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  1. Oh okay thanks.. I just want to make sure because I don't want to mess things up
  2. So to your knowledge can I skip the evidence part and just upload the written letter. Because the primary sponsor does not have any evidence why he is not filing taxes
  3. Well yeah thanks that's what I needed to understand... The primary sponsor is a senior citizen and he is not That much capable of sorting out the documents do I'm filling you the documents and giving him to sign it. I will upload all the documents on ceac for both the primary and the joint sponsor.. They will give me all the documents needed and I'll do the uploading and scanning of the documents Is that okay? By the way the primary sponsor does not have any evidence for not filing tax.. The main reason is that he is not working and he does not have the minimum income to file for tax so its not feasible.. The only evidence he have is a termination letter when he retire from is last job in 2007 because or medical issue
  4. I am look for what should be submitted for the sponsor because he does not reach the requirement in terms of income.. And he do not file for tax return anymore since he does not reach the minimum income So what documents should I submit other than the i-864
  5. Yeah I did twice.. But the instructions didn't mention anything about a sponsor who does not reach the requirement and what documents he/she will need to submit except the i-864
  6. LOL.. Thanks btw.. I mean I don't really have so much idea abt the affidavit of support.. That's why I'm posting so much abt this
  7. I am the beneficiary... No.. We will be having a joint sponsor to support us.. The petitioner is retired and unable to support us.. So the nvc agent told me just to submit the i-864 form and a letter stating that the petitioner will not be able to sponsor us..
  8. I called NVC asking them what financial document i will need for the petitioner since he does not reach the requirement to support us as a family, so we will need a joint sponsor in that case. So an NVC agent told me that the petitioner will just need to fill out the I-864 form and provide a written letter that the petitioner won't be able to sponsor the immigrants and he will have to date and sign the letter. Can you guy tell me if this is okay, does the petitioner need to stamp the letter and add and additional evidence, or just upload the i-864 and the letter for the principal petitioner. your advice is needed thanks
  9. Oh okay sorry.. I had really need some answers so thats why I posted back Oh.. Well the petitioner is retired for 6 years now.. And does not have any income he is collect SSI from the government.. And since 2007 was the last year he filed for tax returns
  10. So do I need to submit and i-864 and the other documents or just leave it blank And upload the documents for the joint sponsorer ?
  11. hey i posting a thread already on this but no one reply so please help me need some answers. The petitioner does not meet the requirement for support the principal immigration, so we have a joint sponsor who is my relative and it willing to support us, the question is do we need to submit any documents for the petitioner like the i-864 and tax returns?? or we have to submit only for the joint sponsor because the petitioner is not working or filing for taxes. thank you
  12. Don't want to bother anyone.. I want to say thanks that you guys have the patience with answering my question. Let's say we get our green card now. how long will it take for mii to sponsoring my son.. What is the average waiting time
  13. Oh. Is there any possible way of me getting my son into the interview with us
  14. Ohh well the approval date for the petition is 2010 February 10.. And the piroirty date is 2007 July 20
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