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  1. im still waitig for my interview being scheduled, my case became DQ on March 14, 2019.
  2. Thank you so much for your response, im anxious a Well cause im travelling from uruguay and the flight duration is 9 hrs. The cat Will travél under the seat With me. But im worried if he Will freak out and eveeybody Would want to kill me to bring him With me. But im scared to send him in cargo. Yours travel in cargo? Thanks again.
  3. I Know this post is old but im in the same situation i have to travél by myself With a cat and my husband is going to be Waiting for me at miami poe. How Was ur experience With the pet!? They asked u for your vacination récords? Thanks
  4. yes but what dont make sense is that if the case was DC , now is not for they mistake and we go back to the bottom of the waiting list.
  5. i have been waiting for an interview two months , so now that i re send it the document all that wait was in vane?
  6. yes i did the same and when they finally answer me, they said i should ignore it. but uploaded again anyway.
  7. Thank you, that is what they told me when i called to NVC today, but i Was not sure they were Just saying that or actually Was what it Was.
  8. im from uruguay. no isnt my birth certificate. in my country they give u the marriage certificate stamped with the divorce decree. doesnt exist just a divorce certificate by itself
  9. yes i did upload it again, my concern is im not sure what theyr asking for. because the document is the same one. marriage /divorce decree in one single page.
  10. yes but my case was completed and approved already. and the marriage/divorce certificate was approved on november of 2018.
  11. My case Was completed two months ago, i always check the ceac website Just in case and today i Saw in documents the Word in complete in Red colour, so i clicked and the divorce certificate has the Word missing. So i upload ed again With a note saying in my country divorce and marriage are in the same page all translated. After i called nvc and ask about this, somebody said they r going to ask the supervisor and after told me i should ignore that incomplete Word. Cause they have my case completed. But now i dont Know what to think if they are saying that cause the c.o Who have my case didnt send the email yet or what. I dont Know if upload the Whole sentence of divorce too.
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