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  1. Really happy to hear about the movements. I noticed a month increase in my Estimated case completion time (from August to September). Not really paying too much attention to it for now. Filed: May 26th Biometric Notice received : Dec 31st Biometric Appointment Date: January 26th Field Office: Newark, NJ
  2. Hi, did you have the biometric app?

  3. Congratulations on becoming a newly minted US citizen. and take care of yourself !!
  4. Wish you the very best..do update us with your experience.
  5. If all the folks on this threads (actively in process for the N400) put their details in a spreadsheet, we would probably have better insight - just saying...
  6. Have you put in service requests either by calling USCIS or through your online account yet?
  7. Filed in May end and just received the biometric appointment for end of this month. Your's should be coming shortly.
  8. Well it's New Jersey for me and it was online filing . As long as the new address is on records, they should be scheduling at the new location for you.
  9. The last time was over 5 years ago at an embassy...never visited an ASC in the states .However I have read on some threads that bio was waived for ppl who did it over 5 years ago as well.
  10. I did.. probably not as lucky as a lot of people who got the waiver.
  11. Hey all, Does anyone have tips/suggestions on where to park in Elizabeth, NJ for the biometric appointment, the closest garage I found appears to be .5 miles away. Thanks in advance!
  12. Happy New Year fellow May filers!! I've noticed in other monthly threads upload links to upload case data ( e.g. application file date, NOA date etc.) - Do we have a similar spreadsheet setup anywhere? Thanks !
  13. So it appears my estimated wait time for interview changed from March 2021 to September 2021 after I got this email - just fyi and UGHH!!
  14. Yep - unfortunately these are difficult times and we are right in the middle of it. This year has exerted a heavy toll on all of us emotionally and hopefully this forum serves as a healthy outlet to vent some of that frustration :).
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