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Still waiting for I-751
4:12 am August 16, 2022

Diane and Chris

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Can I get an idea of people still waiting for their 10 year GC that filed in June 2020? Our 24 month extension is about to expire in early September. Thanks!

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I-485 Processing Time by Office and I-130
11:23 pm July 20, 2022


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My husband and I sent our GC application in Sept 2022. It was received and we got notified Sep 03 2022. The office we are registered for the I-485 now estimates the wait time to 29 months in Brooklyn while it is 15 months in Manhattan. This difference is insane! Is it possible for people to change their office? Or would it only be possible if we move and change our address? Also, what I don't understand is that the I-130 processing time shows 15 months but isn't it the last piece of the puzzle? Or is I-130 usually approved before I-485?

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EAD Card Lost in the Mail
1:20 pm July 1, 2022



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Hello. So we are having an issue with receiving my husband's EAD and hoping someone may have some advice. We were thrilled when my husband was recently approved for his EAD card (earlier than expected!) and eagerly awaited it in the mail, following the tracking number. Problem is, the tracking information updated to being 'delivered', but we never received it, despite checking right away after the tracking information updated. We've been in touch with our apartment building and USPS and the card is no where to be found. Best guess is that it was mis-delivered to an incorrect address. We reached out to USCIS and they told us the only thing we can do is to reapply and start over with the I-765. We are now terrified we'll have to wait 8+ more months. Is there anything else we can do????

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NVC processing times
11:54 am June 13, 2022



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My wife and I have submitted all the documents to the NVC and was curious to find out about their processing times in this period. In particular, how long does it take for the NVC to review your case and make a recommendation?
Speaking of which, will the NVC notify me once the case has been approved, before sending it to the relevant embassy/consulate abroad?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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N400 Employment history: How to report fill-in mini-jobs?
6:48 am June 13, 2022



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Hi Visajourney Community

Getting ready to file my N-400 online (while still waiting on the ROC interview to be scheduled...) and have a question regarding employment history.

What is the correct way to report "mini" jobs where one filled-in for regular staff members for a few selected days on an as-needed basis?

As in, I was helping out and got paid and reported this on my taxes and all, but wasn't working there full or even part time in any regular capacity. Only some odd days few and far between.

Since the online form only allows for start and end date without the option to comment, my guess is putting in first and last day worked is the only option. I just am wary how that could come off as wrongfully implying I worked consistently for the employer during that time (the days are months apart), which is not the case and I don't want USCIS to think that. The self employment category is not applicable here, either.

Has anyone perhaps had a similar situation? Is it not a big deal and I will be able to simply clarify at the interview stage?

Probably overthinking this, but I am a bit unsure what the right approach is and would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

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