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  1. January 2020, Potomac Center. The wait took longer for us due to Covid-19 embassy lock down at my country. Finally reunited with my parents. My expedite request took over a month.
  2. I just sent an email to NVCExpedite@state.gov I included in the email my parents’ case numbers, full name and date of birth together with my information. In the body of the email, I humbly asked if they can expedite their cases as I need assistance with childcare. Update to their petitions: They arrived here in the US on April 18, 2022. I went back home to bring them here with me. Immigration officer at POE just asked me where do I want their greencards mailed. Hoping for everyone to be reunited with your parents.
  3. Open slots on CGI if you are still looking for appointment dates. June appointments!!!
  4. Update: March 7th - My parents had their interview March 8th - status on ceac changed to ISSUED. I chose premium delivery. On March 9th I emailed ustraveldocssupport@lbcexpress.com for tracking #, March 10th - I got the tracking Checked status on lbcexpress website, showed delivery within the day. March 10th - visa on hand 🎉🎉🎉
  5. Parents had their interview today! Waiting for visa now. 🙏🏻
  6. Just curious where’s 2019 tax script?
  7. Guys, so many slots open for interview. Open your cgi accounts now!!!
  8. Did you get yours? Mabilis nga naubos.
  9. Yes, register them on SLEC website and an email confirmation with required documents that they need to bring on their medical. Ignore the Interview letter, just show DS 260. Yes you can pay on the day of medical.
  10. 1. No. Since you are approved for expedite, you will need to self schedule via cgi. Don’t wait like what I did. My parents were approved for expedite since Oct 25, thinking that embassy will send me Interview Date, until I found the fb group. 2. Yes, since you are also expedite. 3. Not sure, but I believe when they arrived in the US. 4. Seniors are exempted from the CFO training, you just need to pay which is now lowered beginning Feb 1st. Then they will email you a temporary certificate which is valid to use upon travel to US. 5. 50-50 chances. I had my parents do it prior to getting ID. Because I was afraid they will have to undergo sputum culture which can take up to 2 months for the results, luckily they were both cleared. So now that I got ID, all good now. 6. They are forwarding your case to embassy. Once they status shows READY, then you can start securing an appointment by creating an account on cgi website. Hope these help.
  11. Since you are approved for expedite, you will need to schedule your parents for interview via cgi. Embassy right now is only scheduling cases that are still at NVC. You can register now or later whichever you prefer.
  12. Just an update: I was able to secure an appointment for my parents this morning!!! My embassy opened up more than 50 slots on cgi website. They are going on March 7 for their interview!!!
  13. Did you join the fb group? Did you join the fb group?
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