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  1. We pay a lot for substandard Houston school district too. It is so bad the state trying to take over. Of course we know the problem is public school cookie cutter approach. Our private Catholic school is doing way better at a cheaper price. The teachers make less though but the ones I know would never teach at a public. We have several private schools nearby too that are way better. Shame people don't try to stop the bleeding and care about the kids but Liberal ideology wants slaves not productive citizens.
  2. I used to run the west coast a lot and remember that just to go to a national fast food place that an identical meal would cost about $1.50 more and going shopping anything would cost more than any other state and that included the northeast that had an overwhelming toll road system and an advanced mass transit system that was heavily subsidized. It is the housing that is tragic in California in my opinion and very unnecessary. It may be the main engine that will force people to relocate if it is possible but unfortunately one needs to save money to do that and savings can't happen when your pay is being confiscated. Now of course the state already has a high minimum wage and the state wants an even higher minimum wage boost that is inflationary and just will make the prices and rents to go even higher so with the mindset that has gotten them there in the first place they will have to revisit the higher minimum wage to combat that and so on. Of course that means that the taxes will need to be raised and that unemployment becomes higher. Businesses have to put off hiring more and/or let go of some employees. What this causes is a slave class of citizens so yes the middle class is disappearing as the rich get richer and new rich come into being to soak up that extra money that will be flowing into the economy but they all become slaves to the system as the poor and middle class are now slaves just in order to survive and exist. So I hope that fantastic climate and whatever it is that makes California such a huge attraction is worth it. Personally if it is so fantastic in California then why do so many want to leave the plantation?
  3. Opposite here for me. I have tried as I am 61 and said I have a medical condition that allowed it so they put me on a waitlist but it seems no vacancies are ever open. I had already kept trying at every place that had vaccines but never could get them to do it.
  4. Heh, that is rough. And thanks for the congrats. I am actually surprised we made it this far as didn't expect it but now that we have I can see why we have made it. Very happy that you have made it so long with yours.
  5. Yes and to add to this as it is very important to understand that to not wait until you are older but that things can happen to one at any age. One never knows what will happen. Make sure that someone knows where this stuff is also and especially make sure that ones wishes are spelled out plainly and clearly. And you are right that in Texas this can be provided for in wills but make it easier for others in explaining on the steps needed to be done and where. I have the forms ready and each has where things need to be filed and how and each institutions ways and hows. It is very daunting to try to figure things out when in mourning and being overwhelmed. I am experienced in handling these things now as I have had to now 3 times in the past year alone and each time it is a pain.
  6. No she tends to never praise me or thank me for anything I do and I am ok with that. She and rightfully so expects it as a something I should be doing anyway and no thanks are needed. She will be grateful later when it is needed to be done. And no she doesn't think I am a great husband no matter how many times I tell her I am. She shows gratitude in other ways by doing things and getting me things she knows I like and want without asking her. Can't really ask for more that.
  7. It is very important to do this. The institutions can't do anything with accounts unless there is a beneficiary or an estate court order. My brother passed away last year who I was caregiving and He was supposed to make me beneficiary and failed to do so and I had to small estate affidavit and other things. Also very important to have files for this stuff and let someone know where. My brother failed to do so and it took me months to go through tons of papers to figure what was what. When I pass I don't want that happening to my wife at all and so have made it simple for her.
  8. Good for you. I was just allowed to be put on a waiting list yesterday.
  9. I was more jealous that I didn't fly out myself someplace warmer and fun. Anything Cruz could have done could have been handled by a call and his assistants could do more than him anyway.
  10. I didn't worry about it as I knew that if she stuck around for 7 years or more she I thought more than entitled to half of everything. If we were going to have problems and stop being together for life I would have known by that time. So far we have been married 12 years last month and I have pretty much put all property in her name anyway so if I pass she would have little court actions. Any accounts by now also are in her name or she is the beneficiary. I keep all papers she would need and have explained to her what to do in case of an unfortunate passing.
  11. My wife does send money back through a money service once a year for Tet which is usually 4-5 hundred dollars for the red envelope occasion and when the red envelope is being handed out ours is usually passed out at that time to certain youngsters. This is a custom around for generations so I have no problem at all being a part of it. It does get tedious though that we are usually on a video chat for part of it watching and allowing some interaction for the kids to show us and thank us. My wifes family is well off and there is no need for us to help out any family there. She does have some poor family in the countryside but the family there helps them out. We do sponsor a couple of Nieces for student visas and care for to an extent where we help them out and stuff but their family sends them or us money when needed such as buying them a vehicle or school expenses. We do have them also do things for us and pay them some to help them have spending money and I quietly give them some money now and again ( a hundred or so every few months) sneakily and say don't tell their Aunt but ask them to help their Aunt and stuff. This is done because I appreciate them doing so well and doing so much and my wife is I think too tough on them. My wife does send what we call a care package that is sending them vitamins and cereals and creams and things of that sort. Vietnamese products are mostly from China and is known as being poisoned or very inferior to what we can get here. They do send us packages also for things for my wife such as special Ao Dai dresses she wears for church or weddings or things for her salon business. This maybe costs us a few couple hundred a month but we do it as we can easily afford to do so and it makes her happy to do things like this. I would not have married her if she was a poor impoverished waif that I knew we would have had to help out financially.
  12. Many congrats and good luck.
  13. China, like any successful totalitarian nation, knows that the key to assuring silence and compliance rests in oversized disciplinary action against even the slightest of uprisings. Nothing gets everyone in line like an occasional annihilation. It certainly appears to be working with the National Basketball Association, which is apologizing and kowtowing to the Chinese government right now after the communist regime took great umbrage with an otherwise tame tweet from an otherwise anonymous general manager. https://sports.yahoo.com/why-the-nba-cowered-to-its-chinese-overlords-171046325.html I am a huge NBA fan and barely can wait till the season starts every year and am also a huge Rockets fan. GM Morey is probably the best GM in the game and it would be ludicrous to fire him but that is what it would take to get China to reverse their decision to unban the NBA being shown on the tube and merchandise to be sold again. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion in this country but must suffer the consequences of their actions. I hate though how my team is put into this situation and Morey being in the hot seat like this. I say screw China but understand the huge amount of money they bring into the NBA but it is also China loss of monies too.
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