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US Immigration from Spain

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Form I 131 and AOS filled separately
10:28 pm April 14, 2021


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Hello everyone!

I see mostly everyone when doing their AOS they file forms 485, 765 and 131 altogether. I get this is more convenient and cheaper. So when you get your Temporary work permit card, this serves as advance parole.

However, is it possible to file for I 313 separately and recieve the AP way sooner?

Thank you in advance!

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I485- Confused with 22a. 23c. & 24, help!
6:01 pm April 14, 2021


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We have married and now applying for AOS! Today I am on the I-485 (newest version) and I have some questions I am not sure about. Anyone know the correct way to fill in 22a. 23c. & 24 in Part 1? Do we as K1 have an Alien Registration Number or USCIS online account number? Finally my husband is from Spain so I have put "Hispanic" for ethnicity but not sure if we should mark something for "race." Any help would be great, thanks guys!

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AOS Office
8:51 am March 29, 2021


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I was wondering how they assign AOS offices to you? I see some go much quicker than others and we would definitely be willing to travel as I'm a remote worker to get the process moving quicker, is this possible?

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How long is it currently taking to get receipt notices?
10:46 am March 22, 2021



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Hey everyone,

We know our form was received November 27th and the credit card was charged February 21st and we've yet to receive a receipt notice, no e-mail or anything and it's been 4 months since it was received & 1 month since the payment went through. Is this what everyone else is experiencing or should we try to see if there's been an issue with our case? It's crazy since initially the receipt notice was max around 2 weeks after the packet was received and now it's 4 months, and actual visa processing time hasn't even started if we don't have a case number

Thanks everyone

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Should we put US or foreign home address on US Federal Tax form 1040? (married filing jointly)
1:57 pm March 21, 2021


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Hi all, for a USC and GC holder (currently with 2 year GC; waiting for 10 year) married filing jointly, should we put our US home address or foreign home address on our Federal Tax form 1040? We are abroad for most of the year (330+ days/year) on temporary contracts but come back to the US at least once a year and maintain our US address as we are trying to move back permanently soon.

We put our foreign home address on our 2019 form, but I was thinking that putting our US address would better demonstrate intent to return to the US / not to abandon the GC.... Any thoughts? Appreciate your input :)

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