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  1. Finally RECEIVED THE OFFICIAL GREEN CARD 5 days after the interview! SUCH A RELIEF to have it in hand.. all the sweat and tears for this little card Time to book our trip back to his home after 1 year of being separated! So happy to not have to deal with USCIS for a while.
  2. Interview this morning and went great!! Started with the "you will have the decision within 30 days.." which led into conversation ending in "honestly, I'll probably approve this today and you should receive this within 7-10 days" WE ARE SO HAPPY! The only documents they took from us were the I-94, joint assets, marriage certificate (then gave it back because they had the original). They went through the basic questions on the app and just asked us when did we meet, when did we get married, and then where have we traveled together. We brought WAY too many pictures haha probably close to 200, and 2 photo albums that she glanced through. Very pleased!
  3. My husband has his interview Monday! We are so beyond anxious and READY. He had a phone interview as well for a job opportunity this morning. I know the process for the interview will include 2 more interviews for the position, but curious as to the time frame that people are receiving their card in hand after the interview? I've seen 7-10 days but then have seen around a month too. (We are one that never received EAD/AP @ 302 days) Thanks!
  4. Question, on the GC checklist, it references to bring the sealed envelope/medical I-693 form with (if not already submitted). I mailed that with our initial application. For those that had their interview, did you encounter any issues due to you not bringing a copy of the form you submitted? I have an extra vaccination sheet I'll bring and a medical CD (I believe for the chect x-ray) that I'll bring as well. Did they ask much about that?
  5. I know, so contradicting with what they are stating.. I feel like it all depends on the luck of the month, maybe that month our applications were processed in some type of old software or were processed by employees that left, I truly don't understand how they can get away with just being okay with not giving a straight forward answer.
  6. Also, for those of you that have been "lost" in the group of filers as it relates to no update on EAD/AP at 270+ days, this was the response from USCIS regarding my SR submitted, basically just stating that due to issues within the facility our case is delayed: The status of this service request is: Due to workload factors not related to your case, USCIS anticipates a delay in completing your case. USCIS is committed to adjudicating immigration benefits in the order received and in a timely and efficient manner.
  7. For those that have had their interview and were approved, how long did it take for you to officially receive the card in the mail? Of course my husband is anxious to travel back home and work but with all of our lovely experiences with Immigration I will not book anything in advance until I have that hard copy in hand!
  8. Got the interview letter today! 9/23 is our interview at 8am. I’m sure we will be the first one of the day! We received our letter 1 week after interview was scheduled status change. Still no EAD/AP at 275 days but at this point it doesn’t matter in my mind with getting the interview now as a point of focus!
  9. Thank you! This is great information to have. I have him on a handful of utility bills, my insurance, and actually in my will (I know super morbid) so I will print off all of that information. I just made a wedding/engagement photo album I made and I will bring printed photos if they do ask to keep anything. Did they have a copy of the full 485 application there already? I wouldn't need to bring that?
  10. I know this is basic information, but as I wait for the interview date letter, what did you guys all prepare for the interview? I have joint bills/paperwork/wedding album/photos. Will the letter say what you need to bring? I'm assuming passport, birth certificate and such?
  11. Yes you are right! I’m glad we only had to wait a week for the scheduling but still disappointed in aspects of how the system worked with our EAD/AP. Just to say that there are a small percentage of people that basically don’t have a reason is not acceptable. I’m happy to see some light at the end of the tunnel! How long did it take users to get their interview date mailed after status change to interview scheduled?
  12. Interview has been scheduled for the I-485 here! I cannot wait to see when we can finally go and get this taken care of as our EAD/AP was completely bypassed. The amount of time it took for Case is ready to be scheduled and Interview scheduled was only 1 week, must just be due to the field office. For those that are waiting still this is what my Senator said that USCIS responded to him with: I heard back from USCIS. I have included their response below: “I-765/ I131 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) records confirm that your constituent’s case is pending at this time. USCIS is committed to adjudicating immigration benefits in a timely and efficient manner while also complying with all relevant directives. While the processing steps for most applications or petitions are completed quickly, a small percentage of cases involve unresolved issues that may result in adjudication delays. We are unable to determine at this time when the review process for the application will be completed. USCIS will issue a decision on your constituent's case as soon as possible.
  13. Sounds good! Likewise, I just submitted another SR on the I-131 as this SR was done 7/11, assigned to an officer 7/22 and then nothing. So, hopefully it doesn't screw me over with another waiting period but if it's "already" in this other queue then it doesn't hurt as a friendly reminder in my mind. The I-765 hasn't been assigned to anyone after submitting a SR on 7/24, but our I-485 changed this past weekend to Case is Ready to be scheduled for an interview. So, if we could bypass everything and just go to the interview that would be great as well.
  14. Ha, yeah it doesn't hurt. I just get so hesitance touching anything with our cases after seeing what happened with the SR.. absolutely nothing but more waiting. So, hopefully it works for you! I guess anything at this point helps.. has there been any status change to your 485? Or, have your SR been assigned?
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