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  1. Nothing so far! Calling back Friday first thing if I don’t get anything until then.
  2. My workplace wants it. Not arguing with them haha
  3. Yea I’m not really in a hurry. I just want the extension before my card expires next month. I don’t expect to receive the 10 year green card within the next 12 month anyway. And then I will apply for citizenship already anyway lol
  4. Was able to talk to a level 2 officer. They opened a service request for me as well. My card is not expiring until 2/24 so I guess I’m just waiting and see what happens in the next 3-4 weeks. Update. He said i should have it by Jan 18th. If not I should call back.
  5. Called USCIS today. No help at all. They told me if I didn’t receive my NOA1 yet I should make an infopass appointment. Checked my nearest location and there’s no available appointments lol. Might call back and ask for a level 2 officer.
  6. Just saw that thanks. I can call tomorrow
  7. I’m coming up at 30 days tomorrow since they received my case. Got my case number thru a text message already, but is there a time frame before I should call in and ask when my extension letter will be sent?
  8. You’re right that might be it. I wish I would’ve known that. I’m 1 week to early lolol. Gonna be a long wait
  9. I did, but I received a text message a couple days after. Now waiting for extension letter.
  10. It does!! Before we even know we’ll be applying for citizenship 😳