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US Immigration from Switzerland

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Communication about CEAC Case Status Change
3:12 pm March 6, 2020


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For everyone that was wondering these past few days what the CEAC Status Change means...

I guess this would be the official communication: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/visas-ceac-case-status-change.html?fbclid=IwAR2B5Ttew8kUpIt-xRiyEEIYIAlVylxU5qHZgAB_ctJ-rIA6W5SwtDEKfYA

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Applying for I-129F
10:50 pm March 3, 2020

Milka & Chris

Milka & Chris

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My Husband and I want to apply for the I-129F Petition, so I could stay with him in Georgia while waiting for the I-130 Petition to get approved. How long does it go to the I-129F to get approved?

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Arrested for underage drinking 15 years ago
5:05 pm February 8, 2020



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Hey guys

I m a Swiss citizen and my husband is a US citizen. We ve been married for two years and both reside in Switzerland. We recently applied for our IR1 visa.

When I was 18 years old - almost 16 years ago - I traveled to the US for 3 months to visit my prior host family (from being an exchange student when I was 15) and friends.
During that time, my friends and I were stopped by the police due to underage drinking (only in the US, in Switzerland I was legally able to drink). I only had my ID card on me, so they arrested me (only for one night, I was released on a bail bond the next morning). I had to appear in court (plead no contest) and was found guilty. I had to pay around 200.- USD fine and that was it (a first degree misdemeanor in Ohio - not sure if it was one back then)

I ve entered the US multiple times since then and never had any issues. For the immigration purpose I tried to find my court documents, but the police couldn t find anything at all using my name. Only once I finally got a case number after calling multiple places, I was able to order my certified documents from the county clerks office.

My question would be if this will be a problem during our process. Will we have to do anything special (other than getting certified copies of all case relevant documents which I already did and of course mentioning it all when getting to the NVC stage)?

An immigration lawyer we visited a while back (but didn t ever use for the IR1 process) said, that it s not a problem as it s only a misdemeanor. Just wanted to make sure ?

Thank you all so much for your feedback.

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FIled I-130 online and have some questions
7:42 am January 17, 2020



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1. My wife ( US ) and I live in Switzerland, she filed the I-130 for me last night online. is it right that she didnt had to print it and sign just enter her name and accept everything? I`m not sure now because i saw some posts here....

2. How do I know in which Service Center my Case is?

3. on the I-130a where she had to fill out about me was no signature req. is that ok?

Thanks so much!!!

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POE-Our Understanding vs. What the CO said
10:48 am January 9, 2020


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Hello All~

I hope that everyone is doing well! So, my husband was able to secure a medical exam and go to his interview today in Bern, Switzerland. He texted me what they told him about POE.

We are by no means ready to move to the USA yet. Therefore, I was going to go over in April and June to help my husband purge out our stuff in Zurich and enter together in June. Afterwards, we wait for the green card and social security card together.

However, the CO told him to process his POE papers next week (business trip and dropping our son off to me), continue his business trip, and go back to Zurich. And he can still enter in June because of the valid visa (6 months). The CO said to not be abroad for more than a year. Is this really OK?

Thanks in advance!

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