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  1. Yeah it was a mistake...but I have told the Us embassy its an error from the immigration office in Lagos..and I have documents to prove my real dob and change of name..
  2. Bro i understand where u are coming from.. But everyone is different mine is a simple mistake and it is common for anyone to make mistake.. I got my proves..
  3. Well I don't pray it last a while... It is a mistake and I have got all prove to clear the doubt..
  4. Exactly I told them they put me in this mess now...but its been corrected !!!..
  5. The immigration passport officers not Us immigration..Read again.
  6. I and my wife has emailed the Us embassy to know why they sent back my passport after being approved for the cr1 visa interview in december 2018. Since the 9th of january no reply yet whatsoever even today...this is frustrating!!!..
  7. I have always being honest from the on set disclosing the other name on my ds 160,ds 260,i-129f and i-130 so they should have seen it there plus I have an affidavits of change of name..and the issue of the dob I told them it will take a longer time to rectify it and on renewal and it will cost me more money.. We have sent emails to the Us embassy and no response yet..dunno if the government shut down slowing this.
  8. Not to take it personl but if you read thread you would know the reason why..like I said on the message I tried to correct it but the immigration officer in Lagos said it would take a longer time to rectify on renewal and will cost me more money to change any information..but I made a mistake to put in the application.
  9. Hello I have already corrected my passport with current name and current dob..before filing for k1 and cr1..
  10. You have a point to bro..but I changed my name for a family reasons and any one is allowed to change name..remember I said I always disclosed my other name and never lied about it..
  11. OK thank you for that...I hope the consular officers judge wisely and not think biased!!!..
  12. Awww sorry about that...we got denied k1 too..I know the feeling bro..smh!!!..anyway u got the visa now?
  13. I don't know why the delay to email Us back...I and my wife are hurting so bad with this .