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  1. thats a long time! To read this I feel me bad complaining about mine. but glad you got approved finally and could move forward with your process. Thank you!
  2. Thank you!!! even if is 8-10 months would be better than 12 and half. I'm crossing the fingers its not gonna take long anymore from now. and hopefully everybody else hear something back soon too.
  3. thats a long time! Sorry to hear that you still need to wait. I hope you hear something back soon. and thank you!
  4. Hi everyone Today is exactly 6 months since we're waiting for an approval from the USCIS. Yesterday my Husband called them to ask about our case and how long it would take them. They told him it takes 12 and half months for right now but it could change every month. but when I go on the wedside and check how long texas USCIS needs to process a case it stays 4 and half to 7 months. So it's really confusing and I really hope we don't have to wait another half year for an approval. It's starts getting really frustating and I wanted to hear from you guys what your experience was with the timeline and how long it really took for you to get approved. Thank you.
  5. In 2017 I overstayed my ESTA for about 2 Weeks because of some personal reasons. beggining of 2019 I applied for an B1/B2 (touristvisa) and got it. since then I already traveled 3 times to the US. Could it affect my I-130 petition or could take longer than usually for an approval? I'm a lil worried.
  6. My Husband file for I-130 by the beginning of february this year. Now we're waiting almost 6 months now to get approved. I hear some people saying they got approved faster then their timeline and they assume it's because of Covid-19 and because they don't process anymore all immigrant visas for as right now. My timeline says about 6-8 Months and I'm waiting and hopeing everyday we get approved. Do they process a little faster now because of the circumstances?
  7. You welcome! I stayed for 2 weeks. May it be helpful just in case to bring some documends that proves you will leave the US after like 1,2 weeks again. the retrun way ticket, job documents or whatever. I did it too just in case but they didnt ask me about anything like that. I think you should be fine anyways.
  8. Hey I did travel while pending on I-130 petition to visit my Husband by end of june in the US. I had B1/B2 touristvisa but my daughter(his stepdaughter) only had an ESTA and they let her travel with it. I had a stopp in Amsterdam and from there I flyied with an American Airline where they ask me for the first time for all the documents that I needed to prove. They called an US goverment that was working at the airport in Amsterdam and he checket my marriage certificate and checket if hes really an US citizen then he told the other lady from the Airline that me and my daughter are alright and that we can travel with their Airline. When I arrieved in Atlanta they asked me again for the marriage certificate and let me in. I was worried to but if you bring all your documents with you that you need, then you gonna be alright! Good luck and have fun!
  9. Hey Guys. My husband filed for the I-130 petition for me and my daughter at the beginning of this year. Now we're waiting a little bit over 5 Months to get approved. As I check from time to time my case status I realize that something came up new that didn't stay before. Is this setence: " It is being processed at our E-Filed Case Processing Section location." 2 Weeks ago this setence wasn't there. Does this mean something about our process is coming forward slowly?
  10. I read that once in a book but I don't have own experieces with this since I left the courty after marrying in the US on a touristvisa.
  11. My husband and I got married while I was visiting him on a touristvisa but I left the country after that and then he applied for the I-130 petition (spouse visa). I also read you can actually marry on a tourist visa and stay there if you didn't had no intention on marrying by arriving to the United States but you should not marry then in the first 30 days other than that they will assume she came with the intentions of staying there. I didn't have any problems because I didn't stay there thats why I can only say it from my experience. Whatever you decide I wish you luck and hope you guys gonna be together soon!
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