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  1. The embassy released a statement saying they will begin its reopening in 3 phases. Ps. They didnt start phase one as yet. More likely everything will be back to normal around August 28.
  2. Hey. I was interviewed on the 15 of January and was giving a form 221g under INA INA 212a4. And was told to submit additional documents. And scrolling through uscis and nvc websites I saw this. 👇 Ps. Still waiting for my documents to be reviewed by the embassy. Just wanted to hear your opinion about this. Attached is a screenshot.
  3. Yeah. But now I got these addition info from the embassy I attached and image on one or my response. Explaining that the consulate will consider a new joint sponsor
  4. Ohh okay. But is there a way to over come this though. Like provide the aliens. Assets work history medical report etc. Have you ever heard or a similar case to this? Need some advices. And yes. I already submitted it so I'm all I have to do is wait for the next response
  5. That's correct.. the petitioner is retired and cant be able to support us. So we just a joint sponsor.. The new joint sponsor I submitted is 55 years or age. Single. And making around 55k a year. And is three of us. Intended immgrants The intended immgrant: Age:58 Health: normal. Everything from the medical report was negative. Education: high school. Work experience:29 year owning and operating his own tire repair business.
  6. On the 15 or January 2020 I went in from the interview at the Geo consulate in Guyana. And was refused a visa under the section INA 221G. I was told my the consulate officer I new a new joint sponsor with a high income that could reach the poverty guidelines. I864p. Later that week I recieved an email stating this from the embassy " Although new joint sponsors are relevant to the determination of whether an applicant overcomes a public charge ineligibility, they are not the only factor. Any new joint sponsor is reviewed on the basis of the total income and the number of household members. The INA renders inadmissible (and therefore ineligible for a visa, ineligible for admission to the United States, and ineligible for adjustment of status) any alien who, in the opinion of a consular officer (or the Departments of Homeland Security (“DHS”) or Justice (“DOJ”), as applicable) is likely at any time to become a public charge. The consular officer also considers the alien's age; health; family status; assets, resources, work history, financial status, education and skills. An alien’s CLASS B medical condition is a negative factor in the totality of circumstances. In assessing the effect of the alien's health on a public charge determination, the consular officer will consider evidence of health insurance or the ability to pay for reasonably foreseeable medical expenses in the United States a positive factor in the totality of the circumstances. We cannot provide you with legal advice. We remain willing to consider additional evidence you can provide to show that your financial circumstances have changed relevant to a 4A public charge ineligibility." On the 16 of February I sent in a new joint sponsor who is filing single taxes and living alone making around $55000 a year with three intended immgrants. I'm wonder if this will be enough to over come the public charge or do I need additional information? Thank you V. Khel
  7. Yes. But what I have been told. That we can over come this by having a joint sponsor with a much high income?. In that case they wouldn't be asking for the intended immgrant assets
  8. Yep.. That's true. I just hope there is a work around or a way to over come this situation. My assets here in terms of USD is around 300k
  9. Oh okay. Yeah I understand. I think the best way to fix is is to take an immigration lawyer overseas to work on this
  10. I get what your saying. Thats what I screen shot and showed you. So I'm asking if that could fix the issue.
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