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  1. Hello guys. Dad went for his interview this morning and I contacted the embassy to allow my mom to go with him as he’s over 65. Unfortunately they couldn’t issue the visa today as they required dna testing for myself, my dad and mom before they can proceed. So another 2months wil surely be added to their wait times.
  2. Also do you mind sharing some of the questions she was asked? Thank you
  3. Ok seems like my mom’s application was jealous of my dad’s application after he got IL end of last week. I emailed nvc expedite last night for her case to be transferred to my dad’s consulate to be interviewed together however This morning I woke up and got email that my mom’s interview had been scheduled.
  4. ok I can imagine that. However for the staffing issues I think that should have eased as Senegal used to handle cases from The Gambia, Sierra Leone, guinea, guinea Bissau, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and mauritania if I’m not mistaken. Then it used to be done in under six months. However over the years, most of those countries have had immigrant visa services implemented in their consulates so by workload, Senegal should be quieter and faster now. Senegal embassy only handles files from The Gambia, Mauritania, Guinea and guinea Bissau now and the immigrants from those countries are very low in numbers. So I’m baffled as to why Dakar, Senegal can be this long now.
  5. Hi guys woke up this morning and got an email for pops for 1st week in January. New Years present. So the plan now is to transfer my mom’s file from a different consulate so they will interview together since she’s been waiting for ever for a spot. She was DQ’d 2 months before dad n dad got interview first as dad file consulate is not as busy. So still worked out. Hopefully I get her file transferred to where dad is and they interview together. Everyday we inching closer. It’s tough but it’ll come.
  6. Well for this one I’m perplexed because us IRs have priority over F2As so for them to schedule these ones when we’re deadlocked on same dates is ridiculous.
  7. Ah me I’ve been DQ’d since 10th July for my mom Dakar, Senegal embassy and for my dad since September 30 Freetown, Sierra Leone embassy. dad application had a RFE. I’ve waited so long now that I’ve actually forgotten about their applications. Traditionally Dakar is slightly busy but didn’t expect this long wait and Freetown is almost never busy and should get IL within 2 weeks but man it’s just changed at the wrong time for me lol.
  8. Yes bro in sha Allah very soon. When it comes to Dakar US embassy you dump your documents there n jus forget about it for like 6 months lol. I knew some folks that went through Dakar and it took such long time that I forgot about them and just boom they left for USA. It’s minus 1 today so very soon inn sha Allah. With all my experiences at nvc and others I know the average and majority of the time is 3 weeks after you submit all required documents. And another thing that majority of the applicants don’t do to facilitate document delivery is: if a document is being rejected or you don’t have it, just select unavailable in the upload section and when the interview comes, you can take it to speed up the process. This only applies to civil documents etc not financial or AOS docs.
  9. Yes my mom is under Dakar Senegal jurisdiction. DQ was on July 10th just a couple days before you and still waiting for an interview. Ridiculous. But mind you Dakar is a very busy embassy as they service Guinea Bissau (immigrant), Guinea Conakry (immigrant), The Gambia (all visa atm), Mauritania, Mali plus of course Senegal n it’s residents and previously Sierra Leone and Cameroon but not any more for those two countries for the past couple years. So yes Senegal US embassy is the busiest in Africa along with Ghana and Cairo and one of the busiest embassies for processing in the world.
  10. NVC sent me email with approved petition from USCIS and created case and invoice number on wednesday. Have since paid the invoice and uploaded all required financial and civil documents, now awaiting review from NVC to be documentary qualified. Here's to another 2-3 weeks of waiting again for the review.
  11. Dad's case was sent in december and has been approved by USCIS since July 18th after a RFE from March 19. NVC received case on August 6th and now i have received case number and invoice. Will take care of those tomorrow and try upload all documents by Monday. Trying to get over the line as soon as possible. Mom's case which is a August filer on the other hand is awaiting interview for the past 2 months. Now hoping for the best.
  12. My mom has been documentary qualified for over a month now waiting for an interview date but still nothing. My dad is in the NVC stage awaiting case number for proceedings
  13. Speaking from recent experience of just over 3 weeks ago. Could have changed though.
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