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  1. Congratulations! Now you can breathe! Our K1 journey started in July 2014 and I'm so ready to be done with feeling like we keep going into pending mode for the next set of paperwork. Was your timeline reasonably accurate according to the prediction? We're also Orlando office (filed at end of June so a few months behind you). I've had the hardest time finding anyone else on here who's got Orlando as the local office!
  2. Thanks. I was curious because I have a 'name change' which isn't really a change but an error from my birth certificate and it's taken me this long to just get it corrected. I accept that it will take longer. It seems to vary by location though. Some offices have more judicial ceremonies than others. And I guess it depends how backed up the courts in that jurisdiction are as well. Wishing you the best! Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Congrats. That must be a relief to at least know you're approved. Question: Did your name change push out the estimated completion time or is it still within the original estimate from when you filed? Oh, and which city are you in?
  4. I LOVE this reply ❤️ And yes, you are right and we probably should have done that. The stress arose when they threw a ton of things at us the day before closing and we are right in a holiday week. But you are 100% correct.
  5. I get your point. I think part of the problem is the inconsistency. We HAD to have the GC for the initial part of the process. Because I couldn't check the USC box, the financial side insisted on GC. No issues. The mortgage was also no problem. The title ... that's where the shenanigans started.
  6. We are very confident about this. Thank you for the reassurance. Our question was do we want to start all over with a new application and have our credit report hit hard tree times AGAIN within 8 weeks (we wouldn't get the same rate so there's a practical element to this) or do we want to fight it .... Honestly, when the stress has dragged out for so long it takes a lot of energy to make sure we are making informed, logical decisions and not emotional ones. But an UPDATE for all of you and a big thank you to all who responded. If I missed your reply it was not intentional. I am deeply grateful for all the advice, experience and support shared on this thread. We moseyed our butts on over to the Title Co. today and I took ALL my USCIS things in the entire folder and said, "Right. This is what the federal government has on me to validate my ID. What do you need to make this work?" After a couple of hours (no kidding!) they accepted my GC with supporting docs and I ensured they got to see all my completed biometrics receipts. If I'm quiet for a while it's not because I'm abandoning the thread, but because my husband and I just seriously need some destress couple time right now. With heartfelt and sincere gratitude to all who contributed to my post. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. ❤️
  7. Thank you! I was on the fence about posting there. Should have gone with my gut lol. Much appreciated
  8. We picked the finance for the loan. We did not pick the title co. We were not even aware we had an option with this.
  9. @Nitas_man Thank you for all your advice. I'm a little slow in reading and taking it all in. I'm going to let my husband read the thread because my brain is fried and I haven't slept more than an hour or two per day in the last 2 weeks so my reflexes and ability to string coherent sentences together are suffering, to put it mildly. You have been extremely helpful. I'll get some fresh eyes to read through this (hubby ) and I will update you. There have been a lot of inconsistencies in this whole process throughout and it really irks me. It doesn't help that I'm a paralegal so I question validity of everything. Neither does it help that I'm just looking at an email sent from the title company which (inadvertently, no doubt) includes some inhouse discussion between them and the finance company wishing them "Good luck dealing with her!" (referring to me. I feel so disrespected. We're sitting here the day before a family reunion and Thanksgiving and I'm dreading having to put on a happy face. That's a lot of typing. All I want to say is thank you. You've been very helpful.
  10. Is there any way we can confirm this? They are using the underwriter (talking about the title co here) to push back. THey will NOT tell us the name of the underwriter (the escrow closing agent told us this morning it's a company and refused to give us the information). Is this state specific? I'm not questioning you at all. This may be very helpful. But I don't know how to present this information to them.
  11. We sent them the Statute (FL Law) and highlighted this. Florida is also one of two states that exercises 'reasonable reliance on presentation' The I9 is listed on the statute we sent them (highlighted).
  12. It's the title company. Sorry for being cryptic. And yes, we know that the mortgage and title co are separate, but the mortgage company will only use the information that the title company approves. They want their docs to match. We've spent the last 6 weeks of our lives going back and forth about this and we aren't getting anywhere. I'm just so exhausted and frustrated.
  13. We asked about that - Florida is a Spousal state so with Homestead Law, I have to be on the mortgage whether or not I'm on the loan or title.
  14. Yes, I can easily get state ID. And I know I can - it's not a problem to do that. But why should I? These people have given us the run around since the get-go and I'm tired of jumping through hoops for legal 'experts' who are ignoring the law. It's not like we went to some underground place to mortgage a house. This is the underwriter for the Title Company. I'm so furious! And for once, I'm actually feeling plenty love for the government, given the way I'm being treated by the private sector lol
  15. I don't know which forum to post this in - please move as appropriate As per the title: We're in the middle of a mortgage transaction. The underwriter of the title company stated that they will not accept my USCIS issued ID because (and I'm quoting this straight from an email!) "Immigration just puts down whatever name she tells them." I do not have a DL My passport with my visa is in my former married name and clearly I am not going to use that to go onto the title to a home I share with my loving husband. Is there anything I can print off/refer them to? We already sent them a state appropriate statute which they told us is "open to interpretation." I am so furious right now but I need something I can present to them. Thank you. Any advice appreciated PS I have conducted all my affairs, payroll, tax, bank accounts, travel etc with my GC. No issues.
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