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  1. My FO is Denver too. I filed my AOS in June 2019 and my interview has been scheduled and cancelled thrice since Jan 2020. Even I am waiting for a new interview date or approval of my AOS. Ppl talk about getting in touch with the senator helps. I am not sure. .
  2. Congratulations! Hope we hear our approval too. My interview was scheduled in the last week of March and then was cancelled. Haven't heard anything since then.
  3. Wow! You guys struggled for long during K1 but guess that wait was worth as u got ur GC without an interview. Congratulations! I see it's almost two years since you had sent your K1 application. Mine would be two years too in couple of months. I hope the approve ours too without an interview. Our interview has already been cancelled thrice. I don't think I will get excited anymore if I see an interview has been scheduled cause u never know when they will cancel. Lol! Anyway! Congratulations. Stay safe and all the best for future process.
  4. You will get a notice from USCIS once your interview is scheduled. I had applied for AOS in May 2019, almost a year back. My AOS interview was scheduled and cancelled thrice and I donno when they will schedule it. As long as I have my EAD, I am not really worried about the GC though it will be great to have it at the earliest and take lil rest from this complicated procedures and long wait time that makes you anxious. I hope they just approve it without the interview that would be great.
  5. I received my EAD some 4 months back. According to the below link on USCIS website, the USCIS is still processing the EADs. I understand that those who have applied for EAD along with AOS but have not completed the biometrics yet, for them the USCIS will use the biometrics collected before and process the EAD application. Check the link. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-continue-processing-applications-employment-authorization-extension-requests-despite-application-support-center-closures
  6. Thank you so much for the information. May I ask if you could provide any weblink on how to apply for renewal online? With this covid thing I think its better to apply little early as the USCIS must be having huge backlog now and who know how long this whole issue will last. I hope things get to normal soon. Thanks
  7. Wow! That was perfect. Thank you so much. Doubts cleared. Just one more question: If the need arise to renew my EAD, is there a fees for renewal of EAD card? Thanks
  8. Hi Friends, My SSN card says "Valid for Work with only with DHS Authorization". My EAD card is valid for next 7 months. (Received after my SSN card) I have few questions with regards to the SSN card: My SSN card says "Valid for Work with only with DHS Authorization" and I have EAD card (Validity good for next 7 months). Does that mean I can start employment on the basis of these two cards? or do I need to update my SSN card? Do need to update or apply for a new SSN card once I get my Permanent Residency/Green Card? If I do not receive Green Card before the expiry of my EAD card, do I need to apply for extension of EAD card? If yes, how and when to apply for the extension? Thank you :)
  9. I received a paper notice for my cancelled interview. It was the standard statement written that they use for cancellation. No mention of covid-19 in the cancellation notice.
  10. Our FO is Denver too and we had filed for AOS end of May 2019. Our interview has been cancelled three times already since January 2020. Donno when will our next interview be scheduled. 🙄
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