just wondering what it means for the approval for our application and moving it to NVP. Still kicking myself for it.
  3. We received an RFE for the criminal record section. One of the boxes was not checked. I feel so stupid! Hope this does not add a lot of time to the approval
  4. How do you all cope with the wait? I'm so aggravated and stressed seeing April filers being approved when ours was the end of March and still nothing. We are really hoping for Christmas/NYE together here at Disney.
  5. Ours is the same date so thanks for giving hope! This wait is killing us!
  6. Congratulations! So happy to see things are moving through smoothly for you guys. I hope we will have the same luck.
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  9. Depending on your airline, you may want to check out DFW as well. American flies there from Hong Kong and Narita with Philippine Airlines and others flying of Manila. Then a simple domestic flight into DCA or whichever area you are in the District.