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  1. We got hit with 221g, requesting the original marriage certificate and joint sponsorship. I really don't understand why they're requesting a joint sponsorship with my income almost 90k annually. Can anyone pls explain this to me? I really don't know what to do.
  2. On it, thanks for your wonderful suggestion. Thanks again. I just pray all goes well as planned on Tuesday.
  3. What option do you think is better, change the interview date or go and expect 221)g).
  4. What is a 221? He is very bent on not attending until he gets all documents ready. I am skeptical about his decision of changing the date because if he changes the date, it's going to be difficult to get another date and a visa available on that day as I hear.
  5. Affidavit of support, son's birth cert, my citizenship cert, and marriage cert. All of which I can mail again except the marriage cert cos it's original. -------
  6. I am contemplating changing my spouse's interview date due to benefiary not receiving documents mailed yet as I sent it through USPS. Does anyone think this is a good idea as am not sure when he will receive the documents before his interview date?
  7. Hello everyone, Congratulations to all visa approvals, am new to this forum. Got received the interview letter(SEPTEMBER 10) for my husband and excited and worried at the same time. Worried because am not sure what my husband needs to take with him to the interview as the interview letter doesn't specify what to bring. Any wit any ideas? Was thinking of taking all the documents submitted to NVC.
  8. ok thanks Will scratch that. The applicant's section where it says "photographs", does it mean passport photograph or his photographs with family?
  9. Yes I meant employment letter, do I have to upload that too?. Will try the collage for pics
  10. Hello everyone! Am uploading documents for NVC and feel like am drowning. My income is above poverty line, do I have to submit my offer later? FYI I can't find mine at this moment but I submitted my tax transcripts. Also how many pics max do I upload because am tired of uploading pics. My husband's police report is taking more time than anticipated, how long is too long before we're penalized for submitting late?
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