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Moving before applying for naturalization
2:22 pm July 30, 2023



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The text of the policy manual, the CFR and the INA have always read ambiguously to me. I'm sure it's clear to a jurist/immigration lawyer who knows how this is applied in reality. Here's what they say:

INA 316(a):


No person, except as otherwise provided in this subchapter, shall be naturalized unless such applicant, [...] has resided within the State or within the district of the Service in the United States in which the applicant filed the application for at least three months, [...].

8 CFR 316.2(a)(5):


Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, to be eligible for naturalization, an alien must establish that he or she:


Immediately preceding the filing of an application, or immediately preceding the examination on the application if the application was filed early pursuant to section 334(a) of the Act and the three month period falls within the required period of residence under section 316(a) or 319(a) of the Act, has resided, as defined under 316.5, for at least three months in a State or Service district having jurisdiction over the applicant's actual place of residence;

USCIS policy manual:


In general, an applicant for naturalization must file his or her application for naturalization with the state or service district that has jurisdiction over his or her place of residence. The applicant must have resided in that location for at least three months prior to filing.

It sounds simple but the fact that it says "state or service district" is confusing to me. So practically speaking, let's use a state that has multiple service districts such as Pennsylvania, and let's say someone lives in Philadelphia and moves to Pittsburgh. Same state, different service district. Then they file for naturalization without waiting 3 months after moving. Are they OK because they stayed within the same state despite changing service districts, or are they not OK because they changed service districts despite staying in the same state?

Been debating this elsewhere so came here hoping for a clear answer. I always thought moving service districts (even within the same state) was grounds for a denial. Please don't speculate if you're not sure, although this is just a theoretical question for my own knowledge. Thanks!

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SSN not arrived
12:23 am May 17, 2023



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Hey everybody,

I entered the United States around 3 weeks ago. However, my SSN didn't arrive yet and like other people, I now got an offer letter from a company. They stated that I need to provide my SSN before I start, and I should start in a little more than a week.

I called the public SSA phone number and, after a long wait, they told me that it can take up to 6 weeks for people who entered the US from overseas. The 3 weeks waiting time is only for US citizens applying for the first time. I should call again by the end of June.

So I googled again, and the ssa.gov pages FAQ says that if after 3 weeks of arrival the card didn't arrive I should call. I also searched the SAVE database and the result is empty.

I'm now thinking about if I should go to the local SSO and apply for a number, even though I checked YES for the SSN on my visa form.

It's a good job and they have many other potential candidates. I don't want to "lose" the job because I don't have my SSN yet.

Does someone have advice for me?

Thank you in advance!

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Please help - Reentry permit DENIED!
10:10 am April 21, 2023



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Dear all,

Hope you are having a good day!

I need urgent advice on this very complicated situation I am in right now. If anyone already went through this or has experience with the topic, I would be happy to have your feedbacks!

Long story short. I was living in the US and got my permanent Green Card in 2019.

In 2021, I filed for the reentry permit (I-131) because me, my American husband, and our daughter, we came to my home country, Switzerland, and I anticipated staying more than 12 months. We didn't exactly know how long we would stay because of various reasons. So, to be on the safe side, I applied for the permit.

I knew I had to physically be in the US to file for the reentry permit that is why I sent my application while in the US. I sent it on October 28, 2021 (I have the USPS receipt) and USCIS cashed my check on November 2, 2021. I left the US on October 29, 2021.

Just two weeks after, I received the letter from USCIS saying I don't have to give my biometrics because they already have it. Just wait for the decision. In my application, I indicated that I wanted my permit to be sent to the local embassy in Switzerland because that is one of the option when you are abroad. I knew it woud take quite some time to receive a decision because of the backlog at USCIS.

So, I waited 17 long months and yesterday, I got their letter saying my case was denied. I'm in disbelief!

The reason is:

"USCIS records indicate you departed the United states on October 29, 2021 and you have not returned. USCIS records further indicate that you filed your application for reentry permit on November 2, 2021."

Why do they mention that I filed on November 2? I sent everything on October 28. Is the date of reception at USCIS the date of filing?

I'm lost. I want to appeal because there must be a way out of this. Also, how many times can one file for this permit? If I appeal and it gets denied, can I file again next time I'm in the US?

Thank you in advance!

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1:40 am March 23, 2023

Diane and Chris

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My husband and I attended his ROC (I751) interview on March 14, 2023. We filed the paperwork back in June 2020, so we ve waited a long time for the interview. We brought lots of evidence, such as title to car, deed to house, bank statements, utility bills, tax returns for the last 6 years and more. We both thought the interview went well and she (the USCIS) took 3-4 statements of every file we brought with us. She asked my husband my birthday and asked me our marriage date. Last Saturday, we received an I-797C, Notice of Action. The letter stated: This is to advise you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have canceled the previously scheduled interview on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 7:30 for the above applicant. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. You will be notified of any further action taken on this case, including any rescheduled interview information, under separate notice. The notice date was March 14, 2023 which was the date we went to the interview. We have heard nothing else. Is there advice anyone can offer? Thanks for reading and for any help you can give us. We will have been married for 6 years in May and have waited so long for this to be over.

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When I will Get Notification for Oath Ceremony
5:46 pm February 6, 2023


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Good afternoon everyone, I am new in this forum and I find this group very helpful. I had my Naturalization interview last January 26, 2023 in USCIS Detroit and passed everything, Civics test, reading and writing, including all the questions from my I-751 and N400 forms. The officer was very nice and after my interview she handed me a paper form N652 saying that Congratulations! Your application is recommended for approval. At this time, it appears that you established your eligibility for Naturalization. If final approval is granted, you will be notified when and where to report for the Oath Ceremony. My question is did I really passed? It makes me worried coz its been more than a week now and my status online still says Interview Was Scheduled few people get their status change few hours after their interview and get scheduled for Oath. I wonder when I will get my Oath get scheduled. Are there any people here with the same situation as mine? Any responses is highly appreciated and thank you!

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