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  1. Don't know who to believe anymore, the customer rep told me they're in June and of course I told her I know people who have gotten their NO2 since last month. I guess I should just wait with others like me.
  2. Congrats! Texas is still in June, hope I hear something soon.
  3. What does it mean by agency and there's no address on where to mail it even though it says there's an address on the form, there's none.
  4. Thanks again, how do I contact my congress person? I really appreciate your help.
  5. Thanks for responding promptly! Not really sure what to use, does birth of a baby qualify for emergency situation?
  6. Hi, can you pls tell me what you mean by expedite cos if its what I think it is, I want to expedite mine pls??
  7. You totally get my point, frustration is an understatement in this process. Am past 6 months now with PD of July 25th and when I call USCIS the rep tells me to wait till August. How much patience do we have to have? The NCV takes about 6 months which means if not approved in the next month or so, we might not be able to unite with our loved ones this year. Again, knowing what I know now, I should have filed with my PR.
  8. Can someone pls tell me why PR filers have more chances of getting their i130 approved earlier than the U.S citizens? This is very confusing to me. PD: JULY 25th
  9. Big congrats for passing this stage!
  10. The wait is really killing me!!!! All I can hope for is that it all ends this year.
  11. Nice to meet you Idiham, I pray we get the good news this week.
  12. Congratulation to you! I pray I get mine by next week.
  13. Congrats to you! Good luck with NVC. Am with Texas Service Center, NOA1: July 25th. Am hoping mine will be next soon. Its really our time now!
  14. Hi pls am trying to get documents ready for NVC but unsure what documents, pls can you list my what's needed. Thanks!