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  1. Yes but being out and among the populace then ones rights have a need to conform to certain laws. The control of the government should cease when I am in my own home and not bothering anyone out and about in the public. The government though says that even there my body is still under their jurisdiction though and controls my body.
  2. You are totally not understanding the argument being put forth and I request you reread Yuna's posting. There is no science involved in this discussion in the least. I am not going to go back and forth with someone that can't grasp these basic concepts that I have explained and Yuna has put forth. There is no science and it is not explained by being allowed to do things that are illegal. It is about the government controlling us and what we are allowed to do by law and/or not allowed to do by law. To say that woman are allowed to do one thing because it is their body then I want the same right. For the government to say what I can do or not do with my body under penalty of law then is declaring that my body is not mine but the states and I can't do what I want to do with my body unless the state allows it. Yes I can go ahead and choose o ignore the government and go ahead and break the law but so can woman if abortion is illegal or restricted.
  3. This is what I am saying. If the government can legislate and tell me what I can do or can't with my body then they certainly can tell a woman the same thing. Many woman feel like it is their body and their say so only if they want to have an abortion or not but many want to have laws saying what others can do with their bodies in the privacy of their own home. Since the Feds constantly make new laws regulating what I can do or not then they are the owners of my body. If woman have that right then I want the same right. So don't be surprised if the supreme court changes and starts allowing a restriction on abortions and what woman can do with their bodies. It is a new time in history and control of the populace is here to stay.
  4. I could destroy that and dessert and a couple of beers. Try this place. I been here a few times and never tried the challenge but watched some try and only one actually finish it. 72 oz and all the trimmings and it is free if done in one hour. https://www.bigtexan.com/
  5. Mine is waiting too and I already know she will probably tell me to decide and I plan on Seafood buffet at San Jacinto Inn or a steak bigger than my head somewhere nice. Sometimes she throws a curveball and tells me where we are going but it involves a suit usually. She did say I was shaving and haircut tonight so she is playing a game right now.
  6. Yeah my wife pulled that ####### last week too and I refused because I said wait until after the coming tropical storm but she of course won out as she has the you know what and I wanted some of it of course. Thanks. This is the 9th official wedding that actual counts because it was a Catholic church thingy. We have the civil ceremony one in February 18th that was our 10th anniversary. That 90 day window we had that most of us know about here seems to be not mentioned by my wife but I can't forget. We supposed to go out tomorrow or Monday someplace nice but she hasn't made up her mind yet where. Thanks AFLKAD. Never will say I am still sane but and am hanging in there to the best of my ability.
  7. The government says what you are allowed to place inside that body and what you are not allowed to place inside that body. They make new laws yearly placing new restrictions on what I am allowed to do in the privacy of my own home. Whose body is it then and If it is my body and not the governments than why am I being restricted on what I can ingest and even things I want to do with my body? Also never stated having no will or not in the conversation but you have brought that in on your own. That has nothing to do with this conversation. What does science have to do with this?
  8. Not when it becomes a nationwide ban but yeah posting to do illegal things in a forum is good too.
  9. You have no idea whatsoever what self will I have or don't but thank you for playing and losing this game and yes have a G'day mate.
  10. Yeah we have an old lady that is a customer at our shop that has had 6 DUI's that has that in her car. She showed us that device. She also told us that for a few bucks she can get someone to blow into it for her. Yeah it was enjoyable in driving and enjoying an nice cold brew back in the day. A few bad apples destroy the fun for everyone.
  11. Go ahead. The government already owns my body and yours now anyway and says what I am allowed to place inside my body and what I am not allowed to place inside. The government yearly makes new laws outlawing what I can do and can't do with my body in the privacy of my home. So why is a woman exempt from this and allowed to do whatever she wants with her body? War on drugs sound familiar? I am sure it does and both major parties constantly try to do outdo each other in outlawing what I can do with my body. Now the latest is the contest in trying to outlaw what I am allowed to hear and my thoughts on anything. There are also many laws on what I am allowed to do with my body and what I can't that are too numerous to list here. So try and control my right arm but in Texas you touch me or threaten my space and I will say that I am a CHL and will take out any threats. That allowance is being tried to take away from me though. Good luck until the 2nd amendment is finally repealed on trying to do anything with my right arm against my will.
  12. Maybe where you live in Texas but not where I live here in Galveston county. I know 2 that recently in the last couple of years got their 1st DUI and they also got no jail and no restrictions on their license. I know of one that got their 2nd and they got no jail but had a restriction on license and she had community service and had to enter a program. I will agree that Galveston is not a great model for the rest of the state.
  13. Everybody stayed away from Manziel. They knew he was a basketcase and unlikely to be a NFL starter. Jerry Jones could care less what Frisco cares or thinks. If he thinks AB would help him win a chip he will grab him but in this case I doubt he will but he has snagged rapists and other felons before.
  14. Heh. I remember the hot babe pedophile teacher said that too a few years back. Well in her defense it was her first time from what I read and one usually doesn't serve time in jail for the first offense of DUI.
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