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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question, as I am filling out my husbands passport information for his flight to the US tomorrow, it asks the country of residence. He currently is in Guatemala so I'm assuming the answer is Guatemala. But the country of passport issuance, what should it be? he has a CR1 visa. Would it be United States and the visa number or would it be the Guatemalan passport and the number? Thanks.
  2. hello everyone, I posted about this same topic not that long ago, long story short I have my interview in July, however when I posted that I didn't receive the embassy's instructions. They sent me the instructions on Friday. So basically they are requesting the tax transcripts for the most recent tax year to be uploaded to the CEAC website. However my 2021 taxes have not been processed yet so I do not have the transcripts available. Can I just upload the 2020 tax transcript and the 2021 1040 and my W2 to the CEAC and write a letter explaining that my taxes have not been processed yet due to the backlog? I am confused on what to do here.
  3. Hello everyone, I have an interview coming up in July in the Guatemalan embassy, I filed my 2021 taxes already but on the IRS website it says that my tax return has not been processed. I spoke to someone from the irs and the lady told me that they are experiencing backlog and since i filed by paper its probably going to take longer. So my question here is: 1. Should I take the 2021 1040 for proof that I did file my taxes this year? 2. Do you think I'll have problems presenting the 2020 tax return? 3. Since I do have a co-sponsor do I have to take their 2021 tax return also?
  4. Hola, se puede encontrar aqui : Constancia Denuncias (mp.gob.gt)
  5. Do you think i can request a form "W-2 wage and tax statement" from the IRS? do the want the actual copy of the W-2 form?
  6. Thank you, Where can i get it online? Also, does NVC require you to upload the W2? I uploaded my Tax Return transcript only
  7. Hi everyone, Will NVC accept a copy of my W2 form to take to the interview once scheduled? or do I have to take the original? Because I can't seem to find my original W2 form.
  8. hi everyone, I have a question. So I have gathered all of my documents to upload it onto the nvc website, but in the instructions i read it says to also email them my documents? Has anyone ever done this? i thought it was enough uploading the docs onto the website. I am a bit confused, please help.
  9. Hi all, I recently got mi i130 approved, and my case has been sent to the nvc. They already sent me my case # and invoice #. My question is though, I have been living in Guatemala up until October of 2021 and I started working the same month I got here. Since I don't meet the required income my brother will be my joint sponsor. Do I have to pay the $120 for each i864, or just mine? Also I did my 2021 taxes and have yet to do my 2022 taxes. Will I have to use my recent year taxes? I am a little lost here so please be nice. Any help is appreciated.
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