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Found 8 results

  1. Question about dna testing. We did the testing and results are 99.9999. We are waiting for the embassy to cantact us. How long after dna results does it take for them to contact us? I've also been reading that dna test does not guarantee crba and passport. Has anyone ever heard of that. Denying crba even with proven paternity. I'm freaking out because it's been a couple days since I and them received results and they still have not contacted me.
  2. Hello. I have full custody of my teenage daughter. And I'm moving with my daughter to my wife in the USA. My case was approved, but for my daughter they need a RFE (request for evidence). This is what the USCIS says: “The birth certificate submitted on behalf of xxx was issued on june 2018. However, USCIS is unable to determine when the birth was registered. Therefore, your must submit additional info documentary evidence” I called the municipality of my city where they issue the birth certificates and they say there is no such thing as a date of birth registration on the birth certificate. On dutch birth certificates it only says who the parents are and when the person was born, and the date of issue. (The USCIS didn't ask this about my birth certificate by the way that looks the same) I also have to prove now within 3 months that she is my daughter. Even though she has my last name and it says on the birth certificate that i'm her father. Very strange. Did anyone else had these issues? Did anyone else go trough this? Please give me some advice if you know anything. I guess I'll have to do a DNA test to prove to them she is my daughter?
  3. Hi, I need some help regarding the DNA testing that they required for us to undergo. We’ve received a letter from the embassy, requesting for a DNA to be held for my Grandma, father and other 2 siblings. My grandma, who’s residing in California, is going back to Philippines this coming feb. 2019. is it possible for her to do the DNA testing in St. Lukes here in manila? I’ve checked on the official website that St. Lukes is accredited. Although i am not certain if it’s possible. I called the US embassy’s call center hotline but their answer seemed so confusing and they seem to be not so sure about the info. any insights will be deeply appreciated!
  4. Hi I got an email for DNA appointment for son in Ghana and it says For beneficiaries (children) under age 18, a signed notarized letter or Power of Attorney from the petitioner in the US, giving the local guardian (even the mother) authority to sign documents on behalf of the individual providing the sample. I already email them the notarized letter for his guardian in Ghana but what kind of documents are they having her sign on his behalf? Does anyone have any experience as to what actually happens at the collection? Can we bring an interpreter as guardian does not speak english?
  5. Hi All, My fiance is waiting for her K1 application to be processed. In the meantime I tried to do a CRBA for my 4 month old daughter at the Delhi embassy. At the "interview" , they seemed to indicate everything was in order and they just needed a copy of all my passport pages and a list of the EXACT date of entry and exit into the United States. I ended up providing a full list of the 50 trips I had taken outside the US in 17 years. (I still had 15+ years of time in US) . Anyway, I sent in the information and they send me another email..."on further reflection" we need additional documents which include a DNA test from the father and all medical records from the mother. I was half expecting this at the interview because daughter was born out of wedlock, and thought I had dodged it, but not with my luck. I have been calling around approved immigration labs in the NJ/NY area and they all seem a little shady to me with some questionable ratings on BBB. One lab even lowered their price if I send all my information right on the phone. Any recommendation for a lab that anyone has personal experience with? I am also getting conflicting information on how long this whole process will take. One Lab told me New Delhi takes 2 months to schedule DNA collection for my daughter, another told me 2 weeks. Not really sure what to expect. Any other tips on the whole situation? Cheers!
  6. I and my family had an interview at US embassy Islamabad for immigration visas on March 14, 2018. CO put our cases in AP and suggested us DNA of my younger sister. we went through the whole process and LAB sent the result to the embassy via E-mail on April 10, 2018. we were hopeful that we will get our visas within days but its been 75 days now. our cases last updated on May 11, 2018 and showing AP. I contacted the embassy 3 times via their inquiry form but i received no reply. Is anyone here in same boat? Does the LAB send DNA result via email? How to confirm if embassy has received the result via email? Is there any other way to contact embassy except their inquiry form? How much AP would take?
  7. Us citizen parent filing for two under 21 children (boys) and because USCIS will require DNA for two separate cases. Will I have to pay for myself and one boy and again for myself and one boy or can I pay for myself once and add the two boys? For example if for one set (me and one boy is $600) for the additional child do I have to pay again $600 or maybe less like $300? Also does anyone know the price of it, its to ghana
  8. HumblEntry

    Divorce Hearing

    Greetings wonderfully created people, I had a devorce hearing where we went for a DNA test, the next hearing is on April 2 but the woman doesn’t seem to be willing to go for the hearing, will I be granted the divorce without her presence and the DNA result? I am asking this because I believe someone out here may have gone through the same situation. Thanks.