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Ds260 employment history question
10:50 pm February 27, 2023



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Hello, we have submitted our ds260 recently but realize now we could have made a mistake. The ds260 asks for current employment which is what we provided but after reading information online we are seeing they may actually want work history for the last 10 years. Is this accurate? If it is, what is our best course of action? At this point we re thinking about just uploading the rest of the work history on the website. Any input is appreciated, Thanks!

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I864EZ page 1 part 2 question
11:51 am February 22, 2023



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Hello, we are pre filling our i864ez while waiting for our payments to process at NVC and we are not 100 percent sure what the best answer is for the immigrants mailing address. My spouse does not have a mailing address as there is not home mail delivery in her country. I m thinking our options are to use my home address or put N/A for this part. Any suggestions on how to answer this part? Anyone who has had this problem, what did you fill in for this question? Thank you so much for any and all help regarding this!


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Help at NVC stage
2:09 pm February 21, 2023



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Hello VJ Members,

we need your help on this,

we recently got approved and now at NVC stage,

My husband and I filled this below question with an Answer being Kampala consulate and now we understand that immigrate visas can only be granted in Nairobi.

The beneficiary will not apply for adjustment of status in the United States, but he or she will apply for an immigrant visa abroad at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate in: (Uganda,Kampala)

our question is would we be affected by this in any way since our case number contains a Kampala code

what is Likely to happen in this case.

your responses would be much appreciated.

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I-751 Denied. Can we apply for IR-1?
4:20 pm December 15, 2022



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Hello everyone. 1st off, I'm very grateful for the support and sharing of knowledge in this community.

I won't get into details, but if you want them, you can look through my old posts.

My husband applied for AOS in 2019, and we took a trip back to his country to spend Xmass with his family. COVID broke out, blah blah blah, he ended up staying out for too long. We were going to apply for the DS117 visa, but before I got to it, I got an AOS Denial letter.

All that being said, can we apply for IR-1 Visa now? Are there any extra steps we need to take, like him turning in his expired GC?

What do the chances of an approval for an IR1 after AOS denial look like?

Thanks in advance.

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Any downside to filing k3?
6:10 pm December 13, 2022



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Hello, we are curious if filing a k3 could in any way have a negative impact on our processing time? From what we have read we don t see any downsides to doing it. We currently are at a little over 7 months since now our NOA1 at the Texas service center. Our estimated remaining wait time according to uscis is 4 months. Thank you in advance for any and all insights!

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