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  1. Her fundraiser has surpassed $2M dollars for Texas charities. The are mostly donations from Democratic and liberal donors, going to one of the reddest states in the nation. https://news.yahoo.com/aoc-announces-that-shes-raised-2-million-for-texas-relief-efforts-in-under-24-hours-173941755.html She'll also be volunteering at a Houston food bank this weekend. https://www.businessinsider.com/aoc-calls-for-houston-food-bank-volunteers-raises-2-million-for-texas-storm-relief-2021-2 (depending on how many Business Insider articles you've already read this month, it's behind a paywall, sorry) If you've been asking the question, "but what about unity?" here's the answer.
  2. Nobody worth mentioning is gloating. Twitter trolls are gloating. That always happens when someone noteworthy on either side dies. Most of his actual critics are either silent, indifferent, apathetic, or at worst retrospecting on his abhorrent and anti-American views.
  3. People being awful to people sucks. People being awful to animals is a whole 'nuther level of disgrace.
  4. And if you have family in Texas, care packages and straight-up cash are helpful. I have relatives in TX, and none of their local stores are open. We shipped them a bunch of canned and dry goods, they appreciated that.
  5. Nobody's looking for personal praise. You expressed skepticism that all of the donation was really going to the charities. I provided proof. I'm glad you're looking in to helping people get through this disaster though. Respect.
  6. Do that then. Find a charity you're cool with that is helping Texans get through this.
  7. Yep. As I said, 100% of my donation was passed on to those charities. There were no fees, nothing skimmed off the top. Here's a copy of my receipt. I've blurred out the numbers because that's nobody's business. But Dashinka, if you want me to PM you the un-blurred receipt privately, I'm happy to do that.
  8. I'll also match. We're a cynical bunch here, but this should be beyond politics.
  9. I just received an itemized receipt. The money went to the following donations: Houston Food Bank (EIN: 74-2181456) Feeding Texas (EIN: 74-2762542) ECHO (Ending Community Homelessness Coalition) (EIN: 27-4449243) Family Eldercare (EIN: 74-2286387) The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center (EIN: 45-3452817) 100% of my donation is accounted for, split evenly across these charities. Here's the URL for the fundraiser: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aoc-social-20210218/ And if you absolutely cannot bring yourself to donating through this fundraiser, maybe reach out to any or all of those I just listed and make individual donations.
  10. Probably. It's what politicians do. But Texas charities have $1M to take care of their citizens now, so I don't see how this is a bad thing. And because of Beto's efforts, many Texas seniors have food and shelter they wouldn't have otherwise had. If this is performative politics, let's have more of that please. The argument that Ted Cruz literally could do nothing to help out his fellow Texans has been put soundly to bed. By a New York Democrat.
  11. Here's something else Ted Cruz could have done instead of fleeing to Mexico. https://www.newsweek.com/aoc-raises-1-million-texas-relief-houston-visit-1570427 Never imagined a Representative from New York would do more for the people of Texas than one of their own senators, but here we are.
  12. Hah! I've been having that premonition for years. I think her and Dolly Parton will outlive us all.
  13. Cool. Hope you and your family are getting through this and doing well.
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