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  1. Carpe Vinum. It’s an app on my phone, so it tracks my whereabouts. I think it’s a good idea, to monitor myself. Just in case her story doesn’t add up to my location. I’m all my child has. My ex could easy say that I harassed her, staked her, or assaulted her, and My daughter will go to foster care. When you are a man here in the United States you are guilty until proven innocent.
  2. Eric—Pris.. she has no evidence, and is looking to entrap me for something to stick. I care because I have a child , who has mental disabilities. I had to go to the local police station, and write a statement of what’s going on. Just in case something comes up, her friends are going as far as recording me in church, when I’m praying. it really sucks having to document everything in my day, and allow an app to track my location at all times. this is more then me, and my once relationships with my ex.
  3. I was wondering, if withdrawing the adjustment of status will affect a VAWA case? if it’s withdrawn before the VAWA application is submitted, will it have a negative impact, or no impact at all?
  4. Dose anyone here know how to Defend yourself in a VAWA fraud case? I feel like im getting (removed) because there in no way to defend yourself in this situation. I have no police record at all, and compleatley blown away with this. I took my ex to dinner last week, and after a couple glasses of wine. she had a slip of the tounge , and told me she had been planing this for 10 months. She choose to stay at a shelter, because they are offing her free education, lawyer, Medical, remodeling her appartment they pay for, money for food, and money in her pocket. anything, and everything she could every want, and an easy path to get a green card. "YES i did withdraw the affidavid of support" Still this is compleatly wrong, because i still support her financially. gave her a used cadillac escallade, money, phone, any needs she may have, but i wasnt left, for another man, but a shelter for women. I have lots of evidence that nothing happend, with text messages, Facebook messages, Financial records, but who do you send them too, someone please point me in the right direction. Honestly is its insane, because it a total free ride, and is a complete loop whole in the K-1 Visa, and Addjustment OF Statis " Green Card"
  5. Where would somebody submit the I-485, because I'm Clueless. she had already broken into my house, stole my computer, Personal information, and took off with my car. She is a wicked person.
  6. Honestly I don’t have any information at all, she’s been doing all this on her own. I didn’t even know she was going forward with it I just been busy working. I don’t even know where to begin to put a stop to this, who to contact, what state is processing the I-485. I’ve been trying the last 2 days. i’m really worried because I have a cognitively impaired daughter, and I don’t wanna be liable for her for 10 years.
  7. I’ll just cut to the chase, because I’m running out of time. my K-1 visa wife had left me, she has a new boyfriend and is processing the high I– 485 adjustment of status without me. I’m in the complete dark, I have no idea what service center she is going through. I need to stop it ASAP there is the USCIS in California, but what processing center in what state. ? I want to withdraw the affidavit of support, and sent it to both locations. it’s a very horrible story, but in the end she wasn’t a very good person.
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