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Officer at POE gave me wrong information
6:35 pm October 10, 2019


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Hi all!!

I wanted to share my experience with LAX Customs and Border Patrol. Although the process was very easy and painless (only asked me two questions and I was out the door in ten minutes), the officer gave me some wrong or outdated information.

Once he processed my paperwork and stamped my passport, he advised me that I should marry within 90 days. That was all fine and dandy until he said that once I married I would have to go to an USCIS field office with the original marriage license and a notarised copy and I would received a temporary green card on my passport.

I don't believe this information is correct, since I have to file for AOS and everything, but I obviously didn't say anything. I called USCIS today to notify them of an address change and told them about what the officer said, and the agent confirmed this information was incorrect. The agent also said that green cards take two years to be approved, so that was also not right according to the processing times we can see.

I don't know if the CPB officers get periodical training on procedures, but they probably should!!

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience!

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Wrong surname on Spain marriage cert.
10:46 am October 4, 2019


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Hi everyone,

Tried searching for a similar post but didn't manage to find one. We're in the process of completing the I-130 for my Spanish husband and requested a copy of our marriage certificate (certificacion literal.) We've only been married about two months so up until now we have only had the "Acta de Matrimonio" and our Libro de Familia. I have one first name, two middle names, and my surname correctly filled in on all those documents--well, they are all just written out together so it doesn't specify which is which really. We received the marriage certificate and the Registry office has put my second middle name as my first surname. So now I have two surnames even though this is not correct.

They have told us that this happens all the time with foreigners (not much consolation) and to submit paperwork to change the file, BUT this can take anywhere from three to four months as it is essentially a whole new process. Unfortunately there seems no way around this, even though the error is on their end as we double checked our application file and all of my documentation has my names correctly marked.

I was hoping to submit our I-130 in the next few weeks, but now I'm not sure what to do. Submit the marriage certificate with the wrong surnames and hope for the best? Use the Acta de Matrimonio or Libro de Familia as proof of marriage certificate?

Thanks in advance for any insight. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and frustrated by the timeline proposed to me by the office here in Spain.

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Does my father need an ESTA?
3:46 pm September 24, 2019


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Hello all,

My dad is looking up flights to visit me in the States. He told me that when he was younger he had his passport stamped by the US consulate in Barcelona with a stamp that allowed him permanent entry into the United States. I emailed the US embassy in Spain to check if my dad needs an ESTA, but maybe someone from here can shed some light, since they might take some time answering the email.

Thank you!


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One week after interview, how can i know if my passport is at the post office?
12:58 pm September 24, 2019

O & R

O & R

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Since the ceac website hasn t been working since Saturday or Sunday, how can I know if my visa got issued since then? I had my interview a week ago so it might be issued now hopefully...
Also, if it s issued, does the embassy email people to let them know they are shipping documents to you or is it the big surprise?

I want to precise that I chose delivery at a post office

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Houston local office processing times?
2:53 pm September 23, 2019



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I-130 was transferred from NSC to Houston local office last Oct 2018. According to USCIS, pending interview date but I can't find information on processing times. It will be a year next month just waiting on interview date and over a year and a half since we filed PD: 2/21/2018. Anyone know how long this takes? My husband is not in the country so not sure why the interview? Anyone going through this same experience?

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