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  1. What benefit is the N600 giving you? I’ve never even heard about it. ill be filling for my mom once I’m done, so I’m gonna start it all over for her lol
  2. I know they didn’t do same day before all of this. My friend had her interview a couple weeks before the shutdown and had to wait for the oath. Maybe they’ll do it now.
  3. And I was wondering what’s taking so long in Tampa. This makes sense.... I’m pretty sure I should be one of the first ones to be scheduled once they open again, but this is just crazy. Wouldn’t surprise me if we have another shutdown before the 13th lol. Just our luck.... maybe we’ll be citizens by 2021 haha At this point I don’t even think I’ll be a citizen by the end of the year lol
  4. Which is crazy because Tampa was one of the fastest offices before the shutdown.
  5. No updates from Tampa so far my original interview date was March 31st. I know they have been doing oath’s like crazy, but haven’t seen a interview rescheduled from there yet.
  6. So looks like people are getting their interviews rescheduled. Someone who had his interview originally on March 30 just got rescheduled for July 7
  7. Apparently it can take up to 60 days for them to reschedule I am waiting as well
  8. Same here!! My I751 got transferred 172 days ago!!!! And since then nothing. My N400 interview was supposed to be 4 days after they closed down all the offices. But who would’ve known. But I’m sure my I751 would’ve been approved a long time ago already.
  9. Tampa which used to be one of the fastest in the country is up to 5-11 months. My interview was supposed to be 4 days after they closed. So hopefully I’m in the front of the line. But I bet the backlog will be insane!
  10. My 18 months extension expires in 2 months. Gonna be interesting
  11. I agree lol. The N400 interview backlog is going to be insane!! I don’t see any interviews happening until summer or so
  12. So since our interviews got cancelled. Has anyone contacted them about pending I751? My 18 months extension letter is expiring end of July. My I751 got transferred once I applied for N400. They have mentioned they will keep working on I751’s but I’m wondering if they can’t since it got transferred to another office. would be nice to get my I751 approved while waiting for a new N400 interview date.
  13. Kinda worried some people will have their interview/oath ceremony cancelled with all that crazy stuff going on right now. My interview is March 31st. So far I didn’t hear anything from Tampa.
  14. Hopp Schwiz!! I’m from Switzerland as well and have my interview on March 31st! Congrats!!
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