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Tax returns during citizenship interview (IRS site doesn't have all years)
7:31 am January 23, 2021



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Hello all,

I'm due to send out my N-400 in a couple of months and I've been gathering my paperwork. I've looked for information about taxes everywhere, including these boards, and it seems like it's better that I bring my tax returns to the interview. Keep in mind I'm applying under the five-year eligibility, as my green card wasn't through marriage.

Whenever I went on the IRS website, it only showed Return Transcripts starting in 2017. How do I get the IRS to send me the one from 2016? If they ask about my taxes, I'm certain they'll ask me to show everything starting from 2016 (the year I became a permanent resident). And has anyone faced this problem before?

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Oath Ceremony, Palm Beach, FL
4:50 am December 21, 2020


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My N-400 was approved in December 16, any body could help us by sharing Timelines in Palm Beach, please? When will next Oath ceremony take place at West Palm Beach field office?

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green card holder stuck outside usa more than 1 year
8:20 am November 1, 2020



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Hi . i am green card holder stuck outside with my family ( my wife and my son are American citizen )

due to covid 19 , 1 year has been passed without traveling back to USA

as Dr advice not to take the airplane for long flight duration

i have apartment in US and paying for it every month

any experience for people entering US after 1 year this period ( covid pandemic


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Copy of foreign certificate sufficient for adjustment of status?
5:31 pm September 21, 2020



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My friend is married to a U.S. citizen and they're beginning the process of adjusting her status to a green card. Is a scanned copy of her foreign birth certificate enough, or does it have to be certified or notarized in some fashion?

During my own process several years ago (which wasn't through marriage), I only needed to include a printed copy (as well as a translation and a certificate of translation), as per my lawyer. Don't know if anything has changed since then, so I thought to inquire.

Thanks in advance!

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Difference between N400 submission online or by mail?
7:14 pm September 20, 2020



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I tried to find any posts or threads on this but nothing materialized. I was wondering if anyone knew there are any differences or advantages/disadvantages to submitting the N400 online or through the mail. And if covid stands the change any of those differences at all.

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