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  1. What do these terms stand for? 🤔
  2. Cool. If those documents don't need to be certified then I am good.
  3. I am not concerned about the birth certificate cauz I have that in original. My question was with regards to the employment letter, paystubs, w2s, tax transcripts, and 1040s. All these were sent as soft copies or scanned copies to me by my fiance via email and I have taken printouts of these copies. Can these copies be considered as certified copies?
  4. Cauz the embassy on P3 email says get original or certified copies. I don't what exactly certified copies are? If certified copies are not just the printouts of an original scanned document then I donno how do I make those printouts into certified copies? 😒🤔
  5. My fiance sent the soft copies of employment letter, Intent to Marry, W-2s, Tax Transcripts, 1040, pay stubs, and signed I-134 by email. Employment letter was sent as a soft copy to my fiance by the employer. No hard copy was given. I just took print outs of these documents. Now how do I make these documents as certified copies?
  6. What are certified copies exactly?
  7. Ya! I think turn it down to 80%.
  8. I guess the document is already on the computer but while printing the page numbers are not getting printed. I think it's the printer setting that needs to be adjusted. I had the same issue. I fixed it by adjusting the printer settings.
  9. It depends on your printer. Check for the aspect ratio. Keep it to "Fit well" or arrange accordingly where u see everything is covered.
  10. What do u say about this @Greenbaum?
  11. Hahaha.... I have tried everything. Told them the k-1 option missing, system error/bug, add K1 option to my account, delete my account so that I can create new one. I thought of every possible thing but these guys have jus one answer for all. Contact embassy. 🙄 I have a feeling that since US embassy in Qatar do not use cgifederal website for scheduling K-1 interview, they must be having the k-1 option and the website ppl have no idea how to add that option for address registration and probably that's why they keep on directing me to contact embassy. It's jus my assumption. 🙄😒
  12. Hi all, Query about the Tax Transcripts. My fiance download the tax transcripts from the IRS website for the first time but it doesn't show complete name, address or SSN. Is it normal that all this information is partially hidden? How will embassy come to know that the tax transcripts are of the petitioner cause complete name is missing? What other documents I shud provide apart tax transcript as part of I134?
  13. The email id that I have used to create an account on cgifederal is the same one that I had put in I-129F form. So I don't wanna create a new email id just to create a new profile. It will just get confusing and wud be difficult. I had written to the embassy and they asked me to select any visa class. I have done that and will take that confirmation copy along with the email as proof.