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US Immigration from Uganda

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Case status
9:35 pm January 17, 2019

Shatra takeda

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Hello apart from egov.uscis....... is there anyother way i can check my i130 status?

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11:27 pm December 15, 2018


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Hello, I came on a k1 visa in August and am in process of Adjusting my status but I miss my daughter so much, I find hard time concentrating on anything, i want her to come join me but the problem is that my husband never mentioned her in the petition (we never thought deep about it because I couldn't access her) we were at longer heads with her Dad and I wasn't sure if he could allow her come since he had taken her away, at last he allowed me have her but I had already come to the US, how can I be able to bring my daughter in a shorter time?

And how long can it take to get her here?

Should I include her in my AOS?

Thank you and I gladly wait for feedback.

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i130 June applicants with Texas
8:14 pm December 14, 2018

Shatra takeda

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Hello are there any June applicant's whose applications are with Texas service center with NOA2. Am wondering which month they are working on it's already 6.5 month I haven't yet seen anything. I thought this month they will work on June as last month I saw many May approvals.

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Anyone waiting for oath letter/ date in Washington DC?
1:33 am October 1, 2018


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Hi everyone -

This forum is so helpful.

Anyone in DC areas (especially DC Residents) who is waiting for an Oath letter?

I was put inline for oath ceremony about a week ago - still waiting to be scheduled.

I checked DC courts - there is a ceremony on Oct 9 and Nov 13. Anyone is scheduled to be naturalized in these dates?

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6:41 pm September 19, 2018


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Hello all,

So my parents will have been in the country 5 years this September 25th 2018. They however traveled out of the country for 3 months from May 1st 2018 to August 6th 2018. I was told that if you travel outside the country you need to add an extra 3 months before you file. Is this true? Also can someone advise when the right time to apply for a USA passport would be?

Thank You.

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