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  1. I just looked back at our K1 visa application (1-129F petition): 83 pages. In addition to the required stuff (passport pages, letters of intent to marry, etc.) I also sent documentation of all of our visits to each other (receipts, boarding passes, photos of me with him and his relatives, bank statements showing charges from trips), and a section of evidence of ongoing relationship (phone call records, emails, handwritten letters, a few affidavits attesting to our relationship from people who knew us). Not a ton of each thing, but a well-organized (I used section cover pages listing everything in each section, and also labeled everything with locations, dates, people shown, etc.) representative sample. (Just realized this thread is in a ROC forum: ROC package was 107 pages; list below.) No RFE; no issues at Nairobi (which can be a tough embassy), and never interviewed again until naturalization 8 years later.
  2. I thought it might be nice to have a thread where everyone who is planning a wedding can talk about how things are going, given that people we know in the month threads can be in such different stages of the process and may not enjoy hearing about these kind of details. Anyone? We are working with a tentative date of Nov. 3 at the moment. We have a venue lined up (the gorgeous historic [built in 1853!] church that I attend), and I just got confirmation that they will allow us to apply our deposit to a backup date in December or January if it does not seem that Aaron will be in the U.S. on Nov. 3. Hoping to work out the same deal with a photographer. I have a dress, and my bridesmaids (5!) have all said yes. Aaron and I also looked at invitations on Sunday and discovered that we like very different styles. So, things are going well! Who else is working on wedding planning? Do tell!
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