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Found 5 results

  1. I got to Lagos embassy by 5:30am already met tons of people waiting already. they addressed us by 7:00 am and was divided into immigrant and non immigrant,we all went through some rigorous security checks by 8:30 am we were already in the hall with a lot of people. We were called in one by one to submit our passport and police certificate. By 12 noon I was called ,took an oath and the co asked: 1.who is petitioning for you? 2.how did you meet? 3.when did it turn romantic? 4.when did we first met? he also asked for pictures of our wedding. one last issue was when he asked for me to go bring police clearance certificate from India because I had gone to school there. I told him India do not issue police clearance certificate for foreigners that already left there country. I had a supporting document that my wife had gotten of the USA Embassy website. he pressed his keyboard and told me not to worry he had everything he needed to approve my visa. I was filled with joy,he handed me to white paper and told me to go collect my passport at the DHL office a week or two. One advice I would give is to be fully prepared,your documents should be in a well arranged and indexes file/folder. My wife had created a binder with all the documents she had ever sent to immigration from the start of the process to the end before the interview. Everything was on sheet protectors and clearly labeled bf easy to locate when asked. All I had to do is put in the documents I had to get. She did a photo album with different photos then we had submitted with the I-130. Make sure you get new passport photos and another police certificate so everything is current. We had one issue after two weeks we had still not gotten the text to collect the passport. We called and was told to email the embassy. The email came back and said the passport had been at DHL on the 15th. My interview was August 8th, visa printed on the 9th. I had gone to DHL on the 21st and they states it was still at the embassy. I was able to pick up my passport on the 29th only because of the email I had gotten. If you are concerned about your passport email lagosiv@state.gov.
  2. All my documents for my immigrant visa has been accepted by NVC, but i got no message from NVC as waiting for an interview date as my wife had. The only message i got when my last document was accepted was a NVC Feedback message. As attached the last message was on 2 July 2019, and i am expecting to receive between 60-90 days the interview date, but now i got some doubts. Should i be ok guys given they accepted all documents and remains no action to be taken in the NVC system???
  3. Hi. I am the wife of a US permanent resident and my husband filed for the spouse immigration case. it was a long procedure and i wrote my whole experience and about the whole process in 2 blogposts so that someone might get answers to questions they are looking for. I have tried to cover every detail in these two blogs but still if you have any kind of query, then feel free to ask me. i will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge. I hope this helps someone. https://lizasworld1144.wixsite.com/musingsofadesigirl/post/us-spouse-immigration-type-f21-part-1-2 and https://lizasworld1144.wixsite.com/musingsofadesigirl/post/us-spouse-immigration-type-f21-part-2-2
  4. Hello all. My husband is a U.S.citizen and has been trying to apply for visa his mother who is from Pakistan. She used to have a green card before he was born but then after her husband died while she was pregnant with my husband she moved back to pakistan and had to give up her green card. now 30 years later her son who was born in U.S is applying for her citizenship. we live in US and i have a green card too. she is here on tourist visa and we were thinking of applying for adjustment of status while she is here so she didn't have to go back. now we submitted i130 and i485 together. the fees for each are $535 and $1140 respectively and $85 for biometric. now we made 3 separate cashier checks for each and submitted with the application but two weeks later we got a rejection i797c notice saying the fee is not correct for i485. can someone here guide us on what we did wrong. we have double checked all the forums and immigration guides and can't figure it out. the fees are what i mentioned so i don't know what went wrong and what we are supposed to do. any help in the right direction would be extremely appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hi guys, I'm a Syrian man 27 years old applied to K1 visa and had my interview in the US embassy in Amman, Jordan 27 November 2018 They told me there it takes between 2 to 3 months, but until this date 7 months passed but no answer, and the last update was in 7 January 2019 that what that website shows https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=o/iS8zDpeAKjMWCuebHqOw== My fiance started talking about giving up on me because she feels it's gonna take a lifetime and after all that maybe a rejection because of my nationality (she is American). I have to travel soon and I want to get a new passport, is there any problem if I keep the old one with me(the one I applied with)? And I have no idea about if I have to go back to Jordan once I get my visa approved or I can just send them my passport. They have told me the medical exam is only valid for 6 months! And now it's already 7 months. Any suggestions? Anybody has been through the same process? Best regards, Leo. Applied to K1 in 1 March 2018 Had the interview in 27 November 2018 Still under Administrative Processing...
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