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  1. We were also hanging at NVC and they kept asking us for the same info over and over again and documents getting lost etc. We emailed them an Expedite Request with our entire timeline included and screen shots with all the mistakes they made and they sent our request to the US Consulate in Johannesburg and the Consular General accepted it and within two weeks were able to schedule my interview date and the medical appointments. My interview was August 15th.
  2. We were in Johannesburg for my IR1 interview on the 15th of August. I was approved. But I had to fly back to Namibia and courier my passport back to the US Consulate for them to put my visa in it. Still waiting to hear from them. I hope it does not take too long until they send my passport and immigration packet to me via DHL! My husband is from Augusta, GA.

    1. Meagan and Andrew

      Meagan and Andrew


      I hope you hear back from them soon!

      I think you may have met my husband Andrew at your medical appointment? He was telling me about a Namibian that was talking about possibly having to do something like that! If so, that's too funny! 

      Good luck to you guys!!! 

    2. rYm


      We did meet people at the Dr Hoosen's office, but they were Lee and Debbie Kay. They were very kind and helped us a bunch as we were unfamiliar with the JHB surroundings and it made things easier for us with travelling to Morningside for x-rays and back to Medical Mews for the rest of the medicals. I enjoyed reading your progress. 

    3. rYm


      My husband said he spoke with your husband while I was inside with the doctor on my second visit. So yes, he remembers Andrew!

  3. Did you have to schedule your own interview appointment at the US Consulate in Johannesburg. We received an appointment confirmation letter with instructions on it as to what to load on CEAC and to make sure we have our papers in order. They have a general email which they send out and on it they say - 1. SCHEDULE OR RE-SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: We are no longer able to manually schedule interviews or follow up appointments at the Consulate. You may schedule / reschedule your appointment through our online scheduling service. Please visit https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-za/iv/users/sign_in to create an account and / or choose a new appointment from the appointment calendar. Please note that interview dates are subject to availability. Additionally, availability for follow up appointments is limited. We do not recommend rescheduling your NVC or KCC scheduled interview date if possible. I created an account on the link they gave and there is a section that allows you to pick a date, always on a Thursday. Am I to understand that I have to schedule my own immigrant visa interview and schedule my medicals and just pitch up at the US Consulate on the date I picked?
  4. Thank you spinkycow for your response. We received an email from them this morning with instructions. We have completed the extra uploads they were asking form My only other questions is this - They have this request under their point number 9. Documentary proof of relationship between the beneficiary and petitioner. What all do they want for that?
  5. We were informed on Tuesday 30 July 2019 by NVC that our request for expedite was accepted by the US Consular General and that everything was sent to the US Consulate in Johannesburg. We did a case status check and it said READY for interview. How long do we wait for the Consulate to get in touch with us about our interview date?
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