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Police certificate on CEAC
9:32 am yesterday



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I know police certificate for Pakistan is not required. The state department site states as much and there's a few topics on here that confirm this.

But the CEAC still shows it as one of the required documents, i guess I should just leave it empty and add a comment or something that it is not required as per State department's own instructions?

What do people generally do here?

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Birth certificate question
9:03 am April 5, 2020



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Hey guys,

I was born in Abu Dhabi in 88. Now at that time the birth certificate was a document issued by the Pakistan Embassy, a sort of a form, it contains all the information i.e. parent names, birth hospital and location, dates and even my picture. I understand this was the process at the time for foreign nationals born in the UAE.

Now if you look at the document requirement on the NVC site it says UAE birth certificates should be issued by the Ministry of Health. And there is nothing under alternative documents. So I dont fall under the criteria for valid birth certificate listed here or the one in the country of my nationality.

This is obviously not an uncommon scenario and I hope the NVC will recognize this. Im just worried it'll give them an excuse to issue a RFE.

I've tried reaching out to the Pakistan Embassy here and the local authorities to try and get something in writing but as expected currently there is no response. Im thinking of writing an explanatory letter and attaching it with the certificate and hoping there are no issues.

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Help with some DS260 questions
11:09 am April 4, 2020



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On the verge of submitting my DS260, a couple of things bothering me a little would be grateful if you guys could chip in:

  1. "Do you have a child?" - We had a baby but she passed away. We submitted her birth/death certificates to USCIS as evidence of bona fide marriage as it had both parents' name on it. I answered this question 'No' because it seems they need to know about current children only and whether they will be immigrating etc.
  2. Education - I've added my high school (A-Levels) details in there. I dont have university degrees, I a finance professional with public/chartered accounting certifications. Do people generally add these here?
  3. Countries visited - Im a Pakistani national resident in Dubai. So i guess I should add my trips back home here and enter Pakistan in the list of countries.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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police certificate from UAE embassy? (split topic)
11:55 am March 30, 2020



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On 3/25/2018 at 5:19 PM, Aaryan said:

So it means if i am applying for interview at UAE embassy , i have to get from here only.. right ? thanks.

Hi, wonder if you are still here. Did you need it for the UAE embassy? Anybody else from Pakistan who has had their interview in UAE recently?

Its pretty clear they dont need it for Pakistan, but I wonder if that changes if the interview is outside the country. I've lived in Dubai for 4 of the last 5 years and gotten the police certificate from here already.

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Mumbai consulate IV interviews cancelled
12:55 pm March 24, 2020



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My extended family had interview scheduled for April 2nd in Mumbai for IV interview - I5 Visa, but now due to the cancellations, we don't know when they will restart and how they will reschedule the dates.

Does anyone if the consulates will automatically start reissuing the dates, because the files are not with NVC anymore, the case is at the consulate as per CEAC, so the its upto the consulate now to reschedule the dates.

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