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Anyone who's had interview ever had a request for more information?
8:48 pm February 8, 2020


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Just wondering if anyone who's had their citizenship interview been told that they need more documentation before they can proceed?

Usually via the N-14 document.

And if so, how long the process took?

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Anyone had an interview but didn't quite have all the paperwork? any advice?
10:21 pm January 30, 2020


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I had my interview on 13th Jan and what's frustrating is, when I filled my N400 73 years ago (slight exaggeration, I actually filed in my past life) I didn't owe any taxes, but since then I have been paying taxes via an installment plan.

They actually require you to present evidence of this as part of your citizenship, which I had no knowledge of. So I passed all the tests, just needed to give them another piece of paper showing my tax payments. The officer said that he would action the request for more information via a special form, (who's name/number I forget) and I can expect it in the mail in ten days. So seventeen days later I call up USCIS who has no record of anything being sent.

What I'm looking for is someone with knowledge of what I can expect now. It feels like I'm stuck and they could easily just lose track of me in what is, for Seattle filers, an absolute ocean of immigration backlog.

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any recommendations or advice on shipping when moving country?
3:26 am January 22, 2020


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Will be moving back to the UK for a while and not having too much luck finding cheap shipping via sea.

It's kind of tricky to search because results keep coming up for general shipping (like fedex) or domestic shipping or shipping for businesses. Everything except sea freight for personal affects.

Just need a small ish part of a shipping container.

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Help with sanity check on I-864 and required evidence?
3:47 pm November 23, 2019

Jamie Solo

Jamie Solo

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Hey guys, sorry to make a post like this! But I'm a little confused on the way Americans do their taxes and the evidence they have and I'm also a little confused with the different I-864's so wanted to double check!

So basically, my spouse is doing a masters, lives with her parents and I'm just waiting for funds to clear before submitting docs at NVC stage. So is this the right course?

Spouse - Submits form I-864 with IRS transcripts from last 3 years (even though she filed as 'abroad')?

Parents - Mother and Father both make enough money individually so first question is, do they both need to submit as sponsors? Or is it best to have both anyways?

Father - is employed and can provide IRS transcripts. Would W2's be required as well? And he would file I-864A?

Mother - is self-employed with her own business. Is IRS transcripts enough for her? And she would also file I-864A if they both sponsor?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Extension of Form I-797 NOA2 (with missing application?)
4:28 pm November 22, 2019



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We have received our NOA2 on 24 July 2019.

However, NVC have not yet received it, and they are currently working with USCIS to figure out where it is.

Would I need to request for an extension of the I-797, which is due to expire soon? And if so, how might I go about this? I sent an e-mail to the embassy in London, but I have also read somewhere that this may be done automatically. Should we need to worry too much, considering that they might have messed up somewhere and delayed it? We shouldn't have to be worried that our application be binned if they say that we didn't want to continue with this process, as during this time we have tried to find out what the status and progress have been.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Aaron and Claribel.

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