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  1. I believe If i am not wrong its based on country of birth (what they call country of charge-ability) it does not factor / take into account the country of citizenship. I believe even other H1 to GC petitions are also (when trying to use your spouse country of charge-ability - if THAT country has shorter wait time even if they are just born in that under subscribe country it can be used to charge against). Hope this is all correct.
  2. Hi Guys, Having completed my journey and finally becoming a citizen, I have an interesting question I tried googling a lot but could not find much. If i petition for my brother who is a citizen of country A, during me filing his I130, and when his number comes after 15 years and say he has acquired nationality B, and most likely has given up Nationality of A, does the F4 visa lapse, or how does this process? Any one have idea on this? He is ofcourse very unlikely to be changing his name, and the country of birth as on Citizenship of country B, would state country A..but still.. Thanks for the insight. wisegeek
  3. Its usually 4-5 days rlam57, but I have seen here and others from outside VJ it can take 8-10 days also.its not unusual, its just regular first class mail that they use, which is slowest ( compared to priority etc). keep fingers crossed, if it shows scheduled you should have it soon probably guessing sometime next week Good luck!
  4. I also applied based on 3 year, you are right the kids from the marriaeg is the biggest evidence. he took once glance at our kid Birth Cert and did not even go through the tax returns, health insurance etc etc which i submited with the N400 and also took with me (also no look at bank statement, bills, etc etc) it was quick n easy.
  5. Yay got my OATH date, Aug 24th, just about 10 days from now.. good luck everyone on this thread (feb filers..) final mile
  6. wohoo, today my USCIS website status changed Oath Ceremony Notice Was Mailed
  7. Good Luck to all in their final stages !! Hope it goes smooth and easy (for those whos interview is not yet done). I am still waiting for the oath scheduling.. We placed you in line for your oath ceremony and will send you a notice for Receipt Number NBC*XXXXXXX, with the date, time, and location of your oath ceremony. You should receive your notice within 30 days of its mailing date. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.
  8. Hi Everyone, very glad to inform passed the interview today easily at the Chicago Field Office. Chicago office does not do same day oath, so now will be waiting for the Oath letter. Good luck to all! The journey is almost over