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  1. Quick question, do you just get the mail notice for the biometrics appointment? Or does your case status also update online to let you know it’s been scheduled?
  2. How did you manage to find wait times for a specific ASC? I’ve been looking for biometric wait times for Charlotte NC without any luck
  3. @pooj97 Great job getting involved. Ask the involved Senator’s office to contact State Department leadership in DC and their Congressional Liaison Office to convey the concern that K1s should be mission critical and exempt from travel restrictions. Keep at it!
  4. Interesting 🧐. At least they are saying routine visa services will resume. The “phased” part makes me thinks they’ll probably try to do the students first since they literally have like 1 month to get them out before school starts. Hopefully we’re somewhere on the agenda
  5. There’s going to be drama with any Facebook group. Take what you want from it, if anything, and stay engaged in whatever way suits you best
  6. Great job! Consider joining the Couples Separated By Travel Bans FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/314772869924351/?ref=share They are very active with online activism. I recently signed up for Twitter so I could tweet with them. Inclusive community who are actually getting a lot of political leaders to respond to them (so far just EU not US politicians). Let’s keep at it!
  7. Embassies are not part of USCIS. Funding is separate
  8. Great job! Don’t forget to ask your rep to contact the State Department Congressional Liaison and relay your concerns that 1) K1 visas should be mission critical 2) K1 holders should be exempt from travel bans
  9. Don’t be discouraged. He’s speculating. No one can say when or to what extent embassies will open until Dept of State publishes guidance
  10. @Aly123 Great job! Don’t be discouraged if you hit a brick wall with the embassy. Encourage your senator to reach out to Department of State and Department of Homeland Security about providing exceptions for the travel ban and deeming K1s mission critical.
  11. It was by email by the Chief of the “Consular Information Unit.” Scary that they are so uninformed of the consequences of their advice
  12. @NanRob Dont be too discouraged that is a pretty typical initial response. Great job taking the time to get involved and fight back! Most reps initial reaction will be to contact the embassy and forward the response because it’s easy and quick. Thank them for their efforts but state you would like them to forward your concerns about K1 fiancé visas not being mission critical or exempt from travel bans to leadership at the State Department and Department of Homeland Security. This takes a little more effort on their part so don’t be afraid to follow-up or ask for a confirmation email once it has been done. keep up the great work!
  13. Do not shame the OP. They are welcome to contact their congressional representatives and express concerns that K1s are not currently given appropriate consideration and should be exempt from travel bans. I agree that they won’t be able to help with the individual case at this moment but they do have a Congressional State Department Liaison which can funnel these concerns from Congress to the State Department .
  14. Hi All, Hoping for some expertise in this matter because the advice from the London Embassy seems bizarre. Recently, I had my request for an emergency K1 interview denied. Won't go into the details but it was a reasonable request as there were medical and job related reasons. The reason for the denial was the travel restrictions between the US and UK. I then pointed out that if that's the only reason why it's denied, they should still process it and my fiance could travel to another country for 14 days prior to entering the US. They then replied that if he plans on doing that, he should have the case transferred to the embassy in the country he plans to quarantine in and receive the visa there. They said make sure that embassy is able to process K1 visas and that it could take 8+ weeks to transfer. Am I crazy or does this seem like bad advice? Can you just transfer to a country you plan on traveling to but don't actually live in? I thought you actually had to live there before transferring. It seems like you would waste 2+ months transferring with no guarantees the other embassy would follow through with the processing. Plus you would have to do whatever their Packet 3 requirements are which who knows how long it would take for that to be issues and gathered. Overall, seems like bad advice to me but maybe I am missing something.
  15. Attention Non-US Citizen Fiances You can email your elected officials too! Encourage them to contact the diplomatic leadership in your home country who negotiates with the State Department. For example, several UK Citizens have recently contacted their MPs and asked them to write to Dominic Raab (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) about their concerns regarding K1 visas and the US-UK travel restrictions. They have received prompt and personalized responses from their MPs. If Mr. Raab is aware of the issue, he is more likely to bring it up during his negotiations with the US State Department when negotiating future travel between our countries.
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