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Difficulty in faxing documents for expedited request
1:02 pm October 16, 2019



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We placed an expedited request for work authorization and have been asked by USCIS to fax documents to support our request.

They gave us a fax number in the email and we tried to send the documents to the given fax number; however, every time it gives a failed message. We tried multiple times.

Wanted to know the USCIS fax number from ppl who had placed an expedited request and successfully sent their documents via fax.


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EAD expediting - Job offer.
1:13 pm October 3, 2019



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Hi all,

I recently placed a request to expedite my EAD based on financial difficulties. The two days later I received an email from USCIS asking for a proof of "job offer" to fax them.

I wanna know from those ppl who got their EAD cards by expediting it if they were ever asked to provide a job offer letter by USCIS.

Also, what is the process and documents that usually USCIS ask when someone places an expedited request based on financial difficulties.


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Any AOS filers from COLORADO?
12:07 am September 27, 2019



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Are there any AOS filers from Colorado who filed in May or June 2019?


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Importance of Priority Date during AOS thru K1 visa
12:02 am September 27, 2019



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Hi friends,

Does anyone know what role the "Priority Date" play in Adjustment of Status (AOS) if you were a K1 visa applicant?

Does your AOS interview date depends on your Priority Date? If yes, then how does it work?


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Need all W-2 if 1 is enough for HHI?
6:08 am September 14, 2019



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I am doing IR5 for both parents, and already make enough income on my regular day job which is more than 70K and I only have 2 kids, and wife.will be sponsoring both parents.

I also have 1099 in addition, and another w-2 from a part time job.

For I 864 would i need to submit all W2s and 1099? even though 1 is enough (money wise).

And again is 3 years tax returns required or just good to have? my 1 year income is more than enough (most recent return) and I assume if i make enough but have lot of deductions like 401k , defined pension contributions etc they dont count that only GROSS income? because due to pre tax deductions my AGI becomes quite less than the gross / social security wages income (as shows on W2).


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