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  1. He didn't say when/where he worked. Does the work restriction apply (1) during class time only, or for the entire duration of the visa and (2) does it apply only to work in the US, or to work at home as well? If the work was performed in his home country, for a company/person in his home country, while he was there, when class wasn't in session, this seems like a gray area.
  2. That's a really good point about checking what the RFE said, and good eye for catching and realizing that they'd just not even looked at what you sent for your ROC.
  3. We sent in my husband's ROC around October 2018 and just got it in the mail this week. But his case status online still shows the latest action being his fingerprinting in April, so you can't really trust that. Also, we're in the same region as you. We filed his N400 this week. The 90 day rule does apply for the N400 as well, and you don't have to wait for the I-751 to be approved to file it, so if you're ready go ahead. However, perhaps I'd call about the I-751 to see what's going on. If there's something about the already provided evidence they aren't OK with, you might want to make sure your N400 evidence is even beefier. Have you had any issues prior to this that might explain why it's taking them long to review your file?
  4. @Wiseman239295, do either of you have retirement accounts at work? Like 401ks? Or do you have retirement accounts at all, like IRAs? We had similar issues showing "joint living" because I had to open stuff in one state before my husband could join me, and then we moved into an apartment where all utilities are covered, so nothing in our name. Here's a list of what I provided from our cover letter, with identifying info removed. My husband's ROC was approved with the evidence below, and there was no interview: · A copy of the front and back of Green Card · Copy of the front page of our car insurance policy · Copies of a 1095-C from, a 1095-A from [state], and a 1095-A from [state], showing my husband as a covered individual on my health insurance policies from work and later the healthcare exchanges of the states we have lived in. · A current bill from our current insurer, ___ , showing expenses for both of us on the same bill · A screenshot of our family Health Savings Account, showing my husband as the sole beneficiary as well as a copy of our debit cards from the account · A screenshot of my 401(k) showing my husband as the sole beneficiary · A voided check from our joint bank account · A copy showing the backs and fronts of credit cards from a shared credit card account · A copy of our joint federal tax return for 2016 · A copy of our joint federal tax return for 2017 · Screenshots of my personal Facebook page showing posts from our first and second anniversaries (I made my page is publicly accessible if you need to verify) · An invitation letter for [husband] to perform at an event at my alma mater and a copy of our reservation for that stay · Flight reservations for our mutual friends’ wedding. We misplaced the original invitation but I included an email conversation showing the “Save the date” · Flight reservations to visit our friends’ vacation home in · Flight reservations to visit [state] before our move here · Flight reservations, hotel reservations, a copy of husband’s Schengen visa, EU entry stamps on both of our passports, to visit _____ for the _____ Festival · Pictures of us together I also included the following explanation (this is verbatim with identifying info removed): I wanted to also clarify that joint utility accounts are not included in our evidence because I had to move to [state] to start a new job before my husband had been approved for his CR-1, so all of the accounts were set up before he had a Social Security number or permission to be in the US. Since we’ve moved, we have been living in a rental where utilities are included in the price, so all internet, electricity, water, gas, and trash collection bills are in our landlord’s name. Additionally, our cell phones are on a family plan with the rest of my immediate family, so we don’t have a cell phone bill addressed to us. So, we were missing a lot of the stuff you were but it turned out OK. Are either of you active on social media? Do you have anniversary posts, wedding posts, etc., with a lot of likes and comments? Every time we submit something I make screenshots of posts like that with all the comments expanded (which shows that your marriage is known about by lots of people). Do you have pictures together at functions like weddings? Personal mail addressed to both of you (like invitations, thank you cards, Christmas cards, etc.)?
  5. Yup, I ended up answering "Yes", explaining the situation, and then in the area where you can include additional evidence I included screenshots from the official program photographers webpage showing him teaching. Hope it doesn't cause any issues.
  6. We're filling out my husband's N400 and there are a few questions in the Moral Character section (Part 12, #16) that have me wondering how to answer. My husband has been teaching through an Arts-In-Corrections non-profit. He is employed by the non-profit, and they arrange for him to teach music classes in a local correctional facility. According to Wikipedia, the facility he's been going to is classified as a "state prison." To me, this sounds like he has to answer yes to "Prison or Jail". Of course, the explanation should clear things up, as he's doing a good thing, not bad thing. But this scares me as an automatic red-flag, and also I'm not sure if there's a distinction because his employer is the non-profit, not the prison system itself. It's kind of like janitors who work for a third-party but get sent to a major company's building to clean the cafeteria. They aren't employees of the major company, but they do their work in the building. Has anyone else dealt with this distinction?
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