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  1. I am talking from personal experience. I successfully removed conditions on my first green card. I still have my old package. Nothing in it had to do financial standing. It was all about the validity of my marriage. The ‘proposed rule change ‘ is no longer has already been published and is undergoing public comment. I do not have a link right now but it also has nothing to do with removal of conditions. It is limited to the when you first get a green card.
  2. You are missing the point. You have to file i-485 in conjunction with i-864 ( which tries to ensure your will not become a public charge). There is no such requirement for i-751. read the attorney answers on this page https://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/immigration---public-charge---3100053.html
  3. No assumptions are being made. From the horses mouth. There is a checklist of evidence required by USCIS on thier webpage. Only requirement is evidence that marriage was entered in good faith. NOTHING about income. https://www.uscis.gov/i-751
  4. You already have a green card albeit a conditional one. There is no public charge determinations during removal of conditions.
  5. No only medical f that has expired and maybe new tax returns and proof of income. the rest is the same
  6. Get a lawyer and file for divorce. File for VAWA. If he ever abuses you again call the police.
  7. I don't get your point. Every employer is required to remove any employee fro payroll the minute their authorization to work expires effectively firing them. If that employee subsequently gets new work authorization then they can and may be rehired . Whether that employee falls back to tourist visa is irrelevant because people on tourist visas are not able to work legally.
  8. Your medical expires either one year from the date you do it or one year from the date the USCIS receives it ( if received within a year of doing it) which ever come later. With AOS taking very long now it is to your advantage to wait as long as possible to do or mail in the medical. The best case it to wait until you receive interview notice to do the medical but if already done wait to mail it in. Otherwise you will likely have to pay for a new medical if it expires before your interview which is very likely with the current processing times.
  9. do not send medical right away. Take it to interview with you or mail it in if it is about to expire and interview has not been scheduled yet.
  10. Yes you dont need to include copy of passport etc as these were already provided and adjudicated during the i-130 process. Yes you HAVE to list her children and husband on the i-485. You do not have to provide anything proving the relationship to beneficiary as you said they were not applying as derivatives .
  11. A copy of i-130 approval should be enough to prove relationship with petitioner. For the i-485 she will have to how she is in the US legally and has been legal since she last entered. She also needs to include the other forms like i-131, i-765, i-864 and medical. Why are her derivative relations not applying for AOS at the same time? do they have another route?
  12. Exactly. People here try to make it like adjusting is a bad thing or against the law yet there is nothing like that. Personally I have 5 siblings. We all came to the states on F-1 visas. My older 2 siblings adjusted their status after graduating through marriage even before me and my younger siblings came to the US. I also applied for and received F-1 visa after high school, I got H1 after graduation and eventually adjusted through marriage. The 3 others all got student visas and chose to return home after college but have never had any problems getting or renewing a tourist visa.
  13. Personally I take this with grain of salt. No CO will in any country will ever tell an applicant what was said to her. You can not visit the sins (if any) of the parent onto the child. Most likely scenario is CO was unconvinced she would return to Russia after her visit and given her mothers history felt she was likely to do the same.
  14. 1. Yes. Do not leave the US until you get AP or Green card. If you do you will not be able to come back for a long time. 2. You can not take a leave of absence. You employer will terminate you the moment your TN visa expires unless there is a grace period.
  15. Yes hold off on scheduling it until you receive an interview date.