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  1. So pretty much I guess since there is more applications coming in that’s what’s delaying the process .. makes sense . Thanks for the info I guess there is a lot of fake news going on about how the new administration had something to do with it lol
  2. Ok got it , how come the time for the process is taking longer now that 3 years ago ? I remember before maybe 10 years ago the price for citizenship application went up because they said they were going to hire more employees so the process can be faster , who knows there is a lot of he said she said when it comes to immigration . My understanding now is that every case is different perhaps ...
  3. By making immigration laws more strict also the prices for visa applications went up .
  4. After 2017 processes are taking longer , for example k1 visa used to take 6 months now almost a year . Waivers used to take 8 months. Ow 12-18 months . I believe the new administration had some sort of impact on the process .
  5. I’m not trying to just meet the minimum . I was able to qualify the first time to sponsor my fiancé without needed a co sponsor or anything . The reason I ask if because now we have a daughter and she is with me and since a lot of things in immigration have changed since I last file 2 years ago . But from what you guys are telling me I should be fine .
  6. Which is the minimum anual income to be able to sponsor a husband or a fiancé with 1 child .
  7. Please you have to be very strong for your family and yourself . I don’t know exactly your situation but it doesn’t seem that all is lost . Put your energy in fixing this problem by getting the correct documents and getting married again and file as a spouse . Time goes by very fast and working on the process again the right way will make time go by even faster. It’s a very tough situation but you did not fail anyone , you didn’t do this on purpose , it seems you were confused and unaware of what was happening , honestly it can happen to anyone . Now you have to be strong for your family and yourself .
  8. Well the he has to divorce and then marry his wife and file the petition and address the situation to uscis . The relationship is real so it should come around just fine the second time one he has proof that his first marriage is completely terminated .
  9. I am very sorry this happen to you I understand and know is very hard to be away from your loved one . I believe the best thing to do now is to do another petition with new paper work and all and also seek the service of an attorney . It will take time and money but at the end it will all be worth it . Good luck with everything the best part of all is that it is clear to them that the relationship is real .
  10. That’s fine , I think it would be a better route . Will they give me the option for another waiver you think ?
  11. Does the time frame depend on the country the beneficiary is from and also if you get he assistance of an attorney ?
  12. Hello I was wondering how long it’s taking to file a spousal visa and also the price for the application . Thanks
  13. I am a naturalized citizen of the United States . I was wondering what documents I need to get married .
  14. So they would keep the person passport for years ?? I’m kind of speaking from my experience . They had ya on administrative process for a little over a month and then they made a decision. But I was able to contact someone from the embassy through email and would tell me that they were still working on it and the finally with the decision they had made . I believe since they kept the passport should be a good sign .
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