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  1. The only thing I've learned from our years of dealing with USCIS is that we should not expect anything to make sense lol. If you got your NOA then they have your case. The letters that go out often seem a bit random and all over the place.
  2. We got the same letter today, same date as yours. It's the third time my daughter and I have received this letter since we filed on March 29th, 2018
  3. Yeah, there are plenty of ####### moments with this process. Most of us have been dancing with USCIS for at least 5 years now haha We got an RFE for our original Permanent Residence application because they said we had not used the most recent form. No point arguing but we printed out exactly the same version as the one we sent in (we scanned the entire pack before sending so we could check things) and it got approved without interview a couple of weeks later. Totally weird.
  4. So today I just got the 'waived biometrics' letter - again, for the third time for my daughter. I'm sure mine will follow in the next few days. We filed at the end of March last year and this is the third time we've received this letter. It's dated 02/22 It must be auto generated or something.
  5. Thank you for asking the question, and for the answer. We are sitting in the same dilemma and in spite of my loudly declaring I would apply for Naturalization ASAP, I just don't trust USCIS to cope with more than one thing at a time lol.
  6. Thank you! Much appreciated! The 'New" site worked for me
  7. Hi all, I've searched all over this section of the forum and run google searches but can't find the link to where we check our status online for the I 751. Is it still possible to check and if so, does anyone have a link? I hate asking questions that have already been answered but apparently my search skills suck or I just don't see it.
  8. We just said exactly the same thing today. Our window opens for N400 a little less than 3 weeks after yours and my application will be right on time! Been dancing with USCIS for 4 years now and we are ready to just live our lives as a normal family. Are you doing your application online or paper?
  9. I just took our Greencards to the SS office. They DID expect both of us to be there (daughter is a minor). We didn't go to an immigration office.
  10. I know things keep changing so not sure if it's different now, but we waited over 8 months for approval for our K1 in 2014 (frustrated as hell while we watched people at the other service center sailing through in 7-14 days!!) We were in contact with our congressman's office throughout and it made not a stitch of difference. USCIS would not give them any more info or a different story to what they would give us which was always pretty much "Shut up and wait in line." That said, I'd never say don't try. If nothing else, working through the congressman at least gave us small stretches of hope and a bit of distraction in that we were doing something. Good luck. I hope your approval is about to happen. Those were the hardest and darkest months of our lives! I'm sincere when I say I empathize with you.
  11. That's exactly what I needed to know. Thank you for the clarification. Much appreciated 😊
  12. Agreed. After my two year GC arrived in 2016 we got a letter stating that delivery had failed and the card had been returned to the Post Office. By the time this letter arrived I'd had the GC for almost six months. I don't think the internal communication between departments at USCIS is terribly spectacular!
  13. We feel the same! Regarding the information about 90 days from when you were first legally resident, can I just clarify that said date refers to the date on my original AOS Welcome Letter? Or is it the issue date stamped on the GC? Not that there is much difference in time between the two but as you said ..... the sooner the better!
  14. I've been away from the forum for a while - work has been crazy! Just seen we are doing a spreadsheet for the 18 month extension letters. I got mine in the mail yesterday, dated August 1st. Still waiting for our daughter's extension letter. She filed jointly with me, but her documentation is always separate and a few weeks behind mine so I'll let y'all know when that one arrives too.
  15. Wow, that was just for the GC - first round? That's a LONG time to wait! Heard nothing since we filed other than a biometrics waiver letter for myself (K1) and daughter (K2). A couple of weeks after we received them we each received another biometrics waiver letter identical to the first, except the date on the top. And now, we settle in comfortable for another 15 months of hearing crickets 😊