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Would this be my fiancée interview appointment???
8:37 am November 17, 2023

Sal A.

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Hello, please ready and advise:-

after waiting for 3 months to be scheduled for an interview (total 19 months) at the consulate/ embassy; I, the US citizen petitioner, and another US citizen petitioner ( no relation whatsoever) received an email ( as in the email was sent my email address and his email address) from the Immigrant Visa Unit with the subject line (Immigrant Visa Pre-Interview instructions) starting with Dear Applicant, your immigrant visa interview appointment has been scheduled to be on xx-xxx-xxxx etc

- the email has no reference to my fianc e name or case number or the other man fianc e /spouse ; the entire email is generic with nothing specific.

- Checking the CEAC y fianc e case status is READY.

- US travel docs indicate no appointment currently scheduled.

- I have emailed the embassy referencing their email asking for more information received no response

to get her medical done and be where the interview at, expenses going to run up to at least $3,000.00;

- the clinic wants an appointment letter with her case number which we don t have since the email is generic;

- beside how would she even get inside the embassy for the interview if she doesn t have an appointment letter with her case number or her name.

super frustrated time is running out we need to get medical within the next 3 days or we lose and if she travels to get it done spend the time she might be turned down by the clinic and later by the embassy guards; what should we do?

this is happening at the Doha -Qatar, any similar experience?

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Biometrics Appointment Married Name on Letter With Maiden Name on ID and Marriage Certificate
9:16 pm October 21, 2023


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When we got married we used her maiden name for the marriage license thus the marriage certificate also has her maiden name. We weren't sure at what point we would be changing her name. We didn't think much of it until we were starting the paperwork for adjustment of status. She intends to change her last name so we used her married name on the forms and put down her maiden name on "other names used". We are currently under the assumption that when the AOS is completed, she will have her name change official.

Wait I can explain.... In the form it asks if she wants a social security card. She does currently have one, in her maiden name. We are assuming that by checking yes on the box in the AOS form, that USCIS will change the name on her current social security number and give her a new one with the married name, which is the name we used to file the forms. Are we mistaken in making this assumption?

So now, she has a biometrics appointment that states in the letter to bring a form of ID that matches the name on the letter. Well it seems typically anyone in this situation would bring their marriage certificate with them that shows their married name to explain why the name is different on the letter and on the ID. That doesn't work for her in our case. Are we going to have problems or should we immediately go on Monday and try to get a new marriage certificate with the name change or possibly just go straight to the social security office and get a new social security card with her married name?

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Status ready after visa interview
10:54 pm July 8, 2023


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Hi everyone
initially i had my interview on 14th june but on that day embassy was missing with my med exam report so gave me a white paper but kept my passport after few days i got an e mail for appointment at us embassy doha and i went to embassy on 25th june again they did my interview again and this time consular said congratulations your visa is approved to me but still my case is stuck at ready with one date update on 6th july

Anyone with same experience


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221.g letter “direct submission” Reverification form
11:44 am May 12, 2023


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Hello all,

we are in the final stages of getting my step children immigrated to the USA.
we ran into a small problem during one of their interviews. My daughters birth certificate scan had cut off the bottom security bar code even though the original doc my wife had with her had it. The agent gave my daughter a 221.g and required us to go to the nSO and buy a new bc that would be shipped directly to the embassy.
Mon addition to that once the embassy contacted us we were to resubmit the 221.g form and her passport but there was another check box labeled direct submission (see Reverification form )

I searched the state dept website hi and low for any reference to those two terms and I found nothing.

LBC contacted us again today stating we had a document but not the passport to pick up.
the only thing we can think of why they wouldn t be sending us the visa /passport would be due to us not sending this additional form. Does anyone have any clue about this form and where to obtain a copy of it?

please advise promptly if you have any valid info for this.



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Case Transfer To Different Embassy
9:10 pm March 3, 2023


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Hey guys, we are in the process of trying to request a K1 case transfer to the US Embassy in Doha, Qatar from the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines. The issue was that my beneficiaries birth country in The Philippines but she is a resident in Doha, Qatar. We did fill in the form that the designated embassy to be Doha, but NVC assigned it to Manila. They did not reassign it in time before they shipped the case to the embassy. I do understand that we need to contact the embassy which we need the case to be transferred to. So I've emailed the US Embassy in Doha, they have not responded but the automated reply email states that we must submit a residency ID and the scheduled appointment at the current embassy in order to request a transfer. I sent another email with her residency ID, proof of address, and a screenshot of the CEAC status that shows "ready". We do not want to go through the process of filling out the ds160 and scheduling at the wrong embassy. It just seems like that would cause issues. Can anyone who has insight on this sort of situation give us any advice?

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