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US Immigration from Kuwait

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SSN for a non citizen
6:41 am May 2, 2022


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I have googled but I m not sure I understand (as usual when it comes to this immigration process)

so Can I apply for a social security number before being granted an immigrant visa?

Or I have to wait till after entering USA with my immigrant visa?

if I can apply from now..what s the procedure? How do I start this

thank you all for your time

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The CO refused my visa for this reason
11:29 pm April 25, 2022


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I have been working as a software developer for over 18 years. I have, recently, decided to get a master degree in computer science from the United states Coz This will give me better opportunities in international companies as well as better knowledge. After many researches ,I have decided to apply for this university "Maharishi International University" in Iowa. Simply because it focus on practical training and this is what I need. After I got acceptance letter and I-20 from the university, I collect all required documents " Bank Statement, SEVIS,I-20, HR letter ....etc" And I Went for the Interview. The CO asked me three questions :

Q1- why do you want to study computer science?

answer: I have been working for 18 years in the field and I want to strength my knowledge and get better opportunities in my country.

Q2: Why Maharishi?

answer: I searched many schools and I find this one better because it provides the courses I am looking for

Q3: do you have friends in Maharishi

answer: currently no

Then the CO refused to give me visa. I asked why, he said because you are not suitable to work In USA.

I said "It is internship, not work"

He said" Change the school"

My question is, Why the CO refused the School? However, the school is Listed in the SEVIES

Does he have the right to ban international student from studying in a specific school even if it is Listed IN SEVIS?

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Expired police certificate
5:07 pm April 21, 2022


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My good conduct certificate will be valid for 3 months only.

if my interview date is beyond that would I need to bring a new one to the embassy with me?

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No records of vaccines
1:32 am April 11, 2022


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I do not have any records of my childhood vaccines from my home country and I absolutely cannot obtain it or ask for it.there is no records what so ever.

(I remember getting vaccines in school,I also have a vaccine stamp on my inner left forearm but not sure what s that vaccine for)

i have took an appointment to get my Covid vaccine shots and will get those soon.

I called major private hospitals here in Kuwait to see if they offer a titer test and they said they don t!
what can I do now?

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Conditional green card.
12:03 pm April 10, 2022


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Is it only based on the years of marriage?
or do couples who have been married for more than 2 years get a 10 years card?

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