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  1. This is interesting. I do not know why I hadn’t thought of shipping stuff by ship! I suppose this would also be cheaper, though not as quick? May I please ask which courier or service you used?
  2. Hello, I have been looking at how to get across from the UK to the USA (specifically California) after receiving my visa (hopefully in the next couple of weeks). What is the deal with one-way flights and the scandalous fares?! I would book a return, since it's cheaper, but not go on the return leg, but I have read that this may cause issues: namely, the airline may come back and sue me for breaching the agreement; or they may charge me for that flight should I travel with them in future. There are other complications possible, but there is also the possibilty that the airline may not take action. So, for anyone who has travelled once receiving their visa, may I please ask how you did it, and whether a return flight is recommended, despite not taking the return journey? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I booked my K-1 interview for London Embassy back on the 2nd of June to take place on the 1st of July. However, on the 18th of June, I received a letter from London Embassy stating that they are in receipt of my approved petition in support of my K-1 visa application, and it gives the link for instructions on preparing and scheduling my appointment. This is, apart from the date, the extact same letter I received back in February 2020, just before the Embassy closed due to the pandemic. It may be because it's a default letter sent or something after the restarting the review of application processes, etc. and it's been such a long time and my application was automatically resumed or revived or whatever? Or it was sent in error and I shouldn't take too much notice (but I'll bring it along with me anyway)? Or, more concerning, is that this was sent instead of a confirmation letter for my appointment that I'm still awaiting to come through the post/e-mail inbox? Has anyone else received a second such letter before? I've contacted the Embassy, but I'm yet to get a reply. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you all for your help in this. The reviews of London and accounts of those who have been through it have really helped and given a great insight, too.
  5. I’m hoping there is nothing to explain and they know this and I’ll show them the page if they raise questions. I’m hoping those interviewing me will not be so pedantic on stuff like this. I have heard London is easy going, so I’m sure it’s going to be fine!
  6. Thanks. The date provided is 13 February 2019. Since I will be handing this into the officials at my interview, I hope my explanation of this will be understood and accepted!
  7. Thank you for the information. I have also noticed that the most recent form I could find on the USCIS website “expires” on the 28 February 2021, according to the version details in the top-right corner of the form… was this the same form you used?
  8. Thank you. It does seem that I-134 is the form for the interview, but it really is not made clear on any official website I can find. I understand it can be e-mailed and thus it can be a dry signature by the petitioner? From what I have read, what supporting documents are needed include payslips (all covering the previous 12 months or just the most recent?); the most recent tax return form; and anything else? Thanks again.
  9. Hello, I've an interview for my K-1 in London coming up and on my document checklist that I was sent by the embassy, they require I bring along an affidavit of support Form I-864. However, I thought that form was for adjustment of status and that I-134 was for K-1? I was also told by an immigration lawyer (of a very respected immigration law firm in the US) that an affidavit of support is not a requirement for K-1 (though it is often submitted) - which seems sense to hold truth, since K-1 is for marriage to a US citizen in the US and does not give right to permanent residency, only as a way for adjustment of status to permanent residency, etc. (i.e. there is the possibility of married couples through K-1 not staying in the US, but moving back to the beneficiary's home country straight after). I cannot see why an affidavit of support is a requirement for the interview stage, especially before another affidavit of support is required at the stage of adjustment of status. As my fiancée, the US citizen petitioner, is not yet an immediate relative or spouse, the wording that they give seems to be for other K visas, spouse visas and immediate family visas: "submitted for immediate relative and family-based applicants". The link to the page, in which this is found, is the following: Appointment Notification | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in the United Kingdom (usembassy.gov) - this is also the page stating that Form I-864 is required (there is no mention of Form I-134). So, could anyone please clarify which it is for the K-1 interview: I-864? I-134? Or neither? Thank you for your time and assistance!
  10. Hello, I've been trying to contact the London Embassy via their online contact form on their website. However, I'm not able to find it anymore, and searching doesn't seem to come up with anything. Does anybody know whether they have taken it offline or have moved it elsewhere, please? It seems sneakily done, and there doesn't seem to be a message to say that they've removed the page. Thanks! EDIT: Scrap that. I'm sorry. I did eventually find it in the end... so this post can be deleted now. Thank you anyway.
  11. I called up NVC and they told me that they have memos from embassies about this issue, and they say that such petitions are still active. As I suspected, the CEAC status update is done on an automatic (unchecked?) basis. The lawyers representing plaintiffs in Milligan v Pompeo seem to be aware of this (according to their weekly live videos) and may motion to the DoS to get these incorrect statuses sorted. I have a call with a US immigration lawyer based in the UK next week who used to work at the London embassy and he may have contacts still and send word to them to rectify and/or get word on the actual situation with this. So I hope to have some direct answer from the embassy. The answer from NVC is somewhat reassuring, albeit it is an indirect answer coming from the embassy, but it’d be a better feeling to get something straight from the embassy.
  12. It does seem reassuring that the embassy gave that reply. Hopefully in the next couple of days, we will hear back from them also. I’m sure there are more than just us out there, so maybe it will urge the embassy to do something. The embassy website does seem to suggest that all is needed is the new letter of intent in case of “expiry”.
  13. Hello, We are in the same boat. The London embassy closed days after receiving the letter and completing the DS-160 and couldn’t get any appointments scheduled. However, the CEAC status says expired exactly as above, but no communication was forthcoming beforehand. I have sent an email to the embassy, but it’s not as if they provide frequent updates!
  14. Hello. i have just come across this topic. We also have the same issue, however, we have not received anything from the embassy more than their statement on the 12 month extension, despite trying to contact them. Is this message of expiry on the CEAC status page one of those automated updated that was overlooked by admin and unconnected to the process at the embassy? Our documents are at the embassy in London, but I don’t know if they have access to the CEAC status updates. What is concerning is that the CEAC status message said that they apparently informed us that they will cancel and destroy our petition documents - this is worrying in that we received no such communication and if the services aren’t being resumed, would they have actually destroyed stuff? We are hoping it’s an admin issue about the CEAC expiration status, and that it materially doesn’t affect things and that our petitions can be reinstated and resumed when normality returns.
  15. Hello, The embassy in London received our petition in February 2020, however, according to CEAC currently, we “have been notified that [our] registration for an immigrant visa [K-1] was cancelled, and any petition approved on [our] behalf was also cancelled.” They go on and state: “we informed you that your application might be reinstate if, within one year, you could establish that your failure to pursue your immigrant visa application was due to circumstances beyond your control.” And apparently, since we failed to do so, the record of our registration and any petition approved on our behalf and all supporting documents have been destroyed. However, no such communication has been sent to us and the circumstances beyond our control were the closure and delay caused by COVID. There was an automatic 12 month extension, which would be over by now, and so in such a case the embassy webpage states that the petition can be resumed once services are back to normal and that all we need to to is to provide a new letter of intent to marry at my interview when scheduled. Does anyone else have such a message on their CEAC status, and was any communication received? The statement that they claim to have informed us and destroyed our documents is alarming and stressing, but I hope that this message is an automated one and the embassy have kept hold of our documents, particularly if the embassy is separate from CEAC. The problem is that it is near impossible to get through to the London embassy. Any advice on this issue will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you, Aaron.
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