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F2a visa interview update
3:33 pm April 14, 2021



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Hello guys please can we update ourselves on interview appointment update for F21 visas world wild so we can be informed wether some US embassies world wide are scheduling interviews for F2a visas and please we should update in this order.
Month and year documentarily qualified ?

Visa Category ?

The US embassy ?


goodluck to u all

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Preparing for an interview (CR1)
9:10 am April 14, 2021



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I need some advice from you about preparing for an interview. First of all, do I need to upload 2020 IRS tax returns documents and W-2 documents into the C.E.A.C. or not, and secondly my spouse's passport is renewed so do we need to upload that on the C.E.A.C. or not. The reason why I am confirming is just that we received an interview appointment for the second week of May-21 (UAE Embassy).

Thank you in advance.

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1:35 am April 5, 2021


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Hello i filed my k1visa march 8,2021. My fiance is Nigerians but lives in Dubai on work visa expires 2025. My question is will there be a problem because i put dubai consulate adress on appreciate? Through research i found out interviews are done in abu dhabi.

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I-864, Affidavit of Support
10:54 pm April 3, 2021


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My spouse and I have different bank accounts but has a joint savings account. Can I use our our joint savings account for my financial evidence? Or do I need to open my own savings account? I am the primary sponsor of my mother.

Any input will be much appreciated.

thank you in advance!

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medical examination clinic not able to pull up my momís case number
6:15 am April 2, 2021



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My mom s medical examination clinic is not able to pull up my mom s case number and her interview is already scheduled for this month with the us embassy. Can someone tell me the reason why the medical examination clinic is not able to pull up her details in Lahore Pakistan

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