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  1. In this case Im in favor of her leaving. Its for the best given the circumstances. I will contact the USCIS on Monday to inquire as to how to go about this process.
  2. Yes im aware of that. Its one of the conditions that if met will void the AOS.
  3. Update she is leaving on the 12 noon flight tomorrow so that should cancel my obligation. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi my wife arrived here May 27 on K1. Things have not worked out and she will be going home this weekend.I applied for AOS on June 22 and its still in the pending phase and no EAD has been issued yet and we had Biometrics last month on the 18th. What do I need to do to ensure this process is closed off once she leaves and how do I properly and formerly revoke the AOS that I filed on her behalf? Please no "cant you work it out comments" Thanks Thanks
  5. I think this is more due to the DUI and not the drinking. If his last drink was March of this year then that is a non issue at the medical. Alcohol only stays in your system for up to 4 days after intake or 80 hours. Its actually called the 80 hours test. https://www.addict-help.com/how-long-does-alcohol-stay-in-your-urine-system/ So I wonder now what the real issue is?
  6. I brought my wife over on K1 this year . While we were still in Indonesia I emailed my insurance broker and added her to my health insurance. NO SSN necessary.
  7. That maybe the rule but he cheated and that is a normal part albeit crummy part of marriage. The USCIS will not budge on this. Believe me. So they are going to deny ROC because some guy or girl cheats. That rule you mention is an add on rule/provision that is used when another scenario occurs and they want to add more fuel to the fire. Think about it, how many guys or girls, email or call the USCIS daily sayingj this exact thing, "Hey I met this guy and we got married, AOSd and then he got his 2 yr gc and cheated on me? This is an abomination and I want him/her denied ROC and they must go home" Believe me they get A TON! They will do nothing im sure! ALSO OP is from a no fault state so the part about the USCIS finding out about adultery is irrelevant. I can cheat on my wife or husband with 10 people and then we can claim irreconcilable differences.
  8. I love how people think getting a letter notarized makes it legal. All a notarization does is provide proof that "A" person signed said document. LOL
  9. The fact that your husband cheated on you will not be taken into consideration in your divorce in DC. If the both of you entered into the marriage with the best of intentions and then either of you cheated then you will be granted a No Fault Divorce, it appears likely that you have minimal to no assets whether financial or real property and no children (so this divorce will be a piece of cake) . He will be able to obtain his perm 10 year GC as you will have no proof of any sort of fraud occurring. Also note that the i-864 is rarely enforced so you have little to no worry there. Unless his intentions are to divorce and then become a unemployed couch potato then your concerns over the I-864 are over blown. Divorce him, move on and find a new man. If you dont have a lawyer already I would obtain one for at least an initial consultation however I presume he/she will tell you exactly but in their own words , just what I told you here. You have no recourse, he will get his GC and the I-864 is while an intimidating document actually holds little weight here and thus you will have to proceed as if it doesn't exist.
  10. Oh I agree yet I was just providing info in case they really wanted to pursue another avenue. In my case my wife is just taking the bus to school and back and to wherever she wants until she gets her EAD or at worst GC. Then I will get her into the DMV but for now everything is so close she can just take the bus. Plus we have only one car so she cant really drive anywhere anyways BUT it would be nice to have her DL in case I want to drink or I dont want to drive etc.
  11. I cant believe there is no answer for this. CA is one of the few states I think that actually allows and has provisions in the CA law for immigrants to obtain a drivers license who cannot prove legal residence in the USA Assembly Bill (AB) 60 (Chapter 524: Statutes of 2013) requires the department to issue an original driver license to an applicant who is unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States. Driver license applicants under AB 60 must meet all other qualifications for licensure and must provide satisfactory proof of identity and California residency. Here are the steps to apply for the AB60 drivers license: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/ab60
  12. I just did some research. Honestly I was under the impression that the name change occurred on the marriage cert like it is for almost every other state. And with the marriage cert being certified then you are done. Thats the document and thats the accepted proof for the USCIS. I do agree with another poster that something has been omitted from the OPs initial post.
  13. Yes you are correct, Its not necessary however IF you do change it prior to filing for AOS then you must submit certified proof. Thats all.
  14. Then that was the cause of the RFE - you may not/did not have changed it at the time of the filing of the license and then filled out your documents with the married name thus resulting in the RFE. Had you changed at the time of filing and then submitted it with the name change then you would have avoided the RFE. Most states have a section that allows you to change at the time of filing such as California however I did check out UTAH and you would have had to follow this process PRIOR to sending in your AOS Name Change Guidelines The first and most important step is to obtain a certified copy of your Marriage license from the county office where your marriage license was issued. One certified copy of your Utah County Marriage License is included in your marriage license fee. Additional certified copies are available for $5.00 for each copy. Once you receive the official copy, you can take it to the following offices for change of name and address.. The Social Security Office J. Will Robinson FOB 88 West 100 North Provo, UT 84601 866-366-9549 For more information visit the website at http://www.socialsecurity.gov
  15. This is NOT true! You just need the certified marriage certificate which shows the name change at the bottom. Well that's at least where it is in California marriage certificates. I had an immigration consultant look over my AOS package and I was told this was acceptable and normal. No other proof was necessary or required.