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  1. Thanks and yeah we filed early this year and claimed her a a dependent for 2019 because she was 16 and turned 17 last year. So when we helped her file her tax return we made sure she checked the box that we claimed her. usually we are lazy and only get filing in early April. Of course the one time we come early, before we knew about any of this ... Such is life. it’s just frustrating because I know that most people with 17/18 year olds are in the same situation.
  2. Yup. Same situation here. Ours turned 18 last month. Filed her own tax return as an adult, work hours cut by 70% anyone with a 17 or 18 year old gets skipped over.
  3. We had exactly the same thing happen with our K1 (although I panicked more than you appear to show lol) I recall it took about two days. Daughters was approved and mine sat in AP for a couple more business days plus a weekend. Plenty of people here reassured me it was normal and they were right.
  4. I don't understand why it's showing zero taxable income and you owe money. As far as owing money if your employer is not withholding deductions, I don't believe you are exempt from any taxes if you earn a taxable level income for the financial year. If I am incorrect in this statement, please would someone set me straight. We fell into this trap when I got my first job after we got married as I've always worked as an employee and I took a job as a contractor for a couple of businesses. There were no deductions withheld. Now, we had no excuse for ignorance because we knew we needed to set money aside and we started doing that but we had no idea how much and somehow we got slack and stopped doing this. Last year we owed several thousand dollars in tax. Fortunately we were just able to settle it. I am not sure if IRS allows you to pay over a period of time if you cannot put out the whole lump sum in one go. I would definitely start working on putting money aside to pay off that debt though, assuming it's correct. We also use TurboTax and it's always matched up with what IRS has asked for or refunded so we found it to be very accurate as long as the information you enter when you file is complete and accurate. Edit to add: Just wondered, are you filing jointly? And what is your spouse's earning level like? In our case the debt was made bigger because my husband had taken a new job which paid more than what we had previously so instead of getting a tax refund, our household earnings were substantially more and then adding my job ....
  5. is this your spouse's US entry on his CR1 visa? Congrats and best wishes! Yes, he will have to clear customs at his first port of entry in the US, so he needs to clear customs in Atlanta. As far as i know the immigrant visa check is not done electronically so it really depends how busy the line is for other people waiting to be processed or see someone in secondary.
  6. Over the next few weeks we will likely see more and more K1's in a similar position posting on here. It wouldn't surprise me if there is a pinned thread dedicated to this dilemma, given the awkward situation so keep watching the forum. It's no consolation to each individual or couple, but you are not alone and this is a great place for sharing information and experiences.
  7. Does he want to go back to UAE? More than he wants to secure his future with you?
  8. Fingers crossed that with the restrictions on who can go in, they are still going ahead with it. Keep us posted. Welcome to the USA! Wishing you many happy years here with your spouse to be.
  9. I really hope they do accommodate those who had canceled interviews. Ours will be significantly delayed due to this, but the right thing to do is make good on those who were already scheduled. Perhaps we will start to see shorter interview sessions and oath ceremonies for a good while to come. Not just on the virus front, but in light of the backlog impact on an already overloaded system. Hoping the very best for you and all who had cancellations on ceremonies and interviews.
  10. Your response was a lot more polite than the one I refrained from posting. I thought that was just plain rude and heartless (referred to the comment you replied to, not yours - I'm with you on this one!) Where did you find this official legal statement?
  11. We had the exact same thing happen to us with our AOS. We had to reprint the form (which, when we checked the copy we retained and the one they returned was the SAME updated form). We also knew that even though we were right and someone messed up, it was quicker to return the dang thing and let them get on with it than waste time trying to argue with them.
  12. That would make SO much sense. Sadly, way too much sense for a government body to do it though. 🤣
  13. They are not allowed to cancel your interview. I expressly forbid it. I've been checking since yesterday for updates, making sure. So far so good. Praying for you.
  14. I think you are giving this more thought than most. It doesn't look like you have anything to worry about. The fact that you are stressing so much about making sure suggests you probably haven't misrepresented yourselves in any way. I say go for it. Fill out the application. Make sure that you pay close attention to the filing requirements based on marriage if you are going with the three year rule - don't file too early and give a day or two after your 90 day window if you are taking advantage of early filing. Wishing you the best. I don't see anything to worry about. Just answer the questions honestly on the application, submit the supporting evidence as required and wait for your interview
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