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  1. Why didn't they just tell you what the message was? What does your main status say for financial evidence and civil document say?
  2. Yes, you can call them and asked them. I had the same message from them.
  3. Thank you so much. My wife is in Guatemala and I came across this post. Old but helpful. Thank you for your help. I'll let her know to call the embassy tomorrow just to double check the whole translation ordeal.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. Was it required to be translated? How about the I864? Did he have to take originals to the interview? My wife and I submitted everything through CEAC so am unsure if I864 are required.
  5. Hi, my wife just got her NVC documents accepted. I just want to know if your husband had his Birth certificate translated to English? Also, if he took the I-864 with him to the interview? Thank you in advance.
  6. My question still remains, I wonder how NVC is pulling cases for review?
  7. I agree with you here. I got a message from NVC saying something about my son can not travel with my wife on that visa category, however, i already got my son his CRBA so that message was moot.
  8. I totally agree with you but CEAC is a mess right now that's why my suggestion.
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