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US Immigration from Taiwan

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Pakistan Regional forum?
10:39 pm July 13, 2023

Crazy Cat

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We get a lot of Pakistan related questions. Any plans to create a Pakistan regional forum at some point? Just a thought.

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RFE for my evidence of income (we have a joint sponsor)?
8:09 am July 9, 2023


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I am a US citizen living and working abroad in Taiwan. My wife and I are seeking a CR1. I put $0 down on my i-864 since my current income will not continue once I move the U.S.

I submitted last years tax transcipt and it was marked as accepted.

All of the documents from our joint sponsor were also marked as accepted.

Related to this we recieved 2 Case RE notes.

First Case RE says that my income is not sufficient and that I could get a joint sponsor. An error on their end, should I just ignore it or reach out to NVC via the inquiry form to clarify? Obvious error but hate to just assume everything is ok.

Second Case RE asks for me to submit MY evidence for income. Since I have a joint sponsor and my income is $0 from working overseas, I thought it would be irrelevant, so I only uploaded my tax transcript. What do you think they are looking for here? I can provide them my previous yearly official income summary. It is in both Chinese and English except for my address (hope I wouldn't need to deal with a translator for something so minor). I also have my monthly pay stubs but they are very unofficial (literally just a template from excel with numbers plugged in, looks fake if you didn't know any better). Or maybe they just want to know that my income will not continue once I move.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

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So many changes... What happened?
11:15 am July 1, 2023

Crazy Cat

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No, only number of posts will show instead of upvotes?

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Online Sheet for EAD status daily update?
4:01 am June 29, 2023


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I entered the country on K1 visa and I'm now waiting for EAD/AP/AOS approval. They were submitted on May 22, 2023, received on May 30, 2023, and biometrics attended on June 21, 2023.

I'm in Seattle, WA.

I remember there's a Google Sheet that has all the K1 processing backlog and status. I wonder if there's one for EAD, AP, and AOS?


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How are some cases approved so much faster than others?
11:15 am June 24, 2023

Crazy Cat

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How can some I-751s sit for a long as 3 years (No RFEs) before processing while newly-submitted cases are processed in a little as 3 months? I think USCIS is manipulating their processing times by processing cases last in, first out....at the expense of people who submitted cases earlier.

Anyone have a better explanation? Local office issues?

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