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  1. About time they stopped this farce and stop wasting every ones time. Pretty much lost the Socialists the next election but the best part is seeing in my lifetime the demise of the KKK Democratic party finally. The last vestiges of slavery can finally be put to rest. God bless America.
  2. Yeah but most of them counties added up together wouldn't add up to one city.
  3. Most certainly do. Bourbon always helps one see life is good.
  4. Said he would be back for the usual one and done in the playoffs.
  5. The Texans make me think sometimes that God has to hate Houston to allow the citizens such miserly but then we have 2 great Sports teams in the Astros then the Rockets so maybe he is trolling us.
  6. No just won them the division as for the 4th seed...maybe. Watching the game I said several times that if TB has Watson as a QB instead of Winston instead they would be a real good team.
  7. After the upcoming total acquittal of Trump the economy should keep humming along right through the upcoming reelection of you know who.
  8. Yeah Pelosi is 3rd in line to the throne but no way Trump and Pence gets taken out in some way at the same time. If they do the least of our concerns is Pelosi becoming POTUS.
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