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  1. Trump extending the EO is almost inevitable. He will use his Executive powers until his last day in office that we should all be sure of. Biden too once sworn in will remove all those E orders as he had said before including travel bans for banned countries. As this vaccine has been approved, be sure travel bans will also be relaxed tremendously so as to allow the economy to start functioning again. So what we should look at really is come January 20 when Biden is sworn in and plethora of EO in the subsequent days or weeks after. But it certainly won’t be long after he takes office.
  2. I agree with @Sparkle Sparkle 100%. Take your chances worst case scenario is AP if interview is successful. And you more than enough time to get the certificate and send it to the embassy and your visa will be issued. Because with the current presidential proclamation about visas and limited consular operations you don’t want to waste any time for the small windows of opportunity available.
  3. Hello there I’m late to the party. But for the opening post I think I have experience not with K-1 but IR-5 parent visa. My parent was DQ in July 2019. It took about 4.5 months to get an interview date after DQ (for January). At the consulate on the date of interview (I as petitioner wasn’t allowed to go in with parent), you register and have your docs checked by the window staff and after waiting couple hours under the tree, names were called and being ushered in by the security personnel. another waiting awaits in a big open space with a ticket number that are grouped and called in sequence. once inside the actual visa section, your in line and documents are re-checked for the class of visa you’re applying to make sure all documents are present and when it’s your turn you are interviewed at the window by a US consular officer. on this day, parent was interviewed but unfortunately visa couldn’t be issued as I-864 affidavit submitted could not be used. So we were turned back and given a paper that once we could provide another affidavit we can email it and the visa will be issued if within six months of medical results. we couldn’t provide affidavit of support as needed to travel back to the states. Upon returning in March, emailed the supporting docs and was asked to drop passport for visa issuance within a couple days. visa issuance in Dakar can be a hit and miss especially for foreign citizens coming from far. As at times you’re given a ticket to come for a visa on a set date and on that date it won’t be ready. I travelled to gambia and back twice as the first time visa was not ready. And several other people I met at the embassy were also given dates but visa were not ready. visas are issued on Tuesday and Thursday.
  4. Please can we get this petition signed to lift the ban on immigration into the USA until the end of the year. It’s only June and 6 months is not a joke in waiting to join with loved ones. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/cancellation-proclamation-suspending-legal-immigration-united-states-june-22-2020
  5. Thanks 🙏🏿 now we need to give it traction. Get as many signatures to pass it through so it can be considered. I’m posting everywhere I can, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc.
  6. Hello all in the forum. I was Thinking about this, as parents are immediate relatives will there be a possibility of creating a petition to overturn the ban on parents IR5 and fiancé K1 on the EO. As the president claimed, the order can be amended within 30 days of it being issued on june 23rd and 60 days thereafter. the petition can go along the lines of no risk to US jobs from parents and because of the affidavit that we signed to support they are going to be taken care of by ourselves anyway. Suggestions.
  7. Vida will be reissued but you will hav to do another round of medicals and pay visa fee.
  8. Thinking about this, as parents are immediate relatives will there be a possibility of creating a petition to overturn the ban on parents IR5 and fiancé K1 on the EO. As the president claimed, the order can be amended within 30 days of it being issued on june 23rd and 60 days thereafter.
  9. Direct from the embassy consular section. I spoke to a consular officer and they’re saying they’re monitoring the covid situation so they will be closed until further notice. My guess here is 22nd when the executive order expires of 1st July when most flights start flying out and states are almost fully opened.
  10. That is not a system glitch. That is a new format that the ceac guys are following now. Because technically AP is a visa refusal so they are using that technicality on the status updates now. This has been going on since February if my mind serves me right. No need to panic. If you were handed an AP form, that supersedes the ceac site and once you fulfill the requirements from the AP letter, your case will resume.
  11. Well the visa validity use to be for one year for the most part. I don't know how they do with the validity but you take it as they come. Maybe because the new administration keeps updating their policies in regards to immigration so they will not want to tie themselves to something that may change.
  12. She had interview in January but was put on administrative processing to provide another joint sponsor. Had that taken care of in February and was issued visa on March 5th valid for only 4 months.
  13. Hi guys. I would like to say being proactive when it comes to DNA is a very good step. That will save you a lot of time of a minimum of 3 months down the line. Especially when it has to do with fathers, children, step children etc. Most often than not they will ask for DNA especially in high risk countries of which they consider every 3rd national country to be.
  14. Well I would like to say DDC in cincinnati are for me very difficult and incompetent when ti comes to DNA testing with embassies and consulates. There's almost no communication amongst their respective departments and always mix ups. I went with them initially and had to cancel after several mix ups. I went with Cuyahoga County medical examiner's office and they have been fantastic. Communication, responsiveness, they go out of their way to see everything done quick. The only down part is the testing time it takes, almost 10 days which I wouldn't blame much as they are a county medical examiner's officer so may be more busy and not as staffed as private offices.
  15. Hello guys. Its been a while. I've been all over the place back and forth and haven't had a chance to get on the forum.. My mother's case had been approved and gone for interview. Initially she was asked to bring in another sponsor as our original sponsor was not accepted. She was put on administrative processing and I got another sponsor and sent the documents. Her visa has since been approved and picked up. She was given a 4 month visa validity. We are now awaiting my dad's case as he was required to obtain a 3-way DNA test. We are awaiting the results of the test before visa processing will continue. Unfortunately the corona virus pandemic has caused significant delays to the whole process. Fingers crossed now.
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