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US Immigration from Uganda

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I-864 for I-130
3:57 am March 30, 2020



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Hi guys , my I-130 petition was been approved and my case it already been transfer to NVC but i'm worry about my income , past 2 years i wasn't work that much , but 2019 i work a lot and i made good money. but i'm worry because on I-864 the asked for income of 3 years and the past 2 years my income wasn't good i was busy studying . and now i have new job that i just start in February. i'm just worry if i will be okay or if i need to find co sponsor.

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HELP Getting a Police Document in Uganda
10:52 pm March 27, 2020


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I've been trying to guide my wife through getting a police document in Uganda and it seems like it is next to impossible. They all are wanting bribes and on and on and on. It is insane how dysfunctional some of these places are. I mean no disrespect, but it is becoming very clear to me now why some of these countries are 3rd world. They bite their own hands to spite their faces...

Has anyone on here successfully gotten a police report in Uganda? If so, how did you do it?

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In Process Date Change on USCIS.GOV site and I'm Concerned
10:31 pm March 25, 2020


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Hey VJ Fam....

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the following (see below screenshot)....before whenever I'd log into my USCIS account to check the status of our IR1/CR1 Spousal Visa it showed a submitted date of 25-Sept-2019 AND a "In Process.....Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review." date of October, 2019. But today when I logged in it showed an "In Process.....Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review." date of February 23, 2020. Why would the date be changed? Does this mean that they've been working on the case? I hope this doesn't mean that our case has been pushed back. Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be going on?


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Coronavirus delays administrative processing
6:41 pm March 22, 2020

April M

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Visa case expedited under humanitarian Aid. March 9, 2020 Day one of interview officer needed more documents, day two sent more documents to Embassy sent through DHL, day 8 documents received by Embassy, administrative process on hold due to coronavirus, husband sent back to Uganda until further notice of when to pick up documents and visa. We are now waiting.

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Administrative processing
3:12 pm March 17, 2020

April M

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My husband got an adjustment for him to send more documents in and they will not readjust it until they look at the documents impost the adjustment. Can anyone tell me how long this is going to take? My husband is in a hotel room waiting. Should I find an apartment for him to rent for a month?

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