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US Immigration from United Arab Emirates

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K1 Petition filed
1:05 pm yesterday


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We Filed our Petition on 6th November

NO1 Received on 9th November


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K1 visa approved and now administrative process
1:38 pm January 20, 2019


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Hi everyone

My interview was on 16/01/2019 in Abudabhi ,counselor officer said my visa got approved and handed over me white slip with a message that congratulations and how I will get my passport back .

after coming back I checked my status it was application received and later changed to administrative process.

please share experience is this normal or My visa came in 221 g because till now it s same


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K1 Process - Administrative Processing
3:24 pm January 14, 2019


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Please, we need your help.

My finance and I met face-to-face as we were both expats in the same city. We've been together since 2012. Filed K1 Visa in December 2016 and didn't get an interview until December 2018. We thought it would be OK since we'd been together so long. However, they're asking for extensive proof of relationship (ie chats). Since we lived in the same city, there aren't a huge amount of chats but over the years we managed to find 350 pages worth. We have tons of pictures together, have vacationed in difference countries together, and they're still not happy with this. There's not a huge difference in our age, just five years. Our attorney isn't responding to messages. Please help. The CEAC still says AP.

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Vaccinations for AOS
9:01 pm January 13, 2019


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Hello Forum Members... I have entered US through K1, Now i am going to apply for AOS. I had undergone vaccination and medical examination on june 5 2018 before interview for Visa but I dont have its record to submit with AOS application..

Any Suggestions? Are there any means to get DS 2035?

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Filing lawsuit against the embassy and Uscis
6:41 pm January 13, 2019


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i have contacted a lawyer and he is saying if our case is outside the normal time frame i can sue the embassy and the uscis to make a decision on my case. What do u guys think should i go through this route ?? Im just so scared to take this step. The lawyer is saying it wont affect my case but they will make the decision soon but it can be good or bad. My husband s case is under administrative processing for more than 1 year and almost 5 years since we started the case. Please everyone give ur opinions as we are so frustrated and think this is the last step to do.

Thank u

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