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  1. If the host country govt forbids public assembles, how could the US embassy conduct interviews even if they wanted to?
  2. The extension is probably the way to go. I didn't think about that. Sadly, it doesn't look like there's anyway for my wife to send me her passport. I had her check with DHL and they told her DHL no longer allows passports to be sent from Uganda to the US. You can only send embassy to embassy, which is currently impossible because all of the embassys are closed to regular services.
  3. MFS has fairly significant tax implications for me in terms of owing quite a bit more money, but may be the only option.
  4. Pretty unlikely she can get a certified copy of anything at the moment. Uganda is locked down pretty solid with curfews and the like. They aren't even allowed to move around in vehicles without a special permit. I'll figure out something. I'd hoped to not have to make her DHL her passport to me, but that may be the only option. Who knows when she will actually be here in the US at this rate with COVID.
  5. My wife and I were married last year and we are at the NVC stage of the visa process. I'm getting ready to file my tax return as married filing jointly, and found that I need to also send in form w-7 so she can get an ITIN. As I read the instructions for form W-7, it says I need to send her actual passport. This will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, right now due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. Moreover, I am concerned about having her DHL me her passport when we are at the NVC stage and who knows how long it would take to submit the form W-7 and then get her passport back and DHL it back to her in her home country. I'm not sure how to provide the proof of identification the W-7 requires if you can't send a copy of her passport. I'm not sure how one would even get a certified copy because her country, like most of us, is locked down.
  6. It is really starting to feel like those of us working on spouse VISAs are in for a very long wait for an embassy interview. The entire COVID situation is starting to feel like things aren't going to get to semi-normal for months. Like 8-12 months....
  7. Indeed. It took USCIS like 9 months to approve my app and a few weeks ago someone posted they got approved in 6 weeks. 🤷‍♂️
  8. I made one PDF file per document and then named it what ever the document was. Example: myname_2016_Tax_Transcript.pdf I have no idea for sure if the NVC stopped processing suspended VISA documents or not. That was just my guess based on how fast my documents were reviewed. It probably doesn't matter too much that the NVC approved my docs so quickly. It doesn't feel like the embassys will open up for at least another couple months.
  9. I think the Trump Immigration "Pause" had alot to do with it. I think this freed up some man-power to look at my docs. My docs were also pretty rock solid and I took alot of time to make sure they were scanned well and named in a way that they were easily understood. I'm a US Citizen and I make plenty of income to ensure my wife isn't going to come here and be a burden on society and we had good originals of the civil docs and there was nothing there that would remotely be a red flag. I felt when we uploaded them, we were checking all the boxes. I'm very surprised at how fast this happened, but also if the NVC has some surplus man-power after the immigration pause, I feel like my case was probably a pretty easy one to review and pushed off to the next phase.
  10. Wow, the NVC is moving really fast right now reviewing docs. I was DQ'd this morning after submitting everything about a week ago. Sadly, who knows when we'll get an interview
  11. I was just wondering about this. I'm not seeing in CEAC where it can even be submitted. Did it used to show up as a document you had to submit?
  12. My wife and I just submitted the DS-260 and one of the documents listed to upload is "Photographs" I assume this means Passport/VISA type photographs. However, this seems to conflict with the confirmation letter recieved from CEAC that says: " Once you have a visa interview appointment, you need to: 1. Obtain and submit photographs that meet the Department of State’s visa requirements. " The confirmation letter indicates the photos are sent after the interview appointment is made. However, I can't submit the civil documents without photographs. See attached screen shot. I may be over thinking this, but just didn't want to make a mistake. Do I upload the passport/visa photo now? Thanks
  13. Thank you. We just didn't want to mark Yes if it was going to hold up the VISA unnecessarily. Sounds like it won't. Thanks again.
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