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  1. luckytxn

    HCMC Embassy Interview Process (K-1)

    Many congrats. The hard part is over.
  2. luckytxn

    Poverty line

    To clarify. I need to know if the citizen makes enough income to not need a cosponsor. As I remember it when I went through a cosponsor was not permitted if going the K-1 route. Is this still true?
  3. luckytxn

    Wife going back to Vietnam

    Yeah. By the time of my wifes 4th year anniversary she was a citizen. Also a passport can be expedited and arrive within a couple of weeks but it costs a lot more.
  4. luckytxn

    Poverty line

    That is why I was asking in the Vietnam forum since it is country specific.
  5. luckytxn

    Poverty line

    I have been done for many years but my wifes Niece and a friend here are getting serious. What is the poverty limit now and how much does one need to earn for a K1 now and do they accept a cosponsor for a K1 if one does not make enough nowadays? Thanks for any info.