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N-400 and N-600 July 2020 filers
4:40 am August 8, 2020

The Burts

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Hi July 2020 filers. I filed online from Arizona for our daughter 17 years (N-600) and myself (N-400) after 3 1/2 years of being here on CR-1 & CR-2 Visa. We filed July 25 and the N-400 NoA received online same day but my estimation of case conclusion is 8/2021, my daughter's came on July 28th and showing that her case is in process already. As I have been reading on Visa Journey forum, I am having hard time knowing the difference between N-600 & N-400. I think I read some people filed N-400 for minors which left me brainless. I am totally confused now, but thanks to my husband: everything is done though.

Are you guys practicing for US Civic Test? How is it going? I downloaded an App (US Citizenship Test 2020) on my phone which is really helpful to study for Civic Test, just in case someone would like this helpful. Good luck everyone!!!!!

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Immigrant Visa Appointment at US Consulate in Johannesburg, South Africa
11:45 pm August 3, 2019


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We were informed on Tuesday 30 July 2019 by NVC that our request for expedite was accepted by the US Consular General and that everything was sent to the US Consulate in Johannesburg. We did a case status check and it said READY for interview. How long do we wait for the Consulate to get in touch with us about our interview date?

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N400 Text Status Update
11:14 am May 24, 2017



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I have a pending n400 case. I passed the English and Civics test but a decision couldn't be made. It has been 80 days, and I just received the following message, "We are working on your case. There are no updates at this time. We will notify you when your case status changes."

Does anyone know why they send these messages? Have you received this message before and what followed--how long did you wait before the final approval?

Please share the general approval timeframe if a decision was not made after the initial interview.

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Interview before Submitting RFE
6:45 pm May 17, 2017



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Hey guys

I have a quick question! I sent in my I-130,I-485 and I-765 and I got a RFE sent back to me requesting my BC and I just sent it out today and today the postman brought a letter which has an interview date on it? Is this normal or should I be scared?

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Medical Checkups, Johannesburg-South Africa
12:36 pm November 8, 2016

The Burts

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Hello there VJers,

I just want to share my experience with all those going through South Africa for medical check ups. Please do not rely on the information provided at Embassy info regarding medical fees. I definitely think that they need to update the information there as its confusing when you budgeting for medical checkups from other countries.

Embassy info shows +-R3997.00 but the new requirements are actually R4605.00 excluding vaccinations for adults. Children are R2700.00 excluding vax. I would advise anybody makes a budged for medical checkup to add extra R1500.00 to be on the safe side. I am not sure either if it would be better for the doctor's office to advice applicants before hand of which vax they might will expect. If they design a form that they can email to the applicant and confirm of the vax you had, it might will save everyone a headache of worrying about how you will get your money together in the foreign land at the last minute.

Yes, I know the process is expensive but not everyone's bank account is overflowing with cash that is not budgeted for. Most of us are doing our plans relying on the information provided by our Embassies. This is very annoying when you being told something and end up doing unexpected ones. We want to reunite with our beloved ones, not to be tortured like this.

I hope this little info helps.

The Burts

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