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Relief package and 2019 taxes
8:55 pm March 28, 2020


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Hi all!

I am currently in AOS with EAD and AP. I m going to start working in April, but ever since I got here in October I haven t been working.

I have a SSN, but I don t know if my wife has to claim me as a dependent or if I have to file myself or how does it really work.

Once filed, what happens with the stimulus package? Do we each get a check? Do I get nothing since I haven t worked here yet?

Thank you in advance!

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Issues moving due to Coronavirus
8:26 pm March 13, 2020



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Hi, I d like to see if someone could help me with my concerns or if someone shares the same problem.
I have a flight booked for May 23rd to move to the US with my K-1 visa and even if the travel restrictions don t affect me right now the situation with the coronavirus doesn t seems that is gonna solve any time soon in Europe (I m from Spain) my visa expires on July 16th and I d like to know if there is any way I could have a visa extension if I am not allowed to travel before the expiration of my visa due to Coronavirus or if not what s the process I d have to follow. I ve message the embassy of my country and literally their response was contact the airline which makes no sense & I m staring to freak out.

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Showing Up Late For Biometrics
11:52 pm March 10, 2020



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We received the biometrics appointment, but it is at 8 AM, what happens if we get there and hour or so late?? Filed February 29, and got Biometric letter/document on March 9...for March 23rd.

Any insight is appreciated, thanks

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I-130 spouse petition - Nebraska center (split topic)
11:14 am March 4, 2020

Pedro Pozo

Pedro Pozo

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Hi! Im sorry for updating an "old" post.

We just filled an I-130 spouse petition online, and they assigned us Nebraska center.

Do you guys have today any data about estimated processing time online? I would like to know if its any different, because there is ppl saying that its faster, and others saying its not.


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I693 more than 60 days before filing i485
2:50 pm March 3, 2020



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Hi guys! Hope you can help me. The Civil Surgeon signed my i693 on 10/15/2019 and I applied for aos (marriage based) on 12/24/2019. Recently I received the courtessy letter because of this.

The Civil Surgeon and I resigned the form with the new date (02/29/2020) do you know if this will Be Ok for USCIS? We did it this way because the doctor said that the test results were not expired. I have my interview on April 8 and I just want yo be sure that we wont have any problems with this.

Thanks in advance!

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