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1.  Lost my Xray CD 2022

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  Lost my Xray CD 2022

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Lost my Xray CD 2022
1:42 am May 31, 2022



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Hello Everyone please HElP me with my query,we are Diversity visa lottery winner 2022, me n my husband and our kid got our medical sealed documents safe with us and we recently discovered that my husband has lost his Xray CD and our flight is scheduled on 4th June 2022,we are in a panic mode,will there be any problem at the port of entry???as he doesn't have Xray CD and we don't even know if we can get a copy in this short time?????????

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Possibly cancelling K1 to start the CR1 (split)
1:32 am January 2, 2022


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Hi everyone, I filed an i-129f for my fiance but we're considering cancelling it, getting married and filing an i-130. We'd like to move abroad together while going through the process. I read I would need to get biometrics done. Do I need to be in the US for that stage or can it be done abroad? Also, can anyone give me any insight of the timeframe from the time you send in the form until the time they tell you to get the biometrics done? Any additional advice is greatly appreciated!

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Filing for step kids still in the Philippines during COVID
6:11 am November 28, 2021


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Hello All,

My wife is finally ready due to circumstances to go ahead and bring over her kids. She's been an OFW for years and she felt they needed to stay in the Philippines initially until she got her footing here in the US.

She's filed for her I-751 and her N-400 and as of the last consult with the USCIS help line they were both being sent to our local office together, ( requested months ago but still haven't shown up yet) .

Agent said she could file N-600 for the kids once she gets her USC sometime in the coming months.

I'm filing their I-130's now but the family dynamics where the kids are staying along with all of the COVID restrictions is making this difficult and I'm wondering how to go about completing the tasks.

Once the I-130's are approved and the files move through the NVC, I"m wondering how this will play out since they are minor children and due to COVID I don't believe they are doing in person interviews.

One child is far off in a remote province while the other is with my wife's oldest sister there in Manila. The oldest sister has prevented my wife from talking to her daughter since her last trip in 2018.

They are not on speaking terms so getting them to cooperate with anything will be difficult to say the least.

Does any one know the best, proven method, to get minor children's visas approved during the embassy lockdown during COVID. I've tried calling the embassy but only got a recording.

thanks in advance.

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Vermont Service Center K1 Processing Times
10:19 pm October 25, 2021


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I have had my k1 application at the VSC for the past year, I had been checking the processing times there every now and then but last time I checked they are only showing k3/k4 time estimates. They used to have k1 estimates as well. I did a search here and found a comment on a thread that said VSC stopped processing k1 applications a few months ago. I tried searching and did not see any official information on this. I was on the phone with a USCIS agent earlier and they said that my case was still pending security checks at the VSC.

Does anyone have this information about VSC not processing K1 applications at all? Please let me know if there is anything I should know with regards to the VSC and their processing of k1 applications.

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Traveling with Conditional Green Card
10:52 pm October 9, 2021



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Hello everyone,

I have 2 year conditional green card that expires in October 2022. I am planning to visit my family back in India for three weeks in October 2021.

Can I enter back in US with my conditional green card or do I need to inform USCIS before traveling and get some sort of travel permit?

Is there anything that I need to do in terms of documentation for this travel? I hold an Indian passport.

Thank you.

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