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Divorce during ROC (split)
7:17 am September 18, 2019



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Hello VJs . I just filled my ROC in July but everyday marriage is getting bitter and uglier.. My question is ? Will i still be approved for my case even if i divorce or separate with him? I really appreciate y all and am sorry that this is off topic but i need some advice please.

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10:44 am September 15, 2019



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hey guys , i'm going into six months since i filled the I-130 i still didn't hear anything back from them ,and i miss my husband so much . i wanna go visit for a month but i'm worry if i go and and the start looking for me about more evident and stuff ,but i know when i send my application i send everything that it need but with this USCIS you never know. But i'm planning to go there in December and return in January if my case is in NVC and the request income and i'm off work for 1 month that wont bring me problem ?

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TIN or SSN for tax purposes and I-130 Process
3:14 am August 12, 2019


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What is the best way to include my wife on my tax US tax returns for this next year, since filing married is much better than filing single.

We are going through Nebraska so it will be June or so in 2020 before we get an approval.

However, I want to file my tax returns for 2019 as married.



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Found a mistake on I-130 After Submitting
5:00 pm July 24, 2019


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I was going back through the I-130 I submitted and discovered I'd not filled out one piece of data. What is the best way to address this?

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12:52 pm July 7, 2019



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Good morning,

I did file for my mom who is in Uganda, and received a ref asking to include I 485 because my eligibility requires me to file one, am trying to understand this cause my mom is not in the us yet. Is the 1485 neccessary at this stage? Thank you for the responses.

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