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  1. Yeah, we definitely got lucky with the quick processing. The reason I thought it may be linked to mine is because with all the delays on mine (apparently my file was 'misplaced' somewhere in early 2020) by the time I took my oath, daughter's early filing window had already opened. I'm not sure what the timing is like on Chayanne's processing, but it doesn't hurt to get it in ASAP if her son's window is almost open. Nothing about this process seems to follow any sort of pattern though.
  2. Yes, the letter arrived with little time before the interview although she did get the notification online immediately - or more or less right away. She seems to be taking it in her stride now. I'll be glad to be done with all the USCIS drama lol Just a note for anyone wondering, the Police report came out and the incident at the offices was a domestic issue. USCIS was not a target, neither was anyone inside. Obviously in the moment nobody knew what was going on and that building has no loud speaker system or screens or anything so there were no announcements or anything made. We had her on the phone with us while she was hiding under a table and we could hear people screaming but nobody knew what was going on or where the gunshots were coming from.
  3. Hi Chayanne We've just got through the same situation. I'm guessing your son was a dependent and aged out before you took your oath. That happened to me too - took two years and daughter turned 18 before my oath. Ugh! The GOOD news - she applied under the 5 year rule and her application got processed pretty much immediately. My guess is that because she was on my file up to this point, when her application got picked up they just dealt with it since it was already at the local office. The 5 year filing was SO simple and quick compared to the 3 year one I kind of wish I'd just waited and done it that way too! She also said that the people at USCIS were really really nice to her - I think they know when they are dealing with very young adults that it's a daunting process. Also, if you file online, the automated system is not super smart. When you answer yes that you are a citizen it will keep prompting you with popups that your son my already be a citizen. Just ignore it and continue with the application. The system didn't seem to make the correlation between the date I took my oath and my daughter's date of birth, even though I put those both in.
  4. Just an update since I posted somewhere in this thread that my teenage daughter (she turned 18 before my oath ceremony!) filed under the 5 year rule. After my almost 2 year wait for my N400 to be complete, we filed under early filing in February for daughter. Her eligible date was May 2nd. On May 2nd she got a notification that her interview was scheduled for May 10th! She attended and passed her test and was told to wait for her oath which they could do in 30 minutes if she stayed. Minutes later we got a text from her saying "Active shooter here. I wanna go!" Bit of drama at the USCIS office in Orlando yesterday with someone shot and killed so after being told that they couldn't leave the building for about half an hour, they were all sent home and the office is closed for a couple of days. Understandably! Presumably she will get a notification of a new date for her oath. Whether she actually wants to go back and do it is another matter entirely. We were not allowed to go with her. She's 18 so obviously was quite shaken by the whole ordeal. Nothing about this process has gone to plan for us lol.
  5. Similar experience (and about the same timeframe - I know we remember each other from 2014 on lol). The travel ban has made things difficult for CR1. Outside of that our only regret is that we didn't do a CR1 instead of a K1. It took almost a year from filing to visa in hand and was much more expensive and frustrating. Outside of special circumstances making it impossible to get married prior to applying, I don't think I would ever recommend a K1 to anyone. We were told it was the 'quicker' and preferred way to go. Our experience was the opposite.
  6. I think it really depends on who processes the application and who conducts the interview. It shouldn't make a difference because with the 3 year rule you have to submit so much more documentation. That said, you'd have to satisfy all the criteria if it goes through to the end without changing it. Whether you can change it after filing is another question as the application forms themselves are different. There's someone who lives locally who has been a LPR and married for over a decade and finally decided to apply for citizenship and she applied under the 3 year rule, thinking because she is married to a USC it was what she had to do. She got to the interview and had to refile. Does your friend have an online USCIS account? You can send a message through the portal there. They take a few days but they do reply.
  7. They took ALL my stuff lol. I doubt they know specifically what and how many documents you have though. I just took my old employment authorization card and both Green Cards. But they were happy to take everything.
  8. To those of you who have already been naturalized, did you skip out the SSA visit while most of them are not doing in person right now? I wanted to update my DL with DMV as my understanding is that they want us to do so once we are citizens. My local office is doing online only and want you to print and sign the form and mail in all your original documents. The reviews on their site for people actually getting them back or managing to contact anyone by phone to find out where their certificate and license is ... well let's just say I'm not willing to go that route. I see there are some offices a few hours away that will do in person by appointment only, which would be fine with me. Do you have to go to the office nearest you, or can you go to any office? I know people do name changes and things too so I assume someone here has some info. Thanks
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