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  1. The best way is to check US Consulate Mumbai Twitter updates, they have a huge backlog. And they are only getting back NOW to those who even had confirmed Interviews in March / April 2020 imagine how long it would take for the rest of us. And on top they are still operating in reduced capacity... Consulate has begun doing IR5 AFAIK as per their tweet (general no specific mention of IR5) but they did say they are aware of PP10014 rescinded and will restart the process. Government process goes very slow that is sadly the truth.
  2. This is a very good question, normally it would not have been a huge issue if they can convince the PoE officer they are here genuinely only to visit. However with COVID, there are multiple hurdles - anyone already holding even a B1/B2 visitor visa & ESTA countries are currently not allowed entry into the US without a NIE (national interest exemption) which is granted by DoS i think see here: https://de.usembassy.gov/covid19-faqs-for-visas/ So I do not know / cant say but i am pretty certain they will NOT be allowed to enter. I think only US citizens & Green Card holders are allowed back in the States. And those others who hold the NIE waiver and others like Airline Pilots , Cabin crews who are here mainly only for a day or two. Expect a huuuuge backlog, My parents DQ is March 2020 and there is 0 update after their DQ last year....this is unfortunate...
  3. Hello there Nothing yet waiting patiently. My parents had DQ in 2020 March and their CEAC Visa status portal still shows the case file is AT NVC not at Mumbai consulate. I expect it to move very slowly (realistically) because a whole bunch of IR5 cases that HAD confirmed March / April 2020 Interview dates etc were indefinitely postponed so since they are being processed chronologically, should expect those to finish first then we come. What is your parents DQ month? Thanks,
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