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  1. If you already submitted all your civil and financial documents don't worry about that part. It's going to stay that way until all documents are checked and completed.
  2. I was confused as well when we receive the email because we were expecting an official interview letter. All my wife did was show the security the email. I'm pretty sure they have a list of who's being interviewed that day so I wouldn't worry so much about the IL.
  3. My wife got an email written as a regular email. She did not receive an official IL. She received the date and time , with an attached packet 4 which instructed her what documents to present.
  4. NVCexpedite@state.gov It should be easy applying through there since NVC will forward the request to then embassy. Once the embassy approves NVC forwards the case to embassy.
  5. Unfortunately, it's only opened for emergency appointments still. https://www.ustraveldocs.com/gt/gt-iv-visaapplyinfo.asp I encourage to apply for an emergency appointment if you meet any of the categories. Even if you think you qualify I encourage to apply for one.
  6. My own personal experience : I filed single and my wife had no issues obtaining her CR1.
  7. I know each country has different policies in order to expedite. I was just suggesting since I was able to get an expedite for my wife using that reason. I was almost in the same boat as the OP.
  8. Have you tried asking for an emergency interview since your kid is already a US citizen? Maybe you can use that as a reason for your spouse to get an emergency interview.
  9. You should make an inquiry regarding this. Nvcinquiry@state.gov . Be very specific about it, take a screenshot of what you see and attach it. Let them know how long this has been going on.
  10. If she is having trouble creating an account through IRS then she can schedule an appointment to go to an IRS office and get the transcripts. She can also ask for them online. As far as your second question on taking a while to upload documents after paying fees the answer to that is, no there is no problem. As long as it doesnt exceed a year I believe.
  11. As long as the CO approves it you should be ok. Unless the CO specifically tells you to upload it to CEAC. If your income is not below the threshold you might not need a joint sponsor.
  12. Just take those documents the joint sponsor documents and affidavit of support to the interview.
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