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US Immigration from Ireland

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US Embassy interview scheduled before medical exam appointment
4:01 pm October 17, 2023



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Hi everyone, I'm in a similar situation to a few others who have posted on here. I received notice of my US Embassy interview appointment today at the embassy in Dublin, Ireland for my marriage-based green card to a US citizen residing in the US. It is scheduled for November 16. However, when I called the Mater Hospital (the only approved medical provider to do the exam), the earliest appointment date is December 6, and I was placed on a cancellation list. I believe this is common, albeit a little unnerving.

Just wondering if other people went through this process and would be willing to share their experience. For example, what happens at the Embassy interview when this scenario occurs, and how long does it take to be adjusted once the medical examination results are sent to the embassy.

Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

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I don't understand!
2:24 pm October 8, 2023



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Filed for spouse visa 4 days ago and got this:

Can someone explain?? Thank you! Seems too quick.

~picture with full case number removed~ You really don't want your info floating around internet.

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Birth Certificate same as Certificate of Citizenship?
1:10 am September 28, 2023

Kassie E.

Kassie E.

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Hi all, I am wondering for the I-129F form is a birth certificate the same as a certificate of citizenship. Confused by this question. I was born in the US so am a citizen but not sure if the 'certificate of citizenship' is something different than a birth certificate or passport.

Thanks in advance!


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Medical scheduled after interview
3:11 pm August 29, 2023



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Hi all, I've received the interview letter, and my interview at the Dublin US Consulate is scheduled for the 19th of October 2023. In preparation for the interview, I've been trying to schedule the required medical test at Mater Hospital. Unfortunately, after reaching out via email, I was informed that the earliest available date for the medical test is the 23rd of October. This timing has left me a bit concerned considering the proximity to my interview date. I kindly request your advice and assistance on this matter. Is there any possibility of expediting the medical test process? I find myself in a bit of a dilemma and would greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions on how best to approach and resolve this situation.

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Deleting account and forum posts?
2:25 pm July 10, 2023



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If I request to delete my VJ account, can I presume that any forum posts or threads started by me are deleted as well? Or do I have to delete those things manually myself?

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