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  1. Ohh! I donno. I didn't individually post. Those groups were tagged as I had added them long back.
  2. Hi friends, I recently received my conditional GC after waiting for almost 1.5 year. I had received my SSN card in 2019 just after I received my EAD card for the first time. My SSN card mentions "with DHS authorization". My question is since I have my GC now, do I have to get my SSN card updated by getting "with DHS authorization" removed from it? If yes, then how do I do that? What's the process? PS: I got my DL updated and it no more says "Not for federal identification". Thanks!
  3. I think that's fine. I guess the valid from date for your second EAD is the day it gets approved. Same thing happened in my case, my approval date was my valid from date. I thought of calling them but I received my GC in the same week. Since the GC supercedes the EAD, there is no point in questioning it. But yes, I think it's fine as long as ur valid from date matches ur EAD approval date.
  4. We recently had our interview. The officer didn't ask for a new one. Since my spouse changed job and our assets changed, we decided to take one along with new letter of employment to be on the safer side.
  5. I just took whatever documents they mentioned in the letter. Some of the documents they needed were overlapping. I took all the originals of the notices that were sent to me right from the first K1 notice. Along with that I took copies of those notices. Joint utility bills, car insurance, copy of car title, and some greeting cards that we received from friends and family. We also printed few photos of the time we spent with friends and family since the time I moved to US on letter size papers. The office didn't ask much. She just asked us to narrate our story. We asked her if she wants updated proof of togetherness like the bills and employment letters, she said we can if we have. It was very casual. She didn't mention about the medical at all.
  6. I opened an account with Wells Fargo when I came to US last year on K1 visa. They didn't ask for GC. They opened an account based on my legal status at that time which was fiance visa. They did ask for bank account details from my home country.
  7. She doesn't need to do another medical of she has already done one in past. I recently had my AOS interview and they didn't ask for it. All the best!
  8. Hi Friends, I sent my AOS application in May 2019. My AOS interview was scheduled and cancelled thrice due to Covid-19 and other reasons. Now, finally I will be attending my AOS interview in few days. I recently heard that USCIS has introduced a new form I-944. I am little confused about that form. My questions are - As I already had submitted Form I-864 - Affidavit of Support with my AOS application, do I still need to submit Form I-944 during my interview? Since I applied last year in May 2019 when this form did not exist, do I need to complete this form and take it with me for the interview? Is this form even applicable for in my case? Did USCIS asked for completed Form I-944 from the applicants who recently had their AOS interview and who submitted their AOS application between May - Aug 2019? Since we submitted Form I-864 along with AOS application last year my US spouse's work, salary, and assets changed, do we need to complete and submit a new and updated I-864 during our interview or will the USCIS go by the form that we already submitted? Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi, I used to live in Qatar and had applied for my K1 from there. As far as I remember, the answer to ur questions are: 1) The validity for PCC from Qatar is six months so get ur PCC accordingly before ur interview. Getting PCC from the CID doesn't take time. U will get it in a week and is a simple process. 2) I chose Immigration 3) No. They did no ask me for PCC from my country. 4) No. I never got my PCC attested from MOFA. It was a requirement long time back but I heard they stopped that. To get PCC from CID is not that hard. Just follow the instructions on the form. The fee when I applied was 10 QAR if u r applying in Qatar. Also, the best time to go is in the afternoon or early morning. There is less crowd. You just complete the form and submit it. They will tell you when to come to collect it but I followed up with them. When u go to collect ur PCC it may not be signed by the main officer and they will ask u to wait or come back. Check that beforehand so that I do not waste ur time. If u have more questions feel free to ask me.
  10. My interview has been cancelled thrice since January. Twice almost week before the actual interview day. I have kinda lost trust and hope. I would rather have EAD than relying on GC interview to happen.
  11. I applied for my EAD renewal late last month. I recently received confirmation letters that the USCIS has received my application and are working on it. I guess if u have the confirmation letter then u can keep working if u don't receive ur new card and ur old card is expired. I guess u need to contact ur HR and show them that letter.
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