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I-864 RFE for retirement income
1:24 am May 20, 2016


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Is it now true that retirement income can not be counted on the I-864.
It is confusing, one person is saying it can be, and another is saying it cant?
They said that there was a recent change that makes retirement income not allowed to be counted on the I-864 for Adjustment of status or any other time.
Anyone know of all this, which way it right.?

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ITR or Tax Transcripts what is better
8:30 pm August 9, 2014


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Which does the NVC prefer? I know we can submit either the Income tax returns or the IRS Tax transcripts, but which one does the NVC prefer.
what is less of a chance for a check list, I am thinking tax transcripts since you don't have to send in the w-2's with them so one less piece of paperwork to be reviewed and possibly of being lost. any thoughts or suggestions?

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K-1 SSN mail in application?
5:47 pm April 7, 2014


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I have seen/ read the guides, but can an K-1 mail in the SS-5 application for SSN? in the instructions for the SS-5 you can mail it in, I just wonder if this is possible for a K-1? As long as you supply the supporting documents I don't see why?

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Re issued a K-1 visa?
1:12 pm February 4, 2014


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Has any one experienced the re issuance of a K-1 visa?
If the k-1 visa holder went to the US and did not marry, went back to her home country, and will go to embassy they will re issue the visa, but has to pay the visa fee again and the 90 days still starts from the original entry into the US?
it is allowed in the

9 FAM 41.81 N6.3 Reissuance of K-1 Visa

If a K-1 visa, valid for a single entry and a 6-month period, has already been used for admission into the United States and the alien fianc (e) has returned abroad prior to the marriage, the consular officer may issue a new K visa, provided that the period of validity does not exceed the 90th day after the date of initial admission of the alien on the original K visa, provided the alien fianc (e) pays a new application processing fee, and provided also that the petitioner and beneficiary still intend and are free to marry. The alien s return to the United States and marriage to the petitioner must take place within 90 days from the date of the original admission into the United States in K status.

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