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  1. My fiancé asked for a medical summary from his GP. They sent a one page document that lists his medical problems (just asthma), meds, allergies, and immunization dates. Is this the correct document?
  2. All we can do is forge ahead and hope for the best
  3. I don’t know what it’s like personally but my fiancé was looking at train tickets into London for medical and visa appointments in June and July and saw some trains are running
  4. No email was sent. If your case is at the embassy and you’ve completed the DS 160, try booking an interview with the embassy online. They recently opened July time slots.
  5. Seems like good timing to me. Would be too difficult to go earlier with lockdown. We are trying to get a similar date in late June
  6. Did you book an appointment soon or closer to the interview?
  7. Great! Maybe you'll see my better (British) half there haha. I probably won't be able to attend
  8. Not sure. We never even got the Packet 3 letter because they had stopped sending out anything by mail at that point. Case was still listed as Ready though and appointment site worked for us. Hopefully if they want that form, they'll send out a communication prior to the interview. Seems silly they'd want it for K1 since you have to show proof of income for the US partner and are presumed to be dependent on them because K1s can't work until 5+ months after AOS application submitted.
  9. We were eventually able to figure out the website and were also able to book on July 6th!
  10. Thanks for the update guys! We will try again tonight. Logged on at work and it just kept asking for us to create an account over and over but never got to next screen. Didn’t get the “case number not ready” error that would suggest we can’t schedule. Anybody experience anything similar? Oh so Knightsbridge is open and still doing physicals for visa?
  11. @David and Anna thanks for that info! Would you mind linking to the post with that email from Warsaw embassy? That is very encouraging news
  12. Does anybody know if London embassy is allowing people to schedule interview appointments for later in the summer? I’ve heard some other US embassies are allowing that. Our K1 visa is listed as “ready” status. Thank you!
  13. @Greenbaum Should my fiance complete his DS-160 now even though the London embassy is closed? We have our case number and our case status is listed as "Ready" on CEAC; however, we never received the Packet 3 letter from the embassy. Anything else we can be doing in the meantime to ensure we are ready for interview once the embassy re-opens? Thank you so much
  14. Hi all! NOA2 yesterday Feb 27th. Making my way through the pdf and posts. Happy to be on a new thread. Can I request the P3 for UK? Thanks!
  15. Approved today! Earlier than I expected. NOA1 date of Nov 18th.
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