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Needing help with IRS guidelines for first time filing "married filing jointly"
3:25 am June 3, 2023



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I've done some research here, but I cannot exactly find out what need. Here's a quick rundown...

1) The last two years I filed "married filing jointly", since we were in the middle of waiting for her CR-1 / IR-1 visa. This is for the 2020 and 2021 tax years.

2) Now we are at the current 2022 tax year. I have filed an extension, and now we finally have her social security number. She entered January 15, 2023, and she got here Social Security card in the middle of February 2023. So, she entered after the conclusion of the 2022 tax year (this is where I have some problems, please see the next paragraph)....

The CPA I am working with has never seen a case like this (he does a lot of executive / corporate work), and so he had to learn how to do the tax work properly while me and my wife waited on the immigration process. I did some research here on VisaJourney and got the info he needed, and the last two tax years (2020 and 2021) went well because of that in part. However, he is reluctant to use my wife's Social Security number on the current 2022 taxes due to when my wife got her card issued. He said something about the number "being in the system". He said that I needed to get a paper form the Social Security Administration stating when she was issued here Social Security number. I'm almost positive that's not necessary, but I know he's trying to protect himself. However, due to this, I need help to help him.

So my question is twofold:

First, since my wife did not receive her Social Security number until mid February of this year (2023), does anyone know where on the IRS website, or in their other literature, where it states the rules for this? I need something tangible to show my CPA. Not being able to use her Social Security number doesn't make any sense, since I've been read many people amended their tax returns once their spouses finally got their Social Security numbers, after finally entering in as permanent residents.

Second, since she is finally here and has her SSN, how do I go amending these last 2 years of tax returns (2020 and 2021), since I had to file "married filing separately" because she hadn't entered yet?

And again guys, I know there is a lot here. Please help out if you can. Thank you in advance!

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Question about Form I-131 process time (Split)
3:41 am April 27, 2023


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Hi all, on a related note, my I-131 was last updated in on June 6, 2022 (screenshot below). Is there anything I can do to accelerate? Was going to travel to USA in late June.


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Trying to renew passport urgently
6:49 pm April 19, 2023


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Hi all!

Has anyone tried to renew their Spanish passport lately?

The earliest appointment I was able to get almost a month ago was for June 6th. I have a wedding in Spain in June 24th, and their turnaround for passports is 3 weeks.

I wanted to see if it's possible to just show up to the consulate in Los Angeles and see if they can process it earlier, but I wanted to ask if anyone has ever done that before, and if it's even worth it to go.

Thank you for your help!

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Adoption/Birth certificate
11:13 am April 18, 2023



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, I have a question. The birth certificate must be issued by the country where you were born, but what happens, for example, in my case. I was adopted as a baby by my Spanish parents, my birth certificate also only contains the country where I was born and the certificate of adoption and Spanish nationality, is that document valid as a birth certificate? It is the only thing that I have. I'm still waiting for my Noa 2, but I want to be prepared.I'm learning to use visajourney and I don't really know where I should ask the questions, I can't find a related topic in the search botton sorry if I'm asking the question in the wrong post, I would appreciate any answer

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how accurate is the estimate that Visajourney makes.?
11:33 am April 11, 2023



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Hello, how accurate is the estimate that Visajourney makes. ?I see that every time my timeline for my fianc e visa approval is shorter, I don't want you to misunderstand me that makes me very happy but at the same time it is generating a lot of hope in me, the process and the wait is being agonizing and this is giving me It gives a little light. Thank you

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