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  1. hey guys. i just want to ask has anyone traveled outside the US with their passport name under maiden name and greencard is on married? how was your experience? did you have a hard time with it? Thanks
  2. Hello fellow feb filers! sorry was not able to check on you guys, was busy at work and preparing for our interview. We just got our interview last 15 aug and we got approved. The officer was nice but strict i guess he was an ex military. He didn’t ask much questions and evidence as well because me and my spouse have known each other since 2003. Let me share our experience: Interview appointment was at 12:45 we arrived in at the USCIS San Diego Field office at 12:15. We were called at around 1:15pm and th officer who was assigned to our case said that he saw that we checked in early as he saw it as he was going to lunch. He was nice but you can say he is a bit strict, at first he asked us to state that we will only tell the truth and nothing but the truth. then he asked us to sit. We brought a backpack of our evidence, wedding photos, photos from our trips, additional documents bank statements, subscriptions with our names on it and mails that shows that we are on the same mailing address. He took a photo of me and fingerprints he said its a new protocol for them as an evidence that its the same person who filed and who came in the interview. he opened our file and started to ask question Husbands date of birth my date of birth wedding date date of our engagement then he verify our address bec he said that he needs to update it correctly. then started asking question from the i485 form criminal activities etc.... he asked me if i did travel using my AP and if i was able to keep my job. He showed a photo of me and my husband family and asked me to identify them. And then he said, he will approve my case as there should be no questions to be asked about the legitimacy of our relationship since we’ve been together since 2004. He said that he was happy with he evidences that we have and asked us if we want to add more for our file, i gave him the mails and docs as both of us are thr emergency contact of each other, joint bank acct and cellphone bill. he gave us the paper and advised us that i can apply for citizenship after 3 years. and he asked us to sign it. and my greencard should be mailed in 10days so that is our experience, hope that everyone will have a positive interview as ours. So I’ll be seeing you guys after 2 years then. 🙂
  3. My case has been experiencing an error since march 21, then finally it got updated in july that my interview is scheduled. it took 4months.
  4. Hi! I got my combo card last july 5 and will have my aos interview on aug 15. @A&H2018 any news with your interview?
  5. Hi! It depends on your local field office processing time. For me my case has been ready to be scheduled for an interview since March 21, and it just changed last week to interview has been scheduled (July 3) my field office is in San Diego where it takes up to 11 months waiting for the interview schedule.
  6. Based on my experience it took a week for me to receive the card. Got approved on June 27 and received the card July 5.
  7. I have another question for those who have gone with their interview, it says in the letter to bring the I864 unless submitted. We have submitted it along with the application of AOS, should we bring another set of copies. Thanks in advance.
  8. We’re staying at my in-laws, and yes we do text and call a lot, credit card nope, since i dont have any local id here its very difficult to get anything. Yup, informed delivery we have. Just to let you know it didn’t show my uscis mail yesterday. Yeah when i saw it i was thinking is there a final interview as well. Thanks
  9. I just received the mail for my I485 interview and it is scheduled for 15 Aug. For those who already did the interview is it really stating as initial interview? And I’m kinda worried about the documents to prove our relationship, we only have the one for insurance and telecom bill and a lot of pictures.
  10. Thanks! I know you’ll get your interview soon too. Have seen a lot of SD filers who got theirs too.
  11. Here’s my I485 timeline : NOA1 02Feb RFIE 28Feb Case no longer on hold 14March User defined error 24March Case does not exist 08June Interview was scheduled 03July Below is the screenshot, i got it from the case status website. DHS is not updated still shows case no longe on hold.
  12. Hey guys have you tried checking your I485 in the case status tracker @Itssimons @A&H2018? I just checked mine today and it worked and showed that my interview is scheduled last july5 and maybe they sent the letter last 7july.
  13. I just checked mine too, and i have been experiencing the error since march and its my first time to see the status again on the case status site. Interview is scheduled for me last 3July, I’m from San Diego as well.
  14. I suggest you go to a different SSA office. it also happened to me today when i went there and the lady doesn’t want to accept my request and told me its not allowed. so what i did was took another number and waited in line again and the gentleman who assisted me did the name change without any questions. i just showed him my EAD and original marriage certificate and thats it.
  15. I just received my combo card! after 5 months. for those who are still waiting, you’ll have yours soon just be patient. 😊