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  1. why she needs biometrics appointment? I thought biometrics appointment is only for people who are doing "adjust of status" within the U.S.. If I am wrong, please correct me.
  2. Thank you so much for your suggestion! Is this rule only for Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents? Does it work for US citizens?
  3. Thank you so much for your research and detail information! Now I feel much more peaceful and less worried.
  4. Thank you so much for your such detail explanation, and I really appreciate your warm heart! Could you help me look at this: ? His stamp was for two years, but my stamp is one year from my date of entry. Do you think his stamp could be a mistake? Thanks again!
  5. Thank you so much! On my day of POE, the CBP officer just stamped on my passport and wrote a date that is one year from my date of entry. Is this right?? Did I miss something??
  6. Before starting my question, I want to thanks for all the helpful suggestions and warm help from VJ since two years ago, and I really cannot imagine how I can survive this entire long and tiring immigration process without VJ. Hopefully everyone here can reunion with their families and live a happy life together forever!!!! Several days ago I just went through the POE and finally lived with my husband together now in the U.S.. I want to ask, does the CPB officer gave the CR1 visa holders any paperwork or documents at the POE beside stamping the passport? I kinda had impression of the CPB gave me some piece of paper/document in the secondary room, but because I took so many documents and bags with me at the POE, I really cannot remember clearly at all. Neither can I find any paperwork or document that CBP gave me in my home now. After going through this long and painful immigration process, I am now worried about any small thing can be potentially problematic or suspicious. I thought the paper that the CBP officer holding in her hands was colorful, but I really cannot recall anything now. Do the CBP officers they give CR1 visa holders any paperwork/documents at POE besides stamping their passports and data entry? Thanks again everyone, and VJ experience has been my most warm internet forum experience in my life.
  7. Are there any recommendations for moving two cats from Canada to the U.S.? My cats currently are stuck in Canada, and both my husband and I are in U.S.. I do not think our travel to Canada was considered "essential travel" per the Canada government requirement. Since the border between U.S. and Canada is still closed, it seems very hard for our cats coming to the U.S.. We have asked some pet shipping companies, and they all let us wait for sometime. I am also willing to pay for individuals that are able to help me move my cats to the U.S. border or in the U.S. if you driving across the border. Thank you so much!
  8. Thank you so much for your such detailed explanation! I was very confused, and I thought the conditional green card validity period was counted from the first day of marriage to the 2 second anniversary.
  9. So the validity of the conditional green card is the 2 years from the port of entry date, right? Thank you again for your warm help!
  10. Thank you for your answer! I know that if it is less than 2 years of marriage on date of entry then it is the conditional green card, but I want to know what is the validity period of the actual conditional green card?
  11. If a immigrant comes to the US on a CR1 visa (Less than 2 year anniversary) and going to be issued a Conditional Green Card, how does the period of validity of the conditional green card being calculated? It is 2 years from the immigrant's port of entry day to the U.S., Or it is 2 years from the immigrant's marriage date? I am really confused about this. Thank you so much for helping clarify this.
  12. I want to know, did they send this email to you because you asked them the status of your case, or they just informed you out of AP without your email asking them?
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