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Removal of DHS Authorization on SS card
4:55 am

Diane and Chris

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I found the following regarding acquiring a new social security card now that green card has been received. Is this true? I haven t found any evidence to support this. Thanks!

If you have your 10-year green card all you need do is take it to the SSA and ask them to remove the condition and issue a new card. If you're a resident but holding a two-year green card, the condition will stay until you go through ROC successfully.

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Documentation Translation
11:01 pm

Louie Savage

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Has anyone had to provide a copy of the divorce paperwork and had to have it translated from French to English?

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NVC filers - September 2018
8:40 am


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Welcome to another monthly thread for those going through NVC

Please read everything below and refer to it throughout your NVC journey, whether this is your first month at NVC or your third. :bonk:


Before posting questions, please read the wiki Saylin wrote on the NVC process here. Once you're done, read it one or two more times to really understand it ;)Don't forget to also read the official form instructions as well as USCIS and NVC's websites!

If you want to see a visual of the NVC process, please view Saylin's flowchart here.

Yes this thread was created by our great Queen Saylin and the knowledge is still going forward. This thread I pray stays alive and well as many who have gone through the process or still going can chime in and help and assist.

If you're wondering about time frames, look at the fellow members right here in this thread! Study their signatures/timelines and make notes. VJ also has this awesome page. Use it! I sure did during my process smile.png That means if you are on this thread WE expect you to have an up to date timeline.

And once you've got a case complete, please join the case complete/interview thread started by me, Dwheels76 on (currently September 2018 thread),


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Passport Name Change
4:33 am

Diane and Chris

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Hello all! We are in the process of AOS from K-1. We filed June 2017. We got notice about 2 weeks ago that case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. My husband received his EAD last October. We did not file for AP for him as he will not be traveling out of the country. He changed his name to my last name when we married. He now has SS card, DL, and EAD in his new name. His Swiss passport is still in his old name, but he did change his name with the Swiss Embassy in Atlanta and everything over in Switzerland is now in his new name. Will he need to get a new passport with name change before we go for the interview or will he be ok with the old one? Thanks for your help.

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Return to US after denial i 751
4:16 pm


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Hi! Im a December 2016 filler. It seems like majority of December fillers got their approval, however mine in still pending. I have not filled n 400 so not sure why my case left behind. They still working on December 2016 cases so I m trying to stay optimistic.

I planned a trip with my family in 10 days and I thought that based on my timeline calculations I should be good to go with a green card in my hand, but here I am still waiting.

It started to kick my anxiety and I question if I filled out the petition right? If I put all the right signatures? Or maybe something is wrong with my documents - never ending torture of second thoughts.

Now I need to travel internationally and it would tear my heart apart if I ll cancel this family trip due to my anxiety and uncertainty about my I 751 situation.

Even though I try to stay positive, I have to prepare for the worst and know all my options.

Prior creating this thread I did my due diligence and search everywhere for the information I m looking for but there is not much clarity on it.

Here is my questions:

1) What are the possible reasons for a straight up denial of petition without RFE and interview? How realistic my fear of such outcome?

2) If a denial does happen and I m away, it seems like my residency is terminated and I won t be able to enter the country as a resident? But what about popular belief that only judge can terminate your residency status?

3) Would I have a chance to be paroled In and wait for the court?

4) Am I just driving myself totally nuts and my fears are not realistic? (I couldn t find any case where i751 got a straight denial while away and petitioner couldn t get in)

At the top of that I m going through depression and seems like loosing the ability to think rational.

Dear VJ community please help me to sort it out as I m currently biting my elbows instead of packing a suitcase in excitement of going on this family trip I have been waiting for so long.

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