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US Immigration from Kazakhstan

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I-751 December 2023 Filers
6:27 pm December 1, 2023


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Starting a December 2023 ROC thread. Please share your progress and your timeline.

11/30: Delivered to Elgin, IL lockbox

I m anticipating a delay in text/check cashing/NOA1 due to a possible backlog after thanksgiving but who knows.

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Filing status question
5:14 am February 8, 2023


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Hi Folks,

I am about to step in tax filing season for the year 2022, but I am not sure which status i have to be. I sponsored a green card to my parent, who came to on Late July. Due to the senior age, she did not work entire year and relied on my income. According to IRS portal, dependent should live with you more than 6 months to file as a head of household. Turbo tax software asked basic questions such as who and how many months lived with you till December 31 and it seems I am qualified for a head of household, but I want to confirm with those who faced the situation like mine.

Thanks in advance!

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NVC Registration Termination
8:24 am January 26, 2023



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I am sponsoring an IR/CR-1.

I am wondering how the 1-year petition completion application rule is enforced at NVC. My case was received by NVC on February 20th, 2022 and I received an email from them on March 15th, 2022 with the bill to pay. I paid the two fees the same day. I have not formally submitted any document since then due to various circumstances. But, I have been logging onto CEAC and was working on the DS-260 recently.

Does this mean that the petition will expire on March 15th 2023, since that is a year since I made my account? Or does the 1-year timer restart every time I login to CEAC. Or do I have to submit the DS-260 to restart the timer, or do I have to have all documents (DS-260, civil documents, AOS) submitted in CEAC?

Thanks for your help?

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Parents immigration
12:10 am June 13, 2022


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Hi folks,

I sponsored my mom's green card and she is expected to be coming in July. I live in California and medical insurance is a must for all residents. I was checking basic plans for her (she is 62) and prices start from $700 per month, which definitely i won't be able to afford and most likely I want to lean towards medicaid. Also, i checked public charge guideline for sponsors and it looks like non-cash federal assistance is not longer part of the public charge. Can you guys confirm it if anyone encountered with this matter?

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Stimulus payment not approved
12:19 pm March 14, 2022


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Hello folks,

After checking the online status of our refund, I can clearly see that they are not approving the stimulus payment for me. I know what the problem is: the tax accountant my husband uses did not submit a statement signed by us asking to treat me a resident for tax purposes, despite me stating that it has to be included (he dismissed my concerns). So what could be done now? I have never dealt with taxes, let alone issues like these so I really appreciate any advice

To add: I received my GC 2 weeks ago, after submitting the tax return. Also we filed MFJ

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