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I-864 - Taxes Paid For The First Time In 2018
5:27 pm May 3, 2020


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I know there's a lot of posts about I-864 but I've searched the forum and could not find something that quite fit, so hopefully I've not made a duplicate post.

My wife and I are currently filling out the I-864EZ form following on from our I-130 application. In Part 5, sections 5a and 6 we are asked about her last three years of taxes. Up until September of 2018, my wife had not held employment in the United States and thus had paid no taxes. Additionally, in 2017 she lived in Ireland (where she did not hold employment, unless it's easier for us that she did). In 2019 she made well above the poverty threshold, but that leaves us with a small figure for 2018, nothing for 2017, and we cannot tick that she has filed taxes in the last three years. I understand that the poverty threshold is almost entirely based on the previous tax year, but I'm more concerned about her lack of filing.

Is this solved simply by adding a supporting document explaining she started work for the first time ever in September 2018? Is there anything else we can do or need to do? Will there be issues by not ticking that we have three years of taxes?

Thank you very much.

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Second green card
5:02 pm April 29, 2020



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Has anyone had a previous green card, left the US and relinquished it thinking they d not move back to the US then wanted to and re-applied for another green card? That s our current situation. The i130 asked if you ve ever applied and if it was accepted or not. My husbands was approved and we lived in the US for 5 years. We ve been gone for 3 years now and need to go back. Anyone else have knowledge of how the USCIS takes these types of applications? Would we be frowned upon for giving up a green card then needing one to go back. My husband has his SS number and everything, as well as a job to return to in the US. Thank you for any help.

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I130 making no movement
11:57 pm April 27, 2020



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Hello. I submitted the i130 for my husband on line on March 5. It showed it was accepted and fees paid. It still reads submitted March 5 but below it says March 17 your application is under review. Does anyone know why the date changed to March 17 and it s just been sitting there since? Have to ask as it s driving us crazy.
thank you for any help

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Vaccination Exemption
9:40 pm April 27, 2020



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Hi there, I'm filling out my paperwork at the moment to adjust my status (married to a US citizen, have filed form i-130 and am following with i-495, travel authorization, EAD etc.)

I'm trying to figure out which is the correct form I need for the vaccination waiver under the ground of religious belief or moral conviction. I keep being directed to i-601 which is a Waiver on Grounds of Inadmissibility. Since I've never been denied by USCIS I don't feel that I fall into the category of 'Inadmissible'?

There's also form i-690 which has a vaccine waiver but is only for those adjusting status under section 210 (agricultural worker) or 245A (legalization), none of which apply.

Can someone advise on this please?

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Does processing times differ depending on consulate?
11:40 pm April 25, 2020



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we filed our i130 March 5 and it s gone to the Nebraska service center. I m reading this center has one of the longest processing times. Is that true?
also curious - when is our case moved to the consulate here in Dublin?

will processing times be quicker since ireland is a small country?

last question - will the fact that offices are closed for interviews plus Trumps ban on certain visas speed up the process?

thank you for your help. Trying to get home to care for my mom but don t want to leave my husband and father of our young kids behind.

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