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US Immigration from Uganda

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I-130 petition for a biological child we learned about citizenship was finalized
8:29 pm May 28, 2024


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Hi my smart Visa Journey friends, My husband and I are both US citizens and recently learned that my husband originally from (Uganda) has a 12 year old. We learned about his birth and have confirmed with a DNA test of his son a year after his US Citizenship was finalized, so he has not been mentioned in any of our previous USCIS paperwork. We are currently working on filing out the I-130 in hopes of bringing him to the US to live with us and are not sure best how to address this issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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How to track if Medicals sent to Embassy?
1:29 pm April 13, 2024



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Hello. Medicals done at IOM Kampala, Uganda. Embassy interview for K-1 visa will be in Nairobi, Kenya. How can I track if medicals have been forwarded?

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Nairobi Embassy Interview Dates 2023 ++
7:31 pm March 4, 2024


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Nairobi Embassy Interview Dates go way back to 2022... I thought I should start a new one

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Paying fee to the embassy in Kenya
3:44 pm August 5, 2023

Caleigh Pickens

Caleigh Pickens

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My fianc is struggling with how and where to pay the fee in Kampala, we re supposed to use Postbank or mpesa but they keep asking for account information in order to pay the fee to the embassy in Kenya. He can t look for an interview date until he pays the fee. Help please!!!

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Why can a large age difference be a problem?
2:08 pm July 31, 2023



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I'm not sure this belongs in this Discussion; please feel free to move it to the correct one.

I'm a US citizen and petitioning for my 31-years younger Ugandan fiance thru the K-1 process. We met online in 2019 and have met for a couple weeks in Dubai and also a couple weeks in Uganda with her family. We are curious why age difference sometimes causes a denial for a visa.

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