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  1. From what I have experienced with the new admistrwtion the prices or the applications went up and the time frame as well . When I did the k1 vida 2 years ago it took roughly 6 months to process but now I see that it’s taking longer than that. I have been processing a waiver and I’ve been waiting for a while now waivers used to take 8-9 months and now they are taking 15 months . It’s very frustrating and torture .
  2. When I first was going to apply for his waiver people and even the lawyer were telling me 8 months and even that I thought it was a long time !!! And now this time frame it’s just so crazy it’s torture . Like I said though right now they are working on cases that were sent oct 2017 , so if you sent your case in March you should be hearing from them in about 5 months and me in 7 months 😩😩😩😩 good luck to both of us in gods willing . 🙏🙏🙏
  3. When I apply for the waiver for my fiancé due to his criminal record back in his country . The lawyer told me it was going to take around 8-9 months for uscis to make a decision , but today he is telling me it’s taking 12 months or 15 months . Did the new administration had an impact in the time frame that immigration applications are being processed ?? Also for those who have submitted a waiver , I called uscis today and they told me that they are working on waivers that were sent on October of 2017 , so if you sent in a waiver in October of 2017 you should be hearing about the decision really soon .
  4. the waiver I processed with an immigration lawyer for grounds of inadmissability for my fiancé was recived in may of this year , Igor a letter and everything saying they got it . After that how long does it take for them to make a decision ??? Amd what are the aproval chances now for waivers of grounds of inadmissability .
  5. I know if he was a citizen it will only take one year but he only has a green card so with a green card how long would it take him for his wife and child to be here ? Or would he have to wait until he became a citizen to bring them ?
  6. If he got married how long will it take him to bring his wife and child to the USA ?
  7. It’s not for me but someone I know his mother sponsor him years ago and now he is here with a green card he has only been in the country for 2 months but he has his pregnant girlfriend back in his country and he was wondering how long would it take him to be able to bring her here with a garden card . t’s not for me but someone I know his mother sponsor him years ago and now he is here with a green card he has only been in the country for 2 months but he has his pregnant girlfriend back in his country and he was wondering how long would it take him to be able to bring her here with a garden card .
  8. Can a green card holder sponser his wife and baby and if he can how long does it take ?
  9. I was wondering if there was a difference in how long uscis will take to make a decision between theee 2 type of different waivers for inadmissible and deportation . I’ve seen online it says it should take from 4-6 months others say 2 years or 9 months and i even saw one that got approved in 3 months .
  10. Elsalove2016

    Need advice

    He might be able to get a current passport from his country . He will have to check with the embassy or council of his home country in whichever state he is residing .
  11. Elsalove2016

    Need advice

    My number one recommendation it to seek a good immigration lawyer to guide you and tell you what your options are , but for my understanding you might be able to get married without a problem but when you do the process they will require a waiver for his ilegal stay in this country , if the waiver gets a approved he would have to go back to his home country and have a interview with the embassy of the United States there and if the council decides that everything is good then he will get his visa to enter the United States legal and his green card . As I said though I’m not 100 percent sure of this the best thing will be to make an appointment with well known immigration lawyer . Good luck with everything !! 🙏
  12. Congratulations and good luck with your case . Yes everyone is right the pregnancy wouldn’t really make a difference with the outcome of your case , however when she gets prepared for her interview they will ask for more proof of the relationship and of course her medical records stating that she is pregnant will be good proof of a legitimate relationship .
  13. His visa didn’t get denied at the interview . THe interview went actually pretty well , we had more than enough evidence that our relationship is genuine , but when the officer saw myfiances police record the officer even gave my fiancé a sarcastic smile and told him that everything looks good but there is something here that needs to be reviewed . We had little bit of hope after the interview because they gave my fiancé a list of the the papers he needed to bring back to the embassy and the officer kept his passport and even told my fiancé to try his best to bring these papers as soon as possible because his medical exams expire in 6 months . My fiancé was able to gather all the documents needed in a short period of time and dropped them off at the embassy . We waited a month to contact the embassy to check on the status of the visa but a little over a month my fiancé and I got an email saying that unfortunately due to laws of immigration of the United States he didn’t qualify for the visa , however he did qualify to apply for a waiver with uscis. How’s your situation if you don’t mind sharing ? Or you can message me if you want . Good luck ! If you are going to a similar situation as mine I know how heart braking it is .
  14. Hello , right now I am in the process of doing his waiver just my lawyer it’s taking forever to start it it’s very frustrating . I am almost 4 not he pregnant now i I was able to see my fiancé in October . I pray everyday that his case comes out good because all of this is very heart breaking . Hope your case comes out good as well.
  15. That’s what I have been thinking too but I already gave her part of they money and everyone knows to file waivers it’s not cheap . I’m surprised because she has a lot of clients the times I have been to her office people have to wait a long time to see her because of all the amount of people that go there . My concern is that i wonder if the k1 has an expiration date or if there is a dead line for me to submit the waiver .