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I-864 supporting documents checklist (military)
1:16 pm July 22, 2020


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Good day everyone. Our cases (IR1 and IR2) are now sent to NVC. We know that it can take up to weeks to receive the case numbers. While waiting, we would like to prepare the supporting documents that we will be needing to upload in addition to the I-864 form. My husband (petitioner) is an active duty USAF. These are the documents that we are going to upload. What do you think guys? Are we missing something? Do we need to add other documents? Thank you for your input.

? IRS tax transcript 2019 (most recent)
? W-2 Form 2019
? Pay stubs or Leave and Earnings Statement (last 6 months)
? Bank statements (last 6 months)
? Letter of employment (Example: "NAME and RANK has been a full-time employee of the United States Army since 2019 and is in good standing with an annual income of "$$$$" - Signed[immediate Supervisor]")
? Proof of Military Active Duty


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EAD Renewal Process
2:22 am July 22, 2020



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Hi Friends,

I had submitted my AOS in May 2019 and it is still pending. I have the EAD and AP combo card which will be expiring in November 2020.

I want to renew my EAD and AP so can someone guide me and provide me the step-by-step process on how to file for renewal.

Also, is it correct that I do not need to pay any fees for renewal of EAD and AP?

Thank you.

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IR1/IR2 (CR1/CR2) different locations of beneficiaries
1:11 am July 6, 2020


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Hi guys. I hope everyone is doing well. Our IR1/IR2 petitions were recently approved (USCIS stage). My husband (USC) filed petitions for me and our biological daughter who is almost three years old now. The problem is that I am currently residing and working in Qatar and our daughter is in the Philippines. I understand that there will be different interviews for the both of us. But, will the embassy schedule the interviews based on our current locations? Or will they schedule the interviews at the same day and same location? I was wondering if someone had been in the same situation before and what was the arrangement made by the embassy. Anyone's input is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Joint sponsor
5:49 am July 4, 2020

Sweety sweety

Sweety sweety

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Will the consulate accept the joint sponsor if the sponsors income is less than 5000 a year..or the sponsor has to earn at least 12000 a year to have a joint sponsor ?

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1:37 am June 30, 2020

Sweety sweety

Sweety sweety

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My husband is 25 years old and his mom is divorced and claimed him as a dependent in her federal income tax, they both are US citizen ...My Brother is a US citizen too and he is our joint sponsor for our IR1 visa ...so form my husband side who is my sponsor what documents I have to submit ? Should I submit his mom income tax documents ...and will that gonna have a bad impact ??

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