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  1. I think that is exactly what this will become. A way to prevent us from voting.
  2. Yes, in my document file it’s says that...Due to unforeseen circumstances my interview has been De-scheduled. That’s was basically all it said. I guess I will get the postal version soon. Shaun.
  3. Two weeks ago I was concerned and extremely disappointed my oath could be cancelled. I was somewhat contented my April 1st Interview would still go ahead. Now, I don’t care if all this is placed on hold for months. I don’t want to go anyplace where I could unknowingly infect a vulnerable person or contract and spread the virus to my loved ones, neighbors and those who could die from it. It’s not worth it. Protecting my family and community is my priority right now.
  4. I have my interview a few days after yours on April 1st. So I guess we will either both be at the same oath ceremony.....or two fellow Brits held waiting to cross the finish line by the Coronavirus.
  5. You are not over reacting. My interview is in 2 weeks so I could have an oath in April or May. Los Angeles gives the oath to 10,000 in one day. When you hear music festivals and conventions are being cancelled losing millions in revenue, its logical to see such large scale oath ceremonies being delayed or cancelled. I have waited 20 years for this day, it’s hard to now see it possibly moved further away.
  6. My account was updated today to say my interview is on April 1st at the LA office. I hope it not a April fools joke 😱
  7. The wait time will be when you get notification of your interview. The March date is when the interview and oath have been completed.
  8. Unless you are legally married in the US or a country that allows same-sex marriage, USCIS will not recognize the union for immigration. However if you legally marry the civil union will be seen as proof of your relationship and could be helpful. I married my Husband in 2012 and was giving a Green-card just days after DOMA was struck down. Congratulations on your union and good luck on your immigration journey.
  9. Well after crunching the LA office numbers it shows no one is getting an interview until at least 6 months after NOA. So I don’t expect to hear anything until at least January 😞
  10. I am like you, I check all the stats.....hoping it will make things go faster lol
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